The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee: Brewing is the process of extracting flavor from roasted coffee beans and turning it into a delightful drink.

Although each type of coffee has different specific processing steps, they all have to go through a basic processing process, which consists of four steps: green beans must be roasted, and coffee beans roasted. then grind, ground coffee mixed with hot water for a certain period, and enjoy cups of coffee.

What is the perfect cup of coffee?

Coffee is usually ground and brewed right before drinking because otherwise, it will quickly lose its inherent flavor.

Coffee can be purchased unprocessed (green beans), roasted, or roasted and ground. Coffee is often packaged in a one-way valve bag to avoid oxidation and preserve the coffee flavor for longer.

Either buy green beans and roast them yourself or buy freshly roasted beans and grind them yourself. Buy in small batches to ensure they stay fresh. Note the date of manufacture on the package. Coffee is usually packaged in a one-way valve bag to avoid oxidation and preserve the coffee flavor for a longer time. More than two weeks will give the best results.

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

The high-quality coffee we provide is 100% Arabica coffee from Da Lat and 100% Robusta coffee from Buon Ma Thuot. Each type of coffee bean is roasted by a high-tech roaster, so coffee beans are evenly ripened and not damaged.

Buying the best coffee is just the beginning and can be futile if the brewing isn’t done right. Brewing methods are an important aspect of getting the best out of Siva’s specialty coffees.

Different grinding and brewing methods will give different flavors to the same coffee beans and roasters.

Invest in a good coffee grinder. You will get uniform coffee powder products.

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Make sure your water is hot enough, between 92 and 95 degrees Celsius, which is the optimal temperature. Water for about 15-30 seconds off the boil is ideal, but don’t leave it on for more than a minute as the temperature will drop too low.

Making regular coffee will have a certain recipe: the mixing ratio of the ingredients (in this case, coffee and water) is very important. We suggest using two tablespoons of pure ground coffee per 20-30 ml of water.

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