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Typica Coffee – What Makes A Great Cup Of Coffee?

Typica Coffee – What Makes A Great Cup Of Coffee?
Typica Coffee – What Makes A Great Cup Of Coffee? If you can answer the question “What characteristics make a great cup of coffee, ” you already understand Typica coffee. Each region has its type of Typica coffee. On the territory of Vietnam, there are many varieties of delicious and premium coffee trees.
However, not all coffee beans meet Typica standards. So what are the characteristics of Typica coffee? How to enjoy a cup of Typica coffee the right way? All are explained in the article below.

History variety of Typica coffee

According to recorded history: Typica is derived from the high-quality Arabica coffee plant. It first appeared in Central America. The name Typica comes from a simple story:

In caring for and harvesting Arabica coffee beans, people realize that not all coffee plants give coffee beans the exact yield and quality. There are superior Arabica coffee beans (quality, appearance, and work). It was decided to call the high-quality beans Typica (i.e., typical coffee or typical coffee).

After hundreds of years of development, people have concluded that Arabica coffee trees are new for Typica beans. But other strong coffee varieties can also give Typica beans. Deeply understood, Typica beans are high-quality coffee beans. It meets specific standards regarding yield, purity, and delicious taste (characteristic for each particular coffee).

Typica coffee is available in Vietnam.

Vietnam – one of the largest coffee’s exporting countries in the world. In Vietnam, coffee is grown in Lam Dong, Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, etc. One question is, “wherein Vietnam there is typica variety coffee.” You might be surprised by the answer.

Typica is present in most of the coffee-growing regions in Vietnam. This is the effort of coffee producers to bring specific Typica products to each area. Regardless of plant varieties, as well as coffee growing regions, Vietnamese Typica beans must meet all three criteria:

  • Criterion 1: Being pure coffee beans. Ensure the unique flavor for each type of coffee.
  • Criterion number 2: Coffee quality is always number 1. Delicious taste.
  • Criterion 3: Accompanying services. Sometimes enjoying coffee is not just about drinking and experiencing the “delicious” of coffee but also evaluating the benefits that come with it.

Coffee will taste better if you enjoy it in an emotional space. How to make coffee cannot be taken lightly. Because it determines 50% of the deliciousness of each cup of coffee you drink.

Typica coffee is a delicious coffee variety in the Arabica family.

Features of Typica coffee cup in Vietnam


Vietnamese coffee is mainly derived from Arabica coffee beans. Arabica coffee is grown a lot in Lam Dong, Dak Nong, Dak Lak. This coffee variety possesses the following main characteristics:

  • It grows well in high mountains; the ideal altitude is 1,200m to 2.20m.
  • Arabica coffee trees have small, dark green foliage. Leaves are oval. At maturity, Arabica coffee trees reach a height of 2.5m to 4.5m. With good care, the tree can grow another 10cm.
  • Arabica coffee plants have good cold resistance, suitable for 15-24 degrees Celsius temperatures.
  • After planting for 3-4 years, people can harvest Arabica coffee beans.
  • Arabica coffee trees only give economic value within the first 25 years. Coffee beans are now of the best quality. As for the actual lifespan of this plant, it can live up to 70 years.
  • Premium quality Arabica coffee. It has a mildly bitter taste, sour, mixed with sweet. If you compare the like, perhaps no coffee beans can surpass Arabica. Therefore, it is called Typica coffee beans (typical coffee beans).

How to make it?

Brew in the Pour over style

Pour-over coffee is a manual way of making coffee (without using modern machines). This technique aims: to preserve the full flavor of the coffee as possible. To make Pour over coffee, you only need one filter. How to proceed as follows:

  • You pour the coffee powder into the filter funnel.
  • Slowly pour hot water over the coffee grounds. The coffee water will drip down the funnel; the coffee grounds are retained on the filter funnel.
How to make Pour-over coffee.

Pour over technique has two difficult points: The first is that the coffee powder must have a certain fineness. Second, you must learn the pouring process. Pouring over may sound simple, but bartenders have to learn it year after year.

The end of the Pour-over process is a cup of delicious coffee in the right style. The pour-over coffee-making technique is said to be the best today because it does not diminish the inherent flavor of each type of coffee roasting.

Make coffee with a filter plant bags

You can make coffee with a dedicated filter. With this technique, you can enjoy your coffee at home without going to a coffee shop. When mixing typica variety with a filter, you should note the following:

  • First: use pure, clean perfect coffee powder varietals. Make sure you buy pure Typica powder tastings, free of any impurities, with a distinctively delicious taste.
  • Second: choose a good coffee filter. It is best to use stainless steel coffee filters. Do not forget to clean the coffee filter before making Typica.
  • Third: Know how to mix coffee to create different flavors. This applies to those who love milk coffee or sugar coffee. You can add a bit of condensed dairy or white sugar to your cup of Typica.
Typical coffee can be mixed with Arabica to make a filter.

Other brewing methods varieties

There are many different ways to make coffee. To get an attractive cup of typica coffee variety, you can learn more about the following brewing techniques:

  • Siphon coffee making technique
  • Ibrik coffee making techniques
  • French Press coffee making techniques
  • Espresso coffee making techniques

Try making it in a new style. Who knows, it will bring you exciting experiences!

To this day, the whole world still considers Arabica Typica the best product. Nothing can be replaced. Typica coffee plant is more than just a drink. Behind every coffee bean is the culture of humanity. It goes down makes in world history a great event. It proves the ability to explore, energy, and creativity of people top.

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