Terroir – Optimal Condition

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Terroir is a term commonly applied to wine and is derived from the French word “Terre,” which means land. Terroir refers to the diverse roles of natural factors such as climate, soil, flora, and fauna ecosystems, .. forming a growing condition and can affect plants in that place, including individual factors developed by humans such as farming practices and agricultural practices.

In the coffee industry,  terroir is a confluence of many different factors that can powerfully impact and shape the flavor of coffee before it is roasted and extracted. Each element (natural & artificial) has its complex properties, but none of them have independent emotional significance.

Authentic coffee brands have initiated the Terroir concept to educate consumers about coffee quality by associating natural flavors with the central value of origin. Like wine, coffee takes on the character of where it was grown and the people who made it. Thus, information about coffee origin provides consumers with intuitive knowledge of many aspects of its value, such as taste, aroma, rarity, etc.

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