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Discover Exceptional Single Origin, Single Farm, Micro Lot and Nano Lot Coffees


Single Origin, Single Farm, Micro Lot and Nano Lot Coffees

Welcome to the fascinating world of Single Origin, Single Farm, Micro Lot, and Nano Lot coffees, where each bean tells a unique story of its origins and the craftsmanship behind its journey from farm to cup. In this article, we explore the intricacies of these distinct categories, delving into their characteristics, differences, and the unyielding passion for quality that binds them.

Discover how these exceptional coffees captivate the palates of discerning coffee enthusiasts, providing an unforgettable sensory experience while fostering a connection to the people and places that bring these remarkable beans to life. Join us as we celebrate the art of coffee cultivation, honoring the commitment to excellence and the rich tapestry of flavors that define the unparalleled world of Single Origin, Single Farm, Micro Lot, and Nano Lot coffees.

Single Origin coffee

Single Origin coffee offers coffee enthusiasts a captivating journey through the diverse flavors of beans sourced from a specific geographical location. Each unique region, country, or farm imparts its signature characteristics to the beans, influenced by climate, altitude, soil composition, and local cultivation practices.

These beans are thoughtfully curated and processed, ensuring that the coffee’s distinct taste profile and essence remain unadulterated. By indulging in Single Origin coffee, consumers can appreciate the subtle nuances and unmatched flavor complexities that are a testament to the influence of a particular terroir, ultimately fostering a deeper connection to the people and places behind each cup.

Single Origin coffee is a type of coffee originating from a single place. However, the closer we look at this, the more variations we spot:

Single country or region

A Single Origin coffee can come from a particular country or region within that country.

A Single Origin coffee that hails from a specific country or region within that country offers an extraordinary exploration of the diverse and distinctive flavor profiles shaped by the area’s environmental factors. Each country or smaller region boasts its unique combination of climate, altitude, rainfall patterns, and soil composition, all of which impart subtle nuances to the coffee beans grown there.

By focusing on a single country or region, Single Origin coffee allows connoisseurs to embark on a sensory adventure, discovering the exclusive flavors that contribute to the coffee’s distinctive and memorable taste. These carefully selected beans not only showcase the rich tapestry of flavors attributed to distinct geographical locations but also foster an appreciation for the local farmers, their cultural practices, and the unparalleled dedication to their craft.

You may also hear a coffee from a particular region called a macro lot: this batch still represents the flavor profile of the area, but it’s not as distinctive as a micro lot – a micro lot.

Single farm

This coffee comes from a single farm. It’s usually a high-quality coffee with a high price tag and a distinct flavor profile.

When Single Origin coffee is sourced from a single farm or estate, it highlights the exceptional care and expertise devoted to each coffee cultivation and production aspect. These whole beans are meticulously selected for their superior quality, embodying the passion and commitment of the local farmers. Grown under optimal conditions, often focusing on sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, single-farm or estate coffee offers a remarkable and distinct flavor profile.

Single Origin, Single Farm, Micro Lot and Nano Lot Coffees

These coffees are prized for their uniqueness and individuality, often commanding a premium price due to their limited availability and exceptional taste. By tracing the beans to a specific farm or estate, consumers can better appreciate the craftsmanship behind each brew, establishing a connection not only to the beans themselves but also to the artisans who brought them to life. Single farm or estate coffee is a testament to the extraordinary dedication and passion required to fully unlock the rich and captivating world nestled within each perfectly roasted bean.

Single cooperative

Single cooperative coffee represents a harmonious collaboration of local farmers who unite under a shared pursuit of producing high-quality beans. Particularly prevalent in African countries, where individual farmers often yield only a few bags of coffee per harvest, these local cooperatives ensure that their collective efforts result in a consistent and outstanding product. By pooling resources and consolidating coffee processing, these cooperatives play a crucial role in empowering small-scale farmers and fostering a strong community spirit.

Adhering to strict quality standards, some cooperatives implement meticulous regulations regarding their members’ cultivation and harvesting techniques. This dedication to consistency and excellence ensures that the final product embodies a uniform taste and quality reflective of the collective craftsmanship of all involved. Single cooperative coffee thus stands as a shining example of the power of collaboration and shared values, enabling coffee lovers to savor the rich sensory tapestry created by the skillful hands and united efforts of local farmers.

Micro lot Coffee

Micro lot coffee epitomizes the refined art of coffee cultivation, focusing on small batches meticulously harvested and processed from a specific parcel of land within a farm, or in the case of tiny farms, from a closely-knit group of nearby producers. This attention to detail, coupled with the commitment to nurturing resplendent flavors, ensures that each bean reaches its full potential in terms of quality and aroma.

Given the heightened costs associated with such small-scale production, micro lots are typically reserved for coffee beans of exceptional quality, often scoring between 87 and 89 on the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) scale. With each lot ranging in size from 40 to 60 kg per bag, these extraordinary beans showcase a pristine balance of flavors and aroma that reward coffee enthusiasts with an unparalleled tasting experience.

In essence, micro lot coffee represents a labor of love, capturing the passion and artisanal prowess of the farmers and producers. The result is a unique and memorable sensory journey that embodies the pinnacle of small-scale coffee craftsmanship.

Nano lot Coffee

A nano lot bears a resemblance to a micro lot but on an even smaller scale. These extremely limited batches typically consist of just one or two 60 kg bags of coffee, boasting an impressive score of 90 or higher on the SCA scale.

The diverse variations under the Single Origin may initially seem overwhelming for buyers and coffee businesses. However, these coffees’ outstanding quality, consistency, and sustainability remain undeniable. Determining the most appropriate selection among Single Origin offerings depends on individual preferences and strategies in the coffee supply and demand chain. The ultimate objective is to provide consumers with exceptional coffee that places a strong emphasis on quality, transparency, and a connection to the origins of their brew.

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