Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method

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Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method

Small Pour-Over Coffee Making Method: About Pour Over: Pour Over with a V60 funnel is one of the most popular and preferred coffee brewing methods in the world at the moment. With this method, the quintessence of coffee beans is clearly shown and stands out brilliantly.

Coffee brewed by the Pour-Over method is usually clearer, brighter, and more flavorful than the traditional Vietnamese filter method.


  • Hopper V60
  • 350ml or 600ml . heat-resistant glass container
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Hand blender or electric blender
  • Electronic scale with Stopwatch function or Electronic scale and stopwatch by the phone


  • 2-3 minutes


  • Hopper V60 Sensai Black or Washi
  • Nobrand premium heat-resistant glass jar
  • Genie kettle or Master kettle
  • NoBrand 3kg scale with Stopwatch function

Step 1 

To boil water, you will need about 600ml of water at 88-96°CSmall Pour Over Coffee Making Method

Step 2

Grind 20g of Specialty coffee at a slightly coarse level. To enjoy every nuance of coffee beans from a land, use Single Origin coffee roasted at Light Roast > Light Medium Roast.Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method

Step 3

Fold the paper and place it in the V60 Hopper. Please use water to coat the paper. This will help keep your coffee extract free from the papery smell and warm up the tools. Don’t forget to pour out the paper water!Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method

Step 4

Pour the coffee into the funnel, and shake gently to evenly distribute the coffee. Place all instruments on the scale and press the Tare (zero buttons) button on your digital scaleNow, your electronic scale is at 0, when you pour water into the scale it will measure the volume of water you put in. Helena recommends using a 1:12 ratio for the first batches. That is, 1g of coffee requires 12g of water. With 20g of coffee, you need 240g of water.

Step 5

Start chronograph, right after chronograph on your digital watch you start pouring water. In Stage 1, you need 40g of water for 20g of coffee.

Try to pour the flow very small and slow, especially when you need to wet all the coffee powder (usually takes 10-14 seconds). It’s okay to use a little more water. From the beginning of pouring to the end of phase 1 is 30 seconds. 

Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method

If your coffee is freshly roasted, you can allow 40 seconds for this stage. If your coffee is fresh, not marinated, and not kept for a long time, at this stage the coffee will bloom with air release.

Then 30-40 seconds, you continue into Stage 2.

Step 7

At this stage, you will pour another 80g of water. Pour the stream very slowly in a spiral from the inside to the outside and then from the outside to the inside. Try to pour a 90-degree stream, which is vertical and perpendicular to the coffee plane. Usually, you will finish pouring 80g of water when the clock runs from 1:00 – to 1:10. Wait until 1:30 then pour on Stage 3.Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method

Step 8

In Stage 3, you will add the amount of 120g of water. Continue to pour a small and slow flow in a spiral from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. After pouring, wait until 2:30, then you stop. Put the funnel into another cup, even if the coffee has not yet melted, you still need to transfer it.

Step 9

Shake well and enjoy.Small Pour Over Coffee Making Method


  • Stage 1: +40g water, up to 30-40 seconds;
  • Stage 2: +80g water, to 1:30;
  • Stage 3: +120g of water, stop at 2:30;
  • Coffee : Water = 20g : 240g

In addition to the small stream Pour-Over method, there are many other methods. The Pour Over Small Stream method is a method developed by Helena and its partners based on real experience with Vietnamese palates. Please enjoy and give Helena your opinion.

Thank you for reading the post!

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