Some ways to elevate coffee trading for your coffee shop

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Some ways to elevate coffee trading for your coffee shop

Some ways to elevate coffee trading for your coffee shop: The world operates according to rules, and business is no exception. If you know the laws of the game, you may not win, but if you do not know the laws of the game, you will lose.

“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.”

– Phil Knight –

A formula that is not unfamiliar to those in business: “Profit = Revenue – Cost” surely everyone can see that there is no better method to increase profits than to increase profits. Revenue and expenditure reduction:

Cost reductions include:

    • Cut more waste
    • More efficient inventory management

Increased revenue includes:

    • Increase the amount customers pay for each order
    • Increase the number of orders
    • Increase the number of customers

Review of operating costs

Double-checking your fixed and variable costs is an important first step toward cutting unnecessary costs in your operations. And to do that, you need to collect a quality data set.The cost of the restaurant is sometimes beyond your control, and so the easiest way to cut it is to change the budget from the start.First of all, arrange to manage everything anyway, especially your own time.First, arrange and manage financial-related paperwork in the most scientific and clear way.

Let’s check that:

    • Are the paper invoices in the same place?
    • Are you controlling expenses in a single excel sheet?
    • You might consider organizing documents by categories, management boxes, for example, by files, folders, software or payment
    • systems.
    • And most importantly, organize your own time, so there’s always room to sort and check your data periodically.

Thinking about ways to increase profits?

To generate more profit, it is necessary to optimize the profit from the resources that are pouring into the business. That is, from the same current cost, the cafe needs to increase the number of orders and increase the amount of customer payment per order.

It is relatively difficult to improve the budget from fixed costs, because costs such as renting space, paying employees are difficult factors to change. Instead, you can focus on resources that are easily more flexible to deliver results faster.If you focus on making the right changes following a few guidelines below, you’ll probably see a difference in 4 to 12 weeks.

What results are we aiming for?

Of course, depending on the coffee business model, the goal is different. However, profit is often the goal most of us are looking for.Remember, these changes are not easy to make. The problem is not in their complexity, but in whether you have the patience to pursue it to the end.

Because, basically, most shop owners are maintaining one or a few bad habits in operation. So does your staff. Over time, these bad habits have a direct impact on finances and management.

And so, to achieve a better level of revenue, you need:
More scientific arrangement
Collect information more efficiently
Set more specific goals
Do you know where you are? What false black holes are you sinking into? Also, how much more do you need to invest to achieve sustainable stability?

Some ways to elevate coffee trading for your coffee shop

You can refer to some of the strategies below to see and identify where your shop is lacking. Then you can consider and apply immediately to your shop. Good luck to you

Coffee management strategy

Although you put a lot of effort into products, services and marketing to attract customers, the unscientific way you operate the shop also makes the business situation of the shop unfavorable, affecting the customer experience.

Employee management plan

Personnel issues greatly affect the operation of the cafe. To avoid problems later on, you need to define your needs from the outset and then make clear regulations on personnel:

How many staff should be recruited for the cafe? Personnel position, detailed job description, working time (part time or full time), hard salary and bonus? How to train staff? Specific discipline and reward rules?Employees are the main driver of the customer service experience.

You need to be transparent from the beginning with your employees and strictly follow the regulations. Your attitude towards the restaurant’s regulations will determine the attitude of the staff, avoid causing losses to the shop as well as giving the staff a better work motivation.

Business management plan

Anticipating how to manage the restaurant’s operations is equally essential. If the shop operates without the manager understanding the situation, it will be difficult to control and adjust when problems arise.

Business management includes the following areas: revenue, raw material warehouse, import and export goods, operating costs, human resources. Currently, there are many tools and internal software that effectively support the management, you should learn to choose the right one.

Monitoring by software and equipment helps you not need to be at the shop 24/7 to still understand the situation of the shop through daily, weekly, monthly reports, CCTV…

Marketing strategy elevate coffee trading for coffee shop

Business goes hand in hand with marketing. In order for customers to know and choose your coffee shop, you need to build a detailed long-term marketing strategy. Before embarking on a marketing plan for a coffee shop, you need to determine the following issues:

+ What is the purpose of your marketing strategy? To accomplish that general purpose, what are the smaller goals you need to accomplish?

+ Identify target customers and channels to reach that customer group. From there, what message do you want to bring to customers?

+ How much budget can you spend on marketing? How to divide for each stage?

After determining those criteria, you can start working on a detailed plan. Marketing for coffee shops, can be divided into 2 parts: Trade Marketing (win in store) and Brand Marketing (Win in mind). In addition, Digital Marketing is also an effective support for trade and brand.

With trade marketing, you need to have promotions, gift vouchers for suitable customers both to attract new customers and retain old customers.

With brand marketing, you need to increase your brand awareness among customers, through channels such as promotion such as groups, KOL reviews, newspapers, TVC, organizing or sponsoring events depending on the budget and process. brand model.

Product focus strategy elevate coffee trading for coffee shop

Product quality is always the core value no matter what field you do business in. With a coffee shop, the unique and quality products that your brand brings will be well received and used by customers for a long time.

To improve and refresh your product, you can do the following:

+ Refresh product packaging: Based on existing products, you ‘put on’ them a “new shirt” with a special design and meaning, suitable for the time and the general tastes of the target customers.

+ Create menu with some exclusive drinks: Adding new dishes to your menu is one of the ways to refresh products. However, when creating a drink with a new recipe, you need to do good research to avoid backlash.

+ Add drinks using local specialty ingredients. This way both helps customers more trust and enjoy when choosing to enjoy.

Space-focused strategy elevate coffee trading for coffee shop

In addition to drinks, the sophisticated and comfortable cafe space also contributes to attracting and retaining customers for longer. However, to ensure that it is not too expensive for the restaurant decor, you can refer to the following ways:

+ Refer to decor styles, balance costs to choose the most suitable option.

+ Pay attention to the climate factor. In hot weather, you should limit decorative details, avoid excess causing confusion and stuffiness, especially with small space cafes.

+ Select decorations in the old furniture area, to save costs.

Service focus strategy elevate coffee trading for coffee shop

The service of a coffee shop is a collection of many factors, which is the customer’s experience from the moment he arrives at the cafe until the moment he leaves. It is the service that is the factor that helps you compete with other coffee shops, even if your coffee shop is smaller.

The service of a good coffee shop is reflected in the warm attitude of welcoming customers, the professional enthusiasm of the staff to help guests have the most fun, comfortable and familiar experience. From there, customers will remember your shop and choose to visit the next time.

To improve the service of the restaurant, you need to build the service culture of the restaurant, the style for the staff. Besides, implementing loyalty programs for old customers and promotions for new customers also helps your service to score points with customers.



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