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The 4 Best Types Of Coffee Roasts

Types Of Coffee Roasts

Types Of Coffee Roasts

Coffee roasting is a fine art that can significantly influence the taste of your beloved cup of joe. A proficient roaster knows precisely how to roast coffee beans to bring out their optimal flavor and aroma.

In this article, we’ll delve into the various types of coffee roasts to help you comprehend their differences and identify the one that tantalizes your taste buds the most. Terms like light, medium, and dark may seem too general, so here’s a detailed list to assist you. We’ve also included descriptions of each roast type below.

– Cinnamon Roast
– Light City Roast (also known as Half City)
– New England Roast
– Blonde Roast
– City Roast
– Breakfast Roast
– American Roast
– Full City Roast
– Continental Roast
– Viennese Roast
– New Orleans Roast
– French Roast
– Italian Roast
– Spanish Roast

Understanding the Different Types of Coffee Roasts

The art of roasting transforms raw, green coffee beans into the flavorful beans we know and love. During this process, the beans are heated to temperatures between approximately 350 and 475 ℉. We can broadly categorize the resulting beans into four basic types:

– Light roasts
– Medium roasts
– Medium-dark roasts
– Dark roasts

Each roast level enhances the taste and aroma of the coffee in a unique way. Within these broad types, there are several specific roast levels with their own names. However, keep in mind that in the coffee industry, there are no strict rules for roasting, so there can be variations among roasters.

Types Of Coffee Roasts: Light Roasts

Light roasts occur between approximately 350 and 405 ℉. The roasted beans are light brown and produce a light-bodied coffee when brewed. The coffee should exhibit little caramelization from the roasting process.

This roasting level is often referred to as “first crack,” as the beans start to expand, releasing an audible crack due to the internal moisture and gases heating up. The resulting roast is light yet aromatic, retaining much of the original green bean flavors due to the shorter roasting time.

Types of light roasts include Cinnamon, Light City (or Half City), New England, and Blonde roasts.

Types Of Coffee Roasts: Medium Roasts

Medium roast beans are heated to a temperature range of about 410 to 430 ℉. They are medium brown in color, and there is no oil on the bean surface. A medium roast yields a sweeter profile and a more potent aroma than lighter roasts, with more caramelization and reduced acidity.

Types of medium roasts encompass City roast, Breakfast roast, and American roast.

Types Of Coffee Roasts: Medium-Dark Roasts

Medium-dark beans are dark brown in color with some oil visible on the surface. They offer a deep flavor profile with limited acidity and a bit of a bittersweet aftertaste. The aroma is rich, and the body is heavy but not as much as darker roasts. Examples of medium-dark roasts are Full City and Continental roasts.

Types Of Coffee Roasts: Dark Roasts

Dark roast coffee beans are heated to temperatures between approximately 445 and 490 ℉. The beans are black and oily, indicating their distinct flavor profile. Dark roasts are known for their pronounced bitterness, thick flavor notes, and heavy body. They are generally low in acidity.

Types of dark roasts include Viennese roast, New Orleans roast, French roast, Italian roast, and Spanish roast.

Coffee Bean Color Chart

A coffee bean color chart is a handy visual tool for identifying roast levels, noting their differences, and ensuring consistency between batches. If you’re interested in home roasting, this guide to popular roast levels can prove valuable. It’s also fun to experiment with different levels and discover your personal favorite.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should have a good understanding of the different coffee roasts and how they influence the taste of your coffee. Were there any revelations? It’s likely that your taste buds are already familiar with medium or medium-dark roasts, as these are the most favored varieties.


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