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etnam Coffee Condensed Milk

Vietnam Coffee Condensed Milk: How Many Calories In Milk Coffee: The way to make coffee with Ong Tho’s milk is of great interest to many people. Because next to those who like to drink pure black coffee.

Many people like to drink coffee mixed with milk, especially Mr. Tho’s milk. Does the number of calories in coffee benefit users? How many calories in 1 teaspoon is enough for the user’s health

How many calories are in 1 cup of milk coffee?

Coffee connoisseurs, tey not only love coffee because of its taste and aroma but also pay great attention to the calories in coffee. Condensed milk coffee contains quite a lot of calories along with a sweet and aromatic taste. So how many calories are in 1are  teaspoon of condensed milk? Are they really good for user health?

They are loved by many women thanks to their sweet taste, and bitter taste but harsh. Coffee is also considered an ingredient that helps women lose weight effectively.

etnam Coffee Condensed Milk
How many calories in 1 cup of milk coffee?

According to some experts, research has shown that if you drink 2-3 cups of coffee per day, you will load 280-350 calories into the body. On average, 1 cup of coffee is about 100-120 calories. Here are a few types of coffee with the following calorie levels:

  • About 110 calories are included in one cup of cappuccino.
  • Roughly 125 calories are in 1 cup of latte.
  • About 105 calories are in a cup of silver coffee.
  • 20g of instant coffee has 82 calories or roughly 1 cup.

It can be seen that all types of milk coffee are very high in calories. Therefore, users need to pay attention to the reasonable use of coffee and avoid using too much.

Do drink condensed milk coffee  good?

Coffee is not only a refreshing drink but also brings many benefits to users. The number of nutrients and calories in coffee will help users have a better working day. So is drinking coffee good or not?etnam Coffee Condensed Milk

Inside coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, nutrients, calories, etc. to help provide enough nutrients for the user. Here are the benefits of coffee:

  • The amount of caffeine in milk coffee helps to stimulate the central nervous system to help users stay alert and focused.
  • The calories contained in milk coffee help convert into energy for a healthier body. Besides, it also promotes positive thoughts and a happy and refreshing spirit of users.
  • Coffee is considered to have a very good fat loss effect thanks to its high caffeine content. So users can drink coffee to lose weight. Note that you should only drink coffee with a level that allows the body to receive moderate amounts of caffeine and calories.
  • Coffee helps us relax mentally, and reduce stress, and anxiety. Sip a cup of milk coffee or black coffee as you like for a better mental state.

Some notes when drinking coffee  condensed milk

If you already know that drinking 1 cup of coffee with milk is enough, you also need to keep a few things in mind:

    • Do not drink coffee in the evening, especially late at night. Because according to research, 1 cup of coffee takes 6-8 hours to consume all the caffeine. Therefore, if taken at night, it will cause difficulty sleeping.
    • Drinking milk coffee in the evening too much can cause overweight and obesity.
    • Drink 1 cup of coffee early in the morning to stimulate the spirit, wake up, and have energy.
    • Should choose low-fat latte milk if you intend to lose weight.
    • Do not use cream to add to the cup of milk coffee. This will increase the fat and calorie content in the body.

How to drink coffee to lose weight quickly and effectively

To lose weight quickly and effectively, you should drink coffee properly.

  • Drink coffee in the morning and early afternoon to let your body consume the caffeine content. Avoid drinking coffee in the evening because it can cause trouble sleeping, harmful to the stomach.
  • You should only drink 1-2 cups of coffee/day to ensure the right amount of calories.
  • Avoid drinking coffee with too much sugar, milk, preservatives, additives…
  • Should gradually switch from milk coffee to black coffee if you intend to lose weight. Because the calorie content in black coffee is almost zero, it will be very effective in losing weight.

Detailed instructions on how to make coffee with Ong Tho’s milk

The way to make this coffee is quite similar to that of regular condensed milk. Only we will use Ong Tho milk with high density, fat, delicious and. The steps to make coffee with milk are as follows:

etnam Coffee Condensed Milk
How to make coffee with Ong Tho’s milk

Step 1: Coffee maker page

First, you need to briefly rinse the tools including cups, cups, and filters. Although this step is generally quite simple, it plays an important role in helping you get a delicious cup of milk coffee. How to make hot tools all contribute to getting a delicious cup of coffee in the right way.

Step 2: Put milk in a cup to make coffee

Next in this way of making coffee with Ong Tho’s milk, we put condensed milk into a glass. Usually, with each coffee filte,r we should put in it about 3 tablespoons of condensed milk. At the same time, depending on your taste adjust as much or as little as you like.

etnam Coffee Condensed Milk
How to make coffee with Ong Tho’s milk

Step 3: Add the coffee powder to the brew

You put the coffee powder into the filter, but note that the amount of coffee that is half full or up to the specified limit is enough. After adding the coffee powder, remember to shake it to make the coffee surface flat. Continue to place the coffee cup on the cup and use the press plate to press down the coffee powder. Pay attention to just enough compression to make the coffee more intense.

Step 4: Add water to the filter

After the water boils and the temperature is from 93 to 95 degrees Celsius, pour the water slowly into the filter. Note to make good coffee, in this step you pay attention to rinse the coffee powder with enough boiling water to cover the coffee powder.

Next, fill the filter with water almost full and close the filter lid. Then the coffee slowly drips down the cup. Depending on the fineness of the coffee, the drip speed varies, averaging about 1 drop per second. But with pure coffee or moderately fine coffee powder, the drip speed is faster.

Step 5: Stir coffee with milk

After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes, the coffee runs out. If you have coffee with Ong Tho’s condensed milk, you will have a delicious cup of coffee.

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