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The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia By Country

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia By Country

Asia is not just the largest continent on Earth; it is also a thriving hub for coffee cultivation and production, boasting an array of unique flavors and aromas that reflect its diverse climates and cultures. From the lush highlands of Vietnam to the volcanic soils of Indonesia and the meticulous precision of Japanese coffee artisans, each country has its unique touch regarding coffee production.
Our guide, “The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans in Asia by Country,” aims to navigate the vast landscape of Asian coffee wholesale. It will introduce you to the top players in the Asian coffee market, providing comprehensive insights into their products, sourcing practices, and customer reviews. Whether you are a café owner seeking to diversify your coffee offerings, a roaster in search of new beans, or simply a coffee enthusiast eager to learn more about Asian coffee, this guide will serve as your roadmap to discovering the finest wholesale coffee beans Asia has to offer. Embark on this caffeinated journey with us as we traverse Asia’s rich and diverse coffee landscape, one country at a time.

Coffee trees in Asia: An overview

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia By Country

Asia is primarily located in the Northern Hemisphere and is the world’s largest continent by area. This continent accounts for 8.7 percent of the Earth’s total surface area. Significant rises characterize the overall topography of Asia and fall in the ground, high mountains and considerable peaks are concentrated in the middle, and mountains, plateaus, and hills cover approximately three-quarters of the area. The climate in Asia is very diverse, allowing people to cultivate and grow a wide range of fruit trees, including coffee.

Coffee is grown primarily in East and Southwest Asia, India, Yemen, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Asian coffee has a distinct earthy aroma, sweet taste, and chocolate aroma and is slightly bitter and pungent in the body. Three Asian countries are among the top ten leading coffee exporting countries: Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Top 5 best wholesalers of coffee beans in Asia by country

Thousands of brands have been established and developed in each coffee-growing country in Asia, providing customers with various options ranging from beans to instant coffee. But, since then, they have felt helpless when deciding which brand will give the best quality and experience. We understand your issue, so we conducted extensive research and would like to recommend to anyone looking for high-quality coffee beans: Top 5 best wholesalers in Asia by country.

Helena Coffee – The Best Wholesalers Of Coffee Beans In Vietnam

Vietnam’s coffee industry
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The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia By Country

The French introduced coffee to Vietnam in 1857, and it was initially grown on a farming farm. It is the world’s second-largest coffee exporter. According to ICO data, Vietnam will produce 1.65 million tons of coffee in 2021. Vietnam has a near-monopoly on the Robusta variety of coffee, making Vietnam a significant supplier in the world coffee industry and providing a large portion of the world’s instant coffee. Gender. The rich, full-flavor filter coffee made from high-quality coffee beans in Vietnam has become a global brand.

The provinces of Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Gia Lai, and Kon Tum are well-known for their coffee highlands. The coffee industry is centered in Buon Ma Thuot, the city’s heart. Dak Lak and Lam Dong are the main production areas, accounting for approximately 70% of the country’s Robusta tree production. Arabica first grew in the Central Highlands around 100 years ago, in Da Lat’s areas in Lam Dong.

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia By Country

Helena Coffee Processing and Export in Vietnam | Helena., JSC, founded in 2016, is a Vietnamese coffee exporter. After years of growth, they have become one of Vietnam’s most well-known coffee production and export enterprises. Their products are now exported and consumed in various countries and regions worldwide, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Ukraine, and the United States.

Helena sells two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. They select quality coffee sourced from well-known growing regions such as Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Gia Lai, and Kon Tum, ensuring quality. Helena’s coffee bean processing method is standard and diverse, including wet, dry, and honey. This results in various bean products with multiple flavors, ensuring you have the source of the beans to make a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

India – Tata Coffee machine, roasting, us, black          

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia

India’s Coffee Industry India is credited with being the first country to cultivate coffee outside of East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. When the Baba Budan Muslims returned from Mecca in 1670, they illegally brought coffee beans into India. Coffee was first grown in the Karnataka district of Chikmaglur.
Until an epidemic in 1850 nearly wiped out the country’s coffee industry, most coffee grown in India was Arabica. Farmers in India then replanted the coffee beans. Robusta coffee varieties with higher disease resistance. As a result, coffee from India is typically Robusta coffee with a bitter flavor.
TATA Coffee
They produce some of India’s best Arabicas and Robusta in both Washed and Naturals varieties. Their coffees are shade-grown in our estates, among lush forests in a thriving ecosystem teeming with biodiversity. Their coffee beans are hand-picked and delicately processed, resulting in an intrinsic romance in every cup. The cultivation, harvesting, and processing step is done with the utmost care for sustainability.

Indonesia – Coffee Arks

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia By Country

Indonesia’s coffee industry:

This country is known for being the birthplace of coffee cultivation. In 1699, the first coffee tree was successfully planted in Jakarta, Indonesia, setting a milestone for developing coffee trees in Indonesia. In 1719, coffee from Indonesia was introduced to Europe under “Java coffee.” This success is not limited to Indonesia; it significantly impacts global coffee production. Over the centuries, the names Java and Sumatra have represented exceptional quality coffee.
Coffee in Indonesia is a hybrid process that combines wet and natural processing. This semi-washed process has a significant impact on the quality of the coffee cup. Therefore, it significantly reduces acidity while also adding texture, resulting in a softer, rounder, and physically thicker cup of coffee.

Coffee Arks

They are a reliable supplier of Indonesian coffee beans, Arabica, and Robusta, at competitive prices. They have a large selection of the best coffee beans from various regions in Indonesia. Their products are very diverse, with many different types of beans such as Sumatran Coffee, Aceh Gayo Coffee, Kintamani Coffee, Toraja Coffee, Papua Coffee, Flores Coffee, and Luwak Coffee. Therefore, collaboration with various local coffee farmers in managing coffee plantations to produce the best coffee beans in Indonesia.

Thailand – Alti Coffee (dark roast coffee)

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia

Thailand’s coffee industry

Coffee production began in the early 1900s, but it was not until 1979 that Thai coffee was exported. Coffee exports are mostly Robusta because 90 percent of the planted area is Robusta, but according to research, some regions, particularly in northern Thailand, still grow some memorable Arabica lines. And the majority of these Arabica products are primarily exported to Asia. So, to enjoy a cup of Arabica coffee from Thap Pagoda, you must first conduct extensive research!
Alti coffee
Alti coffee was founded in 2010. They began by searching through coffee farms in the mountains of northern Thailand. They source the best coffee beans, then roast and blend them to extract the best aromas and flavors from the coffee. Currently, they are the primary supplier of high-quality green coffee beans from the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Yemen Qahwah Coffee – The best wholesalers of coffee beans in Yemen

The Best Wholesalers Coffee Beans In Asia

Yemen’s coffee industry

On the other side of Asia, a country is important in the expansion of coffee territory. Al Mokha Port is the world’s first commercial coffee port. Yemen opened the world’s first coffee shop. Coffee lovers in Yemen also invented the Turkish brewing method.
Yemen is particularly well-known for Qesher, also known as Q’shr or Qishr. It is the dried but unroasted flesh of coffee cherries during manufacturing. These pods are frequently cooked as tea and are a popular way for Yemenis to enjoy coffee.

Yemen Qahwah Coffee:

Yemeni coffee is of high quality and is not available in European markets. The cultivation of Yemeni coffee is based on ancient agricultural methods from seeding to harvesting and processing. In addition to the availability of the climate, which has a significant impact on the quality of Yemeni coffee, Yemeni coffee promotes its high quality and unique flavor all over the world. Yemen Qahwah Coffee is a wholesaler looking for and working with Yemeni farmers to bring quality local coffee beans to consumers worldwide.

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