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Vietnam Coffee Egg – Tell You 3 Unique Ways To Make It

Vietnam Coffee Egg

Vietnam Coffee Egg – Tell You 3 Unique Ways To Make It: Egg coffee is also known as Giang coffee. This is one of the most famous drinks in Hanoi attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Hanoi Egg Cafe is not only attracted by its unique preparation, but also by its unbelievable “strange” taste. However, to make Hanoi egg coffee properly, you must have your own “secret”. 


1. Introducing Vietnam coffee egg

The birth of Giang egg coffee

Referring to egg coffee, surely no one does not know about Mr. Giang – who created a unique drink that “encapsulates” all the features of Hanoi. In 1946, when there was a shortage of fresh milk to use, at that time, as a bartender at the Metropole hotel, Mr. Giang with long experience in bartending combined eggs with coffee to replace fresh milk. Especially, this combination creates the famous egg coffee that many people know.

After successfully making egg coffee, Mr. Giang decided to quit his job at Metropole and opened his egg cafe at 90 Cau Go Street in 1946. After the reform period in 1955, the shop was moved to No. 7 Hang Thorn. This is the place associated with the birth of egg coffee for Hanoi people and tourists from all over the world.

Egg coffee – Hanoi’s typical coffee

The egg coffee, which was successfully prepared by Mr. Giang in 1946, quickly became one of the most unique drinks at that time. And to this day, Giang egg coffee still brings a special feature that makes it hard for drinkers to resist right from the first time enjoying it.

Although egg coffee originated in Hanoi so far it has been popular all over the country. In Saigon, there are many delicious egg cafes attracting customers. In addition to Saigon, egg coffee is present in many places in Vietnam and is also a way of making coffee that is of interest to international friends.

2. Some of the specialties of egg coffee in Hanoi and Saigon

Egg coffee is not only a dessert drink but also a creative feature in Hanoi’s culinary culture. It has become a symbolic image of the lifestyle of the Ha Thanh people for many decades.

Walking along the streets of the old town, you will easily find sidewalk cafes that have very attractive egg coffee. In addition to Giang coffee, you can also find famous delicious coffee shops in Hanoi such as Dinh coffee, Lam coffee, or the quartet of Nhan – Nhi – Di – Nang coffee.

Foreign tourists when arriving in Hanoi often come to enjoy this famous drink. In the eyes of international diners, egg coffee is known as ” Vietnam’s cappuccino “.

Not only in Hanoi, but the attraction of egg coffee has also spread and landed in Saigon. The coffee culture is very popular here, so when egg coffee appeared, it quickly became a favorite drink of Saigon people, especially young people.

Compared to the original Hanoi egg coffee, Saigon people often mix more eggs and more sweet sugar to increase the richness and fatness, suitable for the taste of the people here.

And surely in the future, with the diverse variations of talented bartenders, we will know more new and innovative drinks that will enrich the taste of Vietnamese coffee.

3. 3 ways to make delicious egg coffee

Make egg coffee without using egg whites

Materials include

How to separate the yolk to make egg coffee.

Steps to take

Step 1: Clean the dispensing tool, and let it dry. Then, take about 20 grams of coffee powder into the filter, and spread it evenly in the filter.

Step 2: Pour boiling water into the coffee filter with about 15ml of water to cover the coffee surface for about 1-2 minutes. Then you continue to pour boiling water to cover ¾ of the filter and close the lid to let the coffee drip down.

Step 3:  Crack the egg, remove the yolk and discard the yolk. Put the egg yolks in a bowl, add a little honey, and beat the yolks for about 5-7 minutes.

Step 4:  Put the beaten egg into the cup and slowly pour in the brewed coffee. Finally, just add condensed milk to make the coffee taste sweeter. Note, egg coffee should be drunk hot so as not to be fishy. Therefore, you need to use it immediately after mixing.

How to make egg coffee using both white and yolk

Prepare materials

Steps to take

Step 1: Put about 20 grams of coffee into the filter with 60-80ml of water. Shake gently to spread the coffee evenly over the film.

Step 2: Similar to how to make egg coffee without egg whites, slowly add boiling water. Then, wait for the coffee to drip into the cup.

Step 3:  Break the eggs into a bowl, keeping the yolks separate from the whites. For the yolk, you beat and add 4-5 drops of honey and beat for 5-7 minutes. For the egg white, you add a little honey, and a little sugar and beat until fluffy.

Step 4: Put the beaten egg yolk into 1 cup, and slowly pour the coffee on top. Fin, ally put the egg white layer on top. You can add more condensed milk to make it sweeter or to taste.

How to make egg coffee with vanilla

Prepare materials

Steps to take

Step 1: Similar to the above two methods of preparation, you also add about 20 grams of pure coffee to the filter and slowly add boiling water (about 60-80ml of boiling water). Next, let the coffee filter flow down slowly.

Step 2: Crack the eggs and keep the yolks and whites separate. Add egg yolks with sugar, vanilla, and honey in an appropriate amount and beat this mixture well. If the two recipes above need 7 minutes to whip the yolks, this way you only need to beat by hand for about 3-4 minutes.

Step 3: Add a few drops of hot coffee to the beaten egg yolk and continue to use a whisk, whisking for 3 minutes.

Step 4: Pour half of the beaten egg into the bottom of the cup and then add boiling coffee. Next, add half of the beaten egg on top and can add condensed milk to enjoy.

4. Notice how to make Vietnam coffee egg

When making egg coffee to ensure the most delicious cup of coffee, you need to pay attention to a few points:

You need to note a few points to make egg coffee more delicious.

5. Enjoy Vietnam egg coffee properly

When enjoying egg coffee, you should also pay attention to how to use it to enjoy the unique flavor of this drink.

Enjoyed properly will make this drink so much better.

6. Some notes on how to make Vietnam coffee egg

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