The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today

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The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today: Italy has long been famous for many types of coffee typical for European coffee style in particular and the West in general. Combined with advanced technology, Italy is also home to many of the world’s top-quality coffee machine brands.

Coffee machine supplier: De’Longhi Italian

1902, it was founded by the De’Longhi family in 2, as a small industrial parts factory. It was not until 1950 that the De’Longhi company was established. Historically, the company is a major manufacturer of portable heaters and air conditioners. Since then, the company has expanded its products to include most types of small household appliances such as food and beverage processing as well as cleaning and laundry.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee machine: De’Longhi

De’Longhi is particularly famous for its Artista series coffee machines, De’Longhi gelato machines as well as Pinguino air conditioners.

In 2001, De’Longhi introduced to the market the most prominent product of its time – the automatic coffee machine. This device brought the brand to fame, officially bringing the De’Longhi name to the forefront of the worldwide coffee machine industry.

De’Longhi coffee machine product lines are quite diverse from features to machine operation technology.

From automatic to semi-automatic and manual machines, De’Longhi coffee machines are highly appreciated by the market for their durability and Italian-standard quality of finished products.

In the Vietnam market, the De’Longhi brand is popular with coffee machines ECAM 650.75.MS, EC 820.B, ICM 2.1B, ….with prices ranging from 2,000,000 VND to 70,000,000 VND

Italian coffee machine: Gaggia


The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
coffee machine: Gaggia

In the 1930s of the 19th century, in the Italian capital, a man named Achille Gaggia was working at his family’s coffee shop, with a strong passion for creating the perfect coffee flavor.

Years later, he and engineer Antonio Cremonese researched and researched to create a coffee machine. In 1947, they patented a coffee machine, which used piston lever technology to send hot water through the coffee by high pressure, thereby extracting the finished product with all the strong coffee flavor. momentum.

In 1948, the Tipo Classica espresso machine became the first of its kind. This machine completely changed the way coffee shops operated in Italy at that time.

1957 marked the presence of espresso in the United States and people here quickly fell in love with this drink and warmly embraced the Gaggia coffee machine.

Over decades of establishment and development, the Gaggia Italian coffee machine now has a strong foothold in the market of specialized coffee machines for coffee shops with large capacity, durability, and consistent taste.

Italian coffee machine: Nuova Simonelli

The father of the Nuova Simonelli coffee machine brand is Orlando Simonelli. He was the inventor of the first espresso machine. This invention is considered an innovative invention, ahead of the trend. The coffee machine changed the way coffee shops operated at that time.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee machine: Nuova

After moving its “headquarters” to the city of Tolentino in 1946, Orlando focused on manufacturing its line of espresso machines. It was not until 1950, that Simonelli Company released the most modern coffee machine at that time when it could make coffee continuously, it was the Selene coffee machine.

This machine used an automatic pumping system, this technology is still used today.

In late 1960, the Simonelli company was acquired and renamed Nuova Simonelli. Since then, the company has combined advances in science and technology to produce automatic and super super-automatic lines.

Today, the Italian Nuova Simonelli line of coffee machines is loved by most professional mixologists because of its many preeminent features.

Coffee machine supplier: Saeco Italian

One of Italy’s oldest coffee makers, Saeco was founded in 1876 in the hometown of strong coffee enjoyment. Saeco coffee machines are famous for their professional and high-class features that can satisfy a wide range of customers.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee machine: Saeco

Today, the Saeco brand under the Saeco International group is constantly improving the quality and design of coffee machines. Saeco has become the favorite choice of consumers in many countries in Asia, Europe, and America.

Coffee machine supplier: Rancilio Italian

Rancilio is a brand of espresso machines, founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio in Parabiago, Italy.

In 1997, Rancilio created an espresso machine just the right size for a home kitchen. This product was originally made solely as a thank-you gift for the importers and buyers of Rancilio’s restaurant coffee machines. Later, this coffee machine was sold to consumers as Silvia.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee machine: Rancilio

The Silvia coffee maker uses a ULKA vibration pump and a single brass boiler controlled by 3 thermostats for both steam and hot water. Silvia is often sold with a Rocky pure coffee grinder.

The Rancilio Italian coffee machine series is loved for its impeccable quality and very high durability. Because of the use of the most advanced technologies as well as extremely strict compliance with technical requirements, Rancilio’s coffee machines are always trusted by large cafes, restaurants, and hotels.

Coffee machine supplier: Wega

Wega is a famous brand of coffee machines in Italy established in 1985. Wega is the company with the largest specialized factory in the world, owning 20,000m2 and focusing solely on research and production of coffee machines. , coffee grinder and supporting accessories.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
coffee machine: Wega

Wega coffee machine is one of the brands trusted by baristas and almost all appear barista competitions are held in Italy. The advantage of this model lies in stable performance, diverse models, and better prices than competitors in the same segment. In particular, Wega’s product lines can meet many needs, from mid-range to high-end.

Italian coffee machine: Faema

Faema was founded in 1945 with espresso and cappuccino machines. Its mission is to be recognized as the world leader in the production of professional machinery for espresso drinks, representing a long history and futuristic design with international brands. economic.

The technological innovation E61 was a revolution that helped Faema gain a substantial share of the espresso machine market within a few years. This is considered a revolution and a big step forward in the espresso machine manufacturing industry.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee Machine : Italian Feama

With a wealth of experience and prestige in the market, Faema’s machines are truly a reliable choice. For hotels and cafes that are often crowded, Faema will help speed up the preparation many times.

Not only has a large capacity, and high operating capacity, but the design of Faema is also highly appreciated by consumers.

The body is made of stainless steel, ensuring maximum health problems for the user, and prolonging the life of the product. Other parts all have automatic control systems, helping baristas save time to make a delicious, authentic cup of coffee.

Italian coffee machine: Casadio

Casadio was founded in 1950 by Nello Casadio in Bologna, Italy. A company with a long history in the production of bar equipment trusted and appreciated in the market,

In 2009, Casadio joined Gruppo Cimbali, which was revived in both technology and market positioning. This turning point has helped Casadio gradually gain a foothold in the HoReCa industry thanks to professional espresso machines & professional coffee grinders.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee Machine: Casadio

If you are looking for a “stone pot” machine, the Casadio coffee machine brand will not disappoint you. This is a popular brand with a large capacity and a very affordable price. The whole machine is made from shiny stainless steel, although it is not fashionable, it focuses mainly on the strength of the preparation.

The boiler has a large capacity to serve guests during peak hours, along with many pre-programmed modes for the coffee-making process to help the barista’s operation be faster.

Casadio is a coffee machine brand that serves customers close to the end-user and guarantees a fast rate of return for mid-range cafes. And you know, Casadio shares the same corporation with the Faema brand above, but depending on the model and budget, you can choose one of these two brands.

Italian coffee machine: Rocket

Rocket is also an Italian coffee machine brand. Rocket coffee machines are manufactured according to traditional Italian technology. Therefore, all the details are delicately polished.

To date, the coffee machines of this brand have been sold in more than 40 countries. The price segment of Rocket coffee machines ranges from 30 million to more than 100 million, slightly higher than the common ground. However, with great functions Rocket is still chosen by many baristas and owners.

The Best Supplier Of Italian Coffee Machine Today
Coffee Machine: Rocket

The advantages of the machine focus on the huge working capacity and energy saving. Another plus point is that the machine also integrates the noiseless grain grinding function.

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