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How To Make Delicious Robusta Ground Coffee

Robusta Ground Coffee

Robusta Ground Coffee

Robusta is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to coffee connoisseurs in Vietnam. Robusta has a special flavor including rich bitterness, mild sourness, natural sweetness along with a passionate aroma when mixed. However, not everyone knows how to make delicious and rich Robusta ground coffee. Please join Helena Coffee in following the article below to guide you on how to make delicious Robusta ground coffee!.

How does Robusta ground coffee?

There are many different ways to roast Robusta Coffee, requiring experience as well as time and equipment. However, roasting is limited to small quantities and making it at home, you only need a pan, mini roaster or microwave. The steps are as follows:

Robusta coffee will only be truly delicious when consumed hot. This type of coffee will have a characteristic aroma as well as a bitter taste immediately after use. Although it is not highly appreciated for its deliciousness and uniqueness like Arabica. However, this type of coffee is considered one of the prides in Vietnam, currently present in most countries around the world.

How to make delicious Robusta ground coffee?

First, you need to prepare the ingredients and all the right supplies to start making Robusta coffee that is delicious and rich in taste.

Ingredients need to be prepared for preparation:

As soon as you have all the necessary ingredients, you can start making Robusta coffee that is guaranteed to be delicious and fragrant with 6 basic steps.

Step 1: If the amount of Robusta coffee you need to brew is large, you should choose a coffee filter of a relatively suitable size. Then, to make the cup of coffee taste richer and more fragrant, you should rinse the filter thoroughly with boiling water. This step also helps the coffee receive a fuller amount of heat when brewing.

Step 2: Put Robusta coffee in the filter and start adding an amount of coffee equal to 1/3 of the filter’s volume into the filter, then shake gently to flatten it on the filter surface. This is also one of the things that requires a lot of experience and familiarity when making delicious Robusta coffee.

Make delicious Robusta ground coffee

Step 3: Pour water into the filter so that the water completely covers the coffee powder in the filter. Next, press a moderate amount of pressure on the press lid to flatten the coffee. You should not press too lightly as this will cause the coffee to foam and push the lid up, nor should you press too hard so that the coffee cannot flow out.

Step 4: Pour boiling water into the lid of the filter, then place the bottom of the filter on top until the water under the lid is absorbed by the coffee. When mixing coffee with water in the ideal temperature range of 95-100 degrees Celsius, you will have the most delicious cup of coffee.

Step 5: When the coffee has absorbed water, add an amount of water to the filter equal to 2/3 of the filter’s volume. Then, close the top lid and wait for the coffee to drip into the cup. Every second there will be a drop of coffee falling, not too long nor too fast. If the coffee flows in a stream, it’s because you didn’t press the coffee tightly enough and the coffee wasn’t brewed up to standard.

Step 6: If you want to add sugar to make your coffee easy to drink, you can choose rock sugar or crushed sugar. You should limit the use of white sugar because the taste of this sugar can make it difficult for you to enjoy the aroma of coffee.


To make Robusta coffee more delicious and perfect, another thing to note is that you should melt the sugar before adding ice. You should also choose old, large ice cubes that take a long time to dissolve into water when making coffee. When you want to drink milk coffee, you should choose about 30-40% milk and beat it with coffee until frothy.

In addition, to reduce the sour taste in Robusta coffee, when brewing, you should add 1-2 grains of fine salt to the brewed coffee cup to increase its deliciousness and richness. Above is the delicious way to make Robusta coffee, easy to make at home that you can apply right away. Hopefully with this recipe, you will be able to brew delicious cups of Robusta coffee and enjoy it.

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