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Trung Nguyen G7 Vietnam Coffee: G7 coffee is a product line created by Trung Nguyen Group. After a period of research and testing in the market, G7 coffee now has many different products to meet the maximum needs of customers.

About G7 Trung Nguyen Coffee

G7 Coffee is an instant coffee brand of Trung Nguyen Group. It’s called G7 because Chairman Dang Le Nguyen Vu thinks that this is an easy-to-read, easy-to-remember name for both domestic and foreign customers. On the other hand, this is the abbreviation for the group of industrialized countries in the world. This shows Trung Nguyen’s ambition to conquer big markets.

Before G7, the Vietnamese instant coffee market had two big players, Vinacafe and Nescafe. However, after the launch of Cafe G7 with the strategy of hitting the mentality of national pride in each product, it quickly won the hearts of customers. Since then, this brand has grown stronger and launched many new and unique products.

So what is the meaning of the letter G7 in the name of this coffee? Let’s find out the details!

What is the G7 group of countries?

Including the USA, France, Japan, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Italy

G7 (Group of Seven) is the name of the group of seven leading industrialized countries in the world. Including the USA, France, Japan, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Italy.

In 1973, the energy crisis sent the capitalist economy through a period of severe crisis. Therefore, the major capitalist countries must find all ways to work together to deal with the heavy effects and overcome this crisis.

The first summit of the developed capitalist countries was held in November 1975 in France. Senior leaders of Britain, Germany, France, the United States, Japan, and Italy sat down to discuss solutions.

The second meeting took place in June 1976 in the United States, it was at this meeting that Canada joined this group. Since then, the G7 group was formed and put into operation. Every year, the ministers of the seven-member countries meet to discuss economic policies. Together give strategic direction for the development of the economy. The role of the G7 has gone beyond the original framework. G7 has become a group of countries with great influence on world economic decisions.

Popular products of G7 coffee

G7 coffee is created from roasting technology with the unique know-how of Trung Nguyen combined with modern European technology. Existing products of G7 coffee include:

Which, G7 3-in-1 coffee, G7 Cappuccino coffee, and G7 instant black coffee are the three products that have won the most hearts of customers. At the same time, it is always on the company’s best-selling list.

G7 3in1

G7 3 in 1 instant coffee is a drink for those new to coffee or with a light coffee taste. Because this type of coffee contains a sufficient amount of caffeine. Besides, the product also has added sugar and cream to create a special taste. The taste of G7 3 in 1 coffee changes according to the way diners enjoy it. Each amount of water, and temperature brings a different taste. You can optionally drink it hot or add ice. Surely each concoction will bring new and interesting discoveries.

G7 Cappuccino

G7 Cappuccino coffee has many flavors for customers to choose from:

With this product line, you can completely prepare a cup of Cappuccino by yourself. The flavors of coffee, milk, and cream will blend to bring a unique and passionate taste.

G7 instant black coffee

G7 instant black coffee is a product line dedicated to those who love the traditional taste of coffee. With ingredients of 100% pure black coffee, this coffee is suitable for many audiences. If you are not used to the strong, rich taste of the original coffee, you can add more sugar or milk.

Overview of G7 coffee prices on the coffee market is how much?

Trung Nguyen is a coffee brand that was formed and developed in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, not only the taste suits the taste of the majority of Vietnamese people, but Trung Nguyen’s price set is also suitable for the spending of the majority. When placed next to competitors’ products, it can be seen that Trung Nguyen’s price is somewhat lower than the common ground. A box of G7 coffee costs from 40,000 to 46,000 VND. Depending on the distributor, this price will vary but not significantly.

Where to buy G7 coffee – Where to buy G7 coffee?


G7 coffee is sold in supermarkets

You can find G7 coffee in many places. It is not difficult to see images of G7 coffee boxes being sold in small grocery stores to supermarkets. This has become a popular consumer item, loved everywhere. Along with the development of e-commerce, you can also buy G7 coffee on Trung Nguyen’s online sales websites or major e-commerce platforms. Note that you should choose to buy from reputable places, and avoid buying fake goods, or counterfeit goods that affect both your perception and the brand.

G7 coffee is rated as one of the best-selling instant coffees. After having a certain position in the domestic market, Trung Nguyen is gradually reaching out to the big sea. Based on what this brand has done in the past time, it can be believed that Trung Nguyen’s desire to bring Vietnamese coffee to new heights will soon come true.

Some tips to choose good instant coffee

Unlike other types of coffee powder, instant coffee is difficult to recognize its deliciousness unless it is brewed and enjoyed. People often know whether instant coffee is good or not through such aspects as:

Watercolor in coffee

The most recognizable feature and also the standard of delicious instant coffee is that when it is mixed with water, its color is not too black, but it is brown like cockroach wings or dark brown depending on the type of coffee. But often the coffee that gives brown color is considered the best instant coffee.

The aroma of coffee

Each type of coffee will have its unique aroma, delicious and special coffees will have an ethereal, pleasant taste, and irresistible aroma.

Comparison of coffee

When you look at the cup of freshly brewed instant coffee, you will see the consistency in the coffee, you can immediately guess, that coffee has a lot of coffee or a little. This will help you discover which instant coffee flavor is good or not. Good coffee is a moderate comparison, not more or less.

Coffee foam

Surely we all can see the foam appearing on the surface of the coffee cup, you should notice in the light, slightly opaque color, quickly falling flat, that is the delicious coffee. With this small tip, you will quickly recognize good coffee. However, if the coffee foam is rainbow-colored or takes a long time to melt, then it is likely that the instant coffee has a lot of foaming substances, which will make the coffee no longer delicious.

People often say “nine people ten ideas” meaning that one person finds the coffee delicious but the other does not find it delicious. Therefore, this article only talks about instant coffees that are voted by many consumers today. Hopefully, some of our tips on which instant coffee tastes best will help you choose the right coffee for your taste.

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