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For coffee lovers, Saigon is a rare paradise. Sai Gon coffee culture has become a concept so dear and close to the people here. A culture that does not need to be recognized by anyone but is cherished by everyone. So, after so many years have passed, is there any change in how culture is received?

Long Time Saigon Coffee Culture (Vietnam) (share)

Coffee has been a part of Saigonese culture for nearly a hundred years now. Since it was first introduced to Vietnam by the French in the second half of the nineteenth century. Over time and many changes, the city has changed its name, but the coffee is still the same. Still strong aroma and sweet and bitter taste intertwined. The taste has captivated people from all walks of life. It soon became the number one beverage in Vietnam.Unlike the usual morning coffee habit in the West, Saigon people drink coffee whenever they want. It is not difficult to see the image of people from all directions sitting on certain sidewalks, leisurely enjoying a cup of iced coffee with the daily newspaper.

More specifically, when coffee is not only a drink, it also gives people a natural and friendly way to start a conversation. The saying “Go for a coffee!” Be the opening word for any business conversation. A date is the romantic start of any relationship. Or, simply, telling yourself to find a place to relax and read a book without thinking. Coffee has become an irreplaceable belief in Saigon people’s life.

Specialty Coffee In Sai Gon Coffee Culture (Ho Chi Minh city)

Before Specialty coffee was available, iced milk coffee was the most attractive “specialty”. It encapsulates strong nostalgia for those who once came to this southern city. The song “Saigon iced milk coffee, still like that, who drinks it or not!” was too familiar. The thought that no other drink could replace its throne in the hearts of the people of Saigon.

Yet, the demand for Specialty coffee, also known as specialty coffee, is increasing in today’s modern context as Gen Z young people pave the way to redefining the concept of receptivity. With that, the original coffee shines with the very essence of its taste. That pure, unmixed flavor is preserved in each cup of coffee by truly passionate souls.

In the book Craft Coffee, author Jessica Easto said: “I believe that coffee is a craft, and coffee enthusiasts are craftsmen”.

In the words of the Workshop, they are artists. They were initially looking at coffee from an artistic perspective. And they want to experience the original taste of Specialty coffee. Curiosity, love, and the need to learn about all the stages of production have led these artists. Therefore, more and more people choose Specialty coffee to know about this industry. And there are also many more shops and baristas that focus on growing, extracting, and sourcing original quality ingredients. From there, in the distant future, hopefully, quality Specialty coffee beans will come closer to consumers, raising the level of Vietnamese coffee culture.

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Specialty-Coffee-In-Sai Gon-Coffee-Culture
Saigon coffee culture – Beauty connects like-minded souls

Saigon coffee culture is an unpretentious but extremely persistent culture. It crept through every corner of the street, blending into people’s consciousness so naturally and liberally. It becomes the cradle to receive all the most sincere vibes of coffee lovers. Whether it’s a famous iced milk coffee or an original specialty cup, the Workshop believes that the value of flavor imprinted in each person’s heart will be in the moment we feel understood!

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