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The 30 Best Podcasts About Coffee

Best Podcasts About Coffee

Best Podcasts About Coffee

Best Podcasts About Coffee: Listening to a coffee podcast offers a convenient way to delve into the subject. I enjoy tuning in while driving, going for a run, or doing household chores.

The ease of creating podcasts today has led to a plethora of options, ranging from exceptional to defunct. After sifting through numerous coffee podcasts on Google, I’ve curated a list of 30 that continue to contribute valuable insights to the coffee conversation.

1. Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast

– This podcast, associated with a specialty coffee roastery and cafes in southern California, delves into all aspects of the coffee industry, emphasizing the essentials for running a successful coffee business. It’s a must-listen for aspiring coffee shop or roastery owners.

2. Keys To The Shop

Geared towards industry insiders, this podcast explores the intricacies of owning a coffee shop, covering topics from finances to staff training. It’s a valuable resource for those looking to start their own cafe and an informative listen for coffee shop enthusiasts.

3. Stone Creek Coffee Podcast

Stone Creek Coffee, a comprehensive coffee enterprise, offers a podcast that delves into various aspects of the coffee world, from the backstories of staff members to the impacts of Covid-19 on the coffee industry.

4. Specialty Coffee Association Podcast

Hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), this podcast provides insights into the coffee supply chain, featuring lectures, stories, and interviews with leading experts in the coffee world.

5. The Coffee Podcast

Covering a wide range of coffee-related topics, this podcast engages in conversations with experts and coffee influencers, offering insights into sustainable coffee, home brewing, and the science of coffee.

6. Coffee Is ME

Directed at coffee professionals and entrepreneurs, this podcast, hosted by industry experts, provides extensive discussions aimed at inspiring future coffee entrepreneurs.

7. Coffee Lovers Radio

This diverse podcast explores all aspects of enjoying coffee, from brewing tips to health effects and the latest coffee trends, making for a fun and informative listen.

8. Coffee Cafe Podcast

Suitable for all coffee enthusiasts, this podcast, particularly appealing to coffee-loving dads, takes listeners on a journey to various coffee shops, meeting with professionals and sampling different coffee drinks while intertwining experiences of fatherhood.

9. No Free Refills

This podcast, part of the Sprudge Media, is hosted by Ezra Baker of Stumptown Coffee and Tymika Lawrence of Atlas Coffee. It’s not solely a coffee podcast; rather, it’s a pop culture podcast presented through the perspectives of two coffee enthusiasts. Each episode features engaging discussions about the latest in TV, internet culture, and modern society, all accompanied by a fresh carafe of coffee. The hosts’ witty banter makes it both hilarious and captivating.

10. A Better Table

Another podcast from Sprudge, A Better Table takes a deeper dive into the serious issues confronting the coffee industry. Hosted by journalist and community organizer Umeko Motoyoshi, this podcast delves into the significant and often daunting questions facing specialty coffee lovers through in-depth interviews with industry professionals.

11. Coffee’s Done

This podcast, featuring three hosts—coffee professionals and friends Jake, James, and Ross—offers a friendly chat among coffee lovers, often with a guest. The unique feature of this podcast is the “# round” at the end of each episode, where they engage in lively 5-minute debates on exciting coffee topics, some of which are suggested by listeners.

12. Making Coffee With Lucia Solis

For serious coffee enthusiasts, this podcast hosted by Lucia Solis, a former winemaker and a leading expert on coffee processing, offers in-depth insights into various aspects of coffee, from measuring Brix to the science of fermentation.

13. Boss Barista

Hosted by Ashley Rodriguez, Boss Barista is a podcast that explores modern culture through a coffee lens, covering topics like gender, sex, race, and disability as they intersect with the coffee industry. The podcast features hard-hitting interviews with prominent figures in the industry, addressing challenging topics with a blend of humor and respect.

14. Filter Stories

The Filter Stories podcast offers “coffee documentaries,” delving into the stories behind the coffees, from the farmers who grow the beans to the baristas who craft the beverages.

15. Coffea Podcast

The Coffea Podcast, the first coffee-focused podcast from Brazil, aims to explore Brazil’s coffee production and dispel stereotypes about its coffee quality. Hosted by journalist Kelly Stein, the podcast features episodes in both Portuguese and English.

16. La Crema

Hosted by Abner Roldán and Karla Quiñones, the La Crema podcast interviews coffee industry figures from Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America, providing wide-ranging and informative conversations.

17. Bean Stuff Coffee Podcast

Hosted by Paul Allen, a longtime coffee roaster, writer, and certified Q grader, along with his son and industry professionals, this podcast covers a wide range of coffee-related topics, offering valuable insights for both experts and beginners.

18. Cross Country Coffee Roadshow

In this unique podcast, the co-hosts travel through the US in search of the best coffee, visiting roasters and coffee shops, and interviewing owners, baristas, and local clientele. It’s an exploration of the American soul as much as it is a coffee podcast.

19. Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast

The Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast is tailored for home coffee enthusiasts, offering insights and tips for brewing better coffee, pulling better shots of espresso, and even home roasting.

20. Cxffeeblack Podcast

The Cxffeeblack podcast, associated with a coffee company and social justice movement, explores the black history of coffee and its future, providing an informative and approachable perspective.

These podcasts offer diverse and engaging content, providing valuable insights and entertainment for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

21. Seed To Cup

The third podcast from Sprudge Media on our list, Seed to Cup, features long-form interviews between influential figures in the coffee industry and a rotating cast of expert hosts. Each hour-plus-long interview feels like an independent documentary, covering a wide range of topics. Listeners can pick and choose the topics that interest them or listen to every episode for a comprehensive view of the state of coffee.

22. Cascara

Cascara is a traveling podcast ideal for coffee lovers with a passion for global exploration. Each episode explores a new city and delves into the unique aspects of its coffee culture, offering a fascinating look at the differences and similarities that define our coffee experiences.

23. Coffee Sprudgecast

Another production from Sprudge, the Coffee Sprudgecast, hosted by co-founders Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, is the flagship podcast of the network. Unlike the other Sprudge podcasts, this one has no well-defined theme and instead explores all aspects of specialty coffee, promising entertaining and informative content.

24. Filtered Thoughts

Filtered Thoughts is a UK-based coffee industry podcast that delves into themes relevant worldwide. The podcast features seven professional coffee hosts engaging in conversational discussions on various topics, offering a diverse and impressive range of content.

25. Coffee With Mirko

Hosted by coffee enthusiast and entrepreneur Mirko Bonmassar, Coffee with Mirko combines interviews, keynote speeches, and self-reflection to provide insights not only into coffee but also into life, attracting prominent figures to share their experiences.

26. Coffee, Pods, And Wods

Combining coffee and fitness, Coffee, Pods, and Wods has evolved from a casual conversation among friends over coffee to featuring interviews with top coaches and athletes from the world of CrossFit, inspiring listeners to make the most of their caffeine buzz.

27. Coffee With April

Named after a famous roastery in Copenhagen, Denmark, Coffee With April offers insights into the specialty coffee scene in Scandinavia through interviews with industry leaders, with recent episodes focusing on coffee in the time of Covid.

28. Map It Forward

Map It Forward offers two podcasts in one, with long-form interviews delving into all aspects of the coffee supply chain and a shorter daily segment providing quick ideas for daily inspiration, making it a valuable resource for those considering entering the coffee business.

29. Adventures In Coffee

Presented by Caffeine Magazine, Adventures in Coffee provides a fun and informative look at the stories behind every cup of coffee, emphasizing the enjoyable aspects of coffee culture.

30. A History Of Coffee

A History of Coffee is a six-episode documentary that details the historical significance of coffee in the modern world, offering a compelling narrative that provides valuable insights into coffee’s ongoing role environmentally, socially, and economically.

Best Podcasts About Coffee: Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on this list? Do you have a favorite coffee podcast that wasn’t mentioned? Or perhaps you’re inspired to start your own coffee podcast? Share your thoughts in the comments below and consider sharing this list with your friends and contacts on social media. There’s no such thing as too many well-informed coffee lovers!


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