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UTZ Certified Green Coffee Supplier: Helena Coffee Trusted Partner

UTZ Certified Green Coffee Supplier: Helena Coffee Trusted Partner.

There are a huge variety of coffee products available on the market right now. Consumers are currently extremely interested in the supplier’s certification. Because of this, UTZ certification helps customers recognize that a product is from a reliable farm. This accreditation must be followed by the provider in order for the production to run more smoothly and in harmony with the environment and the surrounding natural landscape.

As a result, this article will assist readers learn more about UTZ certification and identify trustworthy suppliers of quality who will be awarded UTZ.

1. UTZ certified green coffee supplier Helena Coffee

What is UTZ certification?

UTZ stands for sustainable farming and is considered as a better opportunity for farmers, their families, and the environment. It is a certification program for sustainable farming of coffee, tea, and cocoa. The UTZ initiative aids individuals in acquiring farming techniques, enhancing working conditions, and raising their standard of living.

Farmers may efficiently grow crops, earn more money, and create possibilities through the UTZ program, all while safeguarding the environment and future natural resources.

Simply put, sustainable coffee is coffee that has been farmed in a way that is considerate of both people and the environment.

Independent third parties regularly monitor adherence to the severe requirements of UTZ accredited farmers and enterprises. These criteria cover ethical farming methods, secure working environments, and environmental preservation in particular.

Customers can feel confident consuming and selecting items because of the UTZ accreditation, which ensures that the products are sourced from the farm to the store.

All UTZ suppliers must adhere to all specifications specified by the experts on farming practices, labor conditions, and environmental preservation in order to receive this certification. It is because breaking this rule would result in decreased output, increased productivity, and difficulties with the environment and public health.

According to statistics, 38% of the UTZ-certified coffee sold globally originates from Brazil, 22% from Vietnam, and 18% from Honduras.

With the aforementioned information on coffee supply, it is necessary to emphasize that Helena Coffee Vietnam, a provider of Vietnamese speciality green coffee beans, is well-known both domestically and internationally.

Currently, Helena Coffee is a producer and exporter of goods including green coffee beans, instant coffee, roasted coffee, coffee roasters, among other things.

Despite being relatively new, Helena continually strives to cultivate and produce in a way that will be beneficial to people as well as to partners that need to supply us with goods and work with us. company.

Becoming a provider of green coffee from Vietnam that is UTZ certified, has a reliable brand, is of high quality, and is reasonably priced. Helena Coffee has a coffee farm to manage the quality as well as the growing, caring, harvesting, processing, and packaging in accordance with the UTZ certification process as well as the company’s requirements: being environmentally friendly, focusing on farming, protecting the landscape, using input materials reasonably, without adversely affecting the environment, particularly human health. In order to develop agriculture in a sustainable and long-term manner, make sure to adhere to the rules of nature.

Additionally, Helena Coffee Vietnam always upholds the humanitarian objective of instilling in people a variety of human values. It also helps to improve the lives of farmers by generating employment opportunities for thousands of future generations.

2. UTZ Certified Green Coffee Supplier: Helena Coffee’s products

Moka Cau Dat, Da Lat

Cau Dat Moka coffee belongs to the Arabica genus, is a Moka coffee variety associated with Cau Dat address in Da Lat, producing the most famous Cau Dat Moka coffee product. Cau Dat area with the conditions of climate, temperature, humidity and soil, is similar to Brazil, so it produces a delicious and highly preferred product called Moka Cau Dat.

Arabica Honey

Is a method of carefully selecting ripe fruits to create the unique flavor of the honey processing line

Arabica Fully Washed

Robusta Fully Washed

Dry Processed Robusta

3. Helena Coffee Vietnam is a reliable partner?

We may be trusted because of what we have here:

Through this post, Helena Coffee would like to respectfully invite any organizations, companies, or people who are already interested in coffee products and want to work with us to join us in our efforts. working with us Cooperation strives to boost output and export values while also bringing advantages to both parties.

With the benefits from the aforementioned article, we are confident that when working with the business, we will offer consumers a wide range of services and the best pricing and quality policies. Our business supports this alliance, along with cooperation for progress, success, and, most importantly, profit. We anticipate hearing from you and getting back to you as soon as possible from our partners.

Helena Coffee Vietnam sincerely thanks!

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