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In Vietnam, exported green coffee beans are usually of two main types: Arabica and Robusta beans. Of which, Robusta accounts for more than 90% and we are currently the country with the highest export Robusta reserves in the world. In addition to traditional processing methods, many different pre-processing and production methods are now applied to domestic green coffee to improve product quality and satisfy all customers. With Helena Coffee, we are proud to be one of the most prestigious Vietnam coffee supplier green coffee to domestic and foreign markets, accompanying the development of Vietnamese coffee.

Providing many types of green coffee for export

Arabica green coffee

Arabica in Helena Coffee is selected from the best growing areas in Vietnam today. Not only is it popular domestically, but international customers also love this type of coffee thanks to its delicious, sweet, sour taste and special aftertaste.

Robusta green coffee

This is a strategic product of Helena Coffee as well as other suppliers of green coffee for export in Vietnam. Robusta has a characteristic bitter, rich taste and contains quite a high amount of caffeine. In addition, we also apply many special processing methods to enhance the flavor of Robusta, targeting the high quality and specialty coffee market. The most notable of which are wet-processed Robusta, Honey Robusta and Natural Robusta.

Specialty coffee

This is one of the niche markets of coffee and has only appeared in the past few years. Specialty coffee is evaluated by its flavor quality after cupping, tested by certified experts.

Not only focusing on flavor, the specialty coffee production process is also quite complicated to bring out the most quintessential Vietnamese coffee. In particular, Helena Coffee implements 3 core principles to produce this type of coffee: selecting 100% ripe fruit, controlling the fermentation process and strictly controlling drying time.

High quality coffee

High quality coffee at Helena Coffee also follows the above 3 selection principles. This is also a selected product line but has not yet reached the specialty threshold. We are working with large partners rich in expertise, strong production capacity and possessing quality raw material areas to meet the needs of supplying green coffee for export in this segment. From there, improve the quality of Vietnamese coffee.

High quality coffee and specialty coffee at Helena Coffee not only comply with normal export standards but also need to achieve sustainability and Organic certifications.

Commercial green coffee

This is the largest product segment in Vietnam. Importers, buyers, and roasters are almost all interested in this product line. This product line is evaluated based on external factors such as size, defective grain rate, impurities, and color, not focusing on flavor.

Depending on customer needs, Helena Coffee will provide products in the most appropriate and standard way possible.

Providing exported green coffee at good prices

One thing that any customer cares about is price. The price of exported coffee beans is determined by the world market based on two trading floors: Arabica and Robusta. This is a tense battle over price, quantity, payment methods and delivery deadlines.

Helena Coffee provides green coffee for export at better prices than the market thanks to its autonomy in raw material sources and a large-scale quality standard factory. In addition, the price of our green coffee is also determined by many factors such as:

Helena Coffee is proud to be a manufacturer and supplier of high quality green coffee for export to domestic and international partners. We look forward to receiving your trust. When you need more information about exported coffee or distribution quotes, please proactively contact us. Helena Coffee is ready to accompany you.

Strengths of the Robusta green coffee selling point – Helena Coffee

Favorable natural conditions

Dak Lak is the ideal land for Robusta Vietnam with fertile basalt soil, an altitude of more than 700m above sea level, average temperature from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius. Of the more than 98,300 hectares under cultivation, Helena Coffee chooses nearly 3,000 hectares to develop specialty Robusta lines. This product line possesses many advantages such as few pests and diseases, and grows well thanks to suitable climate, soil and altitude.

The connection of Classic – Farmers – Coffee

Most Dak Lak people have been attached to the fields since childhood and they devote all their enthusiasm and time to coffee trees. Not only does it want to bring perfect finished products to users, through coffee trees, Classic also wants to demonstrate the value of Vietnamese coffee, as well as contribute to improving the lives of farmers here.

The process of selection, preliminary processing, and strict control

At Helena Coffee, coffee beans are harvested by hand, selectively, and the ripe fruit rate is 100%. Our products are guaranteed to be good, evenly ripened, and undamaged to be eligible for harvest. Although it takes a lot of time and effort, this process ensures product quality and uniformity.

In addition, more than 3,000 hectares are used to process standardized Robusta specialties from breeding, planting, care, harvesting and preliminary processing. All go through a strict closed process, thereby enhancing the value of Robusta Vietnam.

In terms of quality, the raw green coffee provided by Classic is controlled by highly qualified QCs. We are proud to be a point of sale for raw green coffee with a standardized process and drying system to ensure hygiene and safety.

With passion and love for Vietnamese coffee, Helena Coffee is currently the most prestigious and quality raw coffee seller. To enhance the value of coffee in the future, we constantly research and improve the quality of Vietnamese Robusta. Please accompany Helena Coffee to bring the highest quality finished products with the most stable output.

Please contact Helena Coffee brand for advice and to buy the best products for yourself. Helena Coffee specializes in providing pure , export-quality coffee lines: machine-brewed coffee , powdered filter coffee , Robusta coffee , Arabica coffee , espresso coffee , and new coffee machine lines. best . Helena Coffee is proud to be a reputable, top quality supplier in Vietnam, a companion to all customers.


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