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Vietnam Highlands Coffee

Vietnam Highlands Coffee – Proudly Born From Vietnamese Land: Highlands Coffee is currently one of the most popular coffee brands in Vietnam. After a long way to build, Highlands Coffee has quickly developed, becoming more and more famous, raising its position in the domestic market, and aspiring to reach the world.

The successful journey of the Highlands in Vietnamese Land

In the 90s of the last century, the concern about the land, the culture of the homeland, and the coffee heritage have awakened the passion in the young Vietnamese overseas Vietnamese – David Thai – Founder of Highlands Coffee.

That endless passion for coffee beans has brought the Highlands Coffee brand to life with the vision of becoming the leading Vietnamese coffee brand, honoring Vietnamese products and culture.

Vietnam Highlands CoffeeWith two main colors of red and black, from staff uniforms to interior space layout, Highlands Coffee creates a modern, dynamic but still close and memorable impression for customers. The cafes are located in special locations – bu,sy commercial centers, and famous landmarks.

The main jazz background in Highlands Coffee shops creates a feeling of relaxation and luxury.

Not promoting aggressively, and not doing franchising, owner David Thai seems to focus more on service quality and raising the brand level through the quality of goods and services.

Brand management – Market combined

In the fierce race of Vietnamese and international coffee brands present in Vietnam such as Trung Nguyen, The Coffee House, Starbucks… Highlands Coffee has had a great turning point. Overnight success beyond imagination, dominating the market. The great turning point has brought success beyond the imagination of Highlands Coffee.

It is a comprehensive change from high-end brand positioning for businessmen and intellectuals to a “popularization” strategy to attract more customers.

Vietnam Highlands CoffeeHighlands Coffee’s logo has been recreated more fully, reflecting the images of mountains, land, and water to show the origin of coffee in the windy highlands. Accompanying that is the brand identity system that is put on another set of clothes.

The area of ​​the shop is still located in prime locations, but the design is in a new style to convey cultural values, harmoniously combining tradition and modernity.

The menu is also designed more eye-catching, omitting many “western” dishes, and focusing on products imbued with traditional values ​​such as coffee and bread.

The innovation in the form of service from serving at the table to self-service (customers come to the counter to order and pay before receiving their food) makes the operation apparatus at the shops streamlined, operating costs are reduced. significantly optimized.

As one of the first coffee shop chain brands in Vietnam, Highlands Coffee is currently the coffee chain with the largest number of stores and the most successful symbol of the chain business model.

Starting in 2002 with 2 stores, Highlands now has nearly 300 stores spread over 20 provinces and cities across the country.

The secret to that success is the combination of enthusiastic hearts and strong faith to work together, overcome all challenges to rise to the Champion position and carry out the mission of a brand. The brand brings delicious, aromatic coffee products in a comfortable and polite space in the journey to spread the pride born of Vietnamese Land.

Why is Cafe Highlands so passionately loved?

There were many reasons why Highlands Coffee became the number 1 brand name in a series of coffee chains at that time. First of all, because of many years of professional experience, pioneering position, and wide coverage area.

Secondly, Highlands has a very modern style, each shop is very clean, polite and elegant, airy, and decorated in a cozy, comfortable,e and pleasant manner. And the most important thing is still the extremely protective drink quality that is the same in any establishment.

Vietnam Highlands Coffee

Highlands Coffee knows how to harmoniously combine tradition and modernity, between Vietnamese coffee and Western coffee, thereby creating its own unique identity that no other brand can imitate. From the original coffee material, Highlands selects 100% from coffee beans grown in the highlands of Vietnam.

From the way of roasting to the way of making coffee filters Highlands are carefully researched, and developed gradually over the years, so the final recipe is unique, suitable for the majority of tastes but still very characteristic. The Highlands brand has contributed to the promotion and promotion of Vietnamese coffee.

What kind of coffee does Highlands have?

1. Highlands Coffee

Milk coffee is the most ordered dish in the Highlands, especially in the morning. The harmonious Highlands milk coffee recipe is neither too sweet nor too bitter. When ordering, you can also need your milk if you have a sweet or bitter.

Vietnam Highlands Coffee
Vietnam Highlands Coffee

Roasted and ground coffee is filtered according to the traditional Vietnamese historical style, so it produces a fragrant aroma of the coffee, keeping the whole deliciousness of highland coffee beans.

2. Highlands Black Coffee

Vietnam Highlands CoffeeFor coffee lovers, you must drink black coffee to enjoy the strong, rich, stimulating taste of coffee. The drink is completely mixed with a traditional filter, adding a little sugar is enough. If you want a Western-style brewed coffee, Highlands also has espresso or americano.

3. PhinDi cafe Highlands

Find product line is a new product line of Highlands. If you don’t want to drink too strong coffee, you should dey Phindi. The traditional Nuoc Ta filter coffee is modified and mixed with unique milk cream, adding a sweet, easy-drinking part.

In addition to the basic milk cream flavor, Highlands also has Phindi almond and Phindi chocolate flavors. The drink also has a very popular coffee jelly-like the Freeze line.

4. Freeze 

Freeze is a very effective cooling iced drink. Besides the famous flavors such as green tea and cookie cream, Highlands has 2 kinds of coffee grinds: traditional stone and caramel.

On top of the Fr,eeze cups a greasy whip cream and there is also a crunchy, crunchy coffee jelly that is very “already”. Freeze Cafe is a wonderful creative variation between coffee and civilized drinks.

If you are a regular customer of Highlands Coffee, you probably know that the company constantly has many attractive discounts and promotions such as buying 1 promotion 1 Highland Coffee or deep discount combos. To quickly grab the promotions, you can completely update Highlands’s Facebook page.

5. Red bean green tea

Vietnam Highlands CoffeeBesides a few drinks that have long been “storming” among young people in Hanoi Capital such as Thanh peach tea, peach jelly tea, lychee jelly tea, and yellow lotus tea … you can completely transform your mouth. The taste with a brand new “newbie” is born Red Bean Green Tea.

6. Highlands Tea

The tea dishes on the drink menu at Highlands Coffee are prepared in a new and innovative style, so it is easy to drink and good for refreshment. Tea drinks here are all made according to Highlands’ recipe.

Especially, besides admiring and enjoying the refreshing drink, you can also sip lightly sweet jellies with crispy pieces of fresh fruit. The tea taste here is not too strong and you can completely ask the junior staff to customize the amount of sugar and ice if you want.

Vietnam Highlands CoffeeThe most worth trying on the tea list here is Golden Lotus Tea, a typical Highlands beverage that you can’t find elsewhere. The combination of Oolong tea, fragrant lotus seeds, crispy tapioca, and a little bit of sweet cream will conquer the most demanding guests. If you are “bored” with traditional tea dishes such as peach tea, peach jelly tea, lychee jelly tea, etc., yellow lotus tea is a perfect substitute.

7. Delicious food and drinks at Highlands Coffee

What could be more wonderful than integrating contemplation and enjoyment of drinks in Highlands with delicious pastries made right at Highlands Coffee’s cake kitchen?

Highland has 9 types of cakes, but 2 cakes are called “best sellers” and continue to be popular with young people in Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi calls green tea cheesecake and cafe cheesecake The smooth layer of cheese combined with the fragrant green tea or rich coffee is perfect for those who love sweets.



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