Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide

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Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide: Premium Robusta pure coffee (also called Voi coffee) is a variety of coffee cultivated mostly between 600 and 1000 meters above sea level.

Robusta coffee beans are oval, somewhat round in shape, and have a high caffeine concentration (ranging from 1-3%). Pure Robusta coffee has a rich, fragrant taste, making it ideal for those who want a robust cup of coffee.

Where is Robusta coffee grown?

Historically, huge corporations with mass commercial coffee products have used the majority of the robusta coffee produced globally in mixes of instant coffee and espresso. Robusta has been rendered invisible and under secrecy for much of its existence, shorn of its origin or label on the packaging.

Furthermore, major organizations that require vast quantities of coffee to fulfill customer demand have artificially kept robusta coffee at a low price. Farmers and producers are eventually harmed since they are unable to sell their products for a higher price due to a lack of vendor alternatives and the inability to increase the quality of their products.

Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide
Robusta Coffee Supply Company

Robusta coffee is becoming more popular in the United States, with many coffee shops and independent roasters proudly procuring and advertising these beans. However, where does robusta coffee originate?

Where does robusta coffee come from? Robusta requires more recognition and representation in the coffee market as the second most popular kind of coffee eaten worldwide.

After Brazil, Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee producer. However, in terms of robusta coffee output, Vietnam is the world’s largest producer.

The robusta type accounts for almost 90% of the coffee farmed and produced in Vietnam. Today, 90 percent of it is still farmed and manufactured for commercial coffee blends in nations like Germany, Italy, and the United States.

Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide

With the rise in interestspecialtylity coffee and the Fourth Wave of coffee, which focuses on the producers as well as the origin of the beans, many growers in Vietnam are cultivating specialty robusta beans to suit customer demand while also improving their products and lifestyles.

Indonesia, India, Brazil, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are among the nations that generate substantial amounts of robusta. Robusta is cultivated all over the world and, as a result, has a wide range of tastes depending on where it was grown, particularly in the form of single-origin specialty coffee beans.

Due to its capacity to survive in a variety of situations and climates, the globe will transition toward more robusta consumption as climate change exacerbates the planet’s agricultural environment.

Robusta is inherently more pest resistant and a hardier plant than arabica, making it an excellent choice for investment in a future where arable land is limited and growing circumstances are difficult.

Because Vietnam produces the bulk of the world’s robusta coffee, the Vietnamese coffee culture is inextricably linked to this bean. As the world awakens to robusta, Vietnamese coffee, which has been drunk for millennia, will inevitably awaken as well.

Until and unless other coffee-producing countries switch to robusta, Vietnam will continue to cultivate robusta coffee in large quantities while generating complicated, single-origin specialty types like True grit.

Top largest Robusta Coffee Supplies Company

Vuno Coffee

Vuno Coffee, a brand of the Brazil Barn Group, strives to sell coffee to customers all over the world, emphasizing quality, flavor, fragrance, and tradition.

Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide

We are glad and proud to hail from Minas Gerais, Brazil’s cradle of coffee production and one of the country’s leading producers since 1800. Furthermore, our coffee is grown in the state’s hills and mountains, giving it a distinct flavor that has been exported to several nations.

Helena., JSC – Helena CoffeeVietnam

Helena Coffee Processing and Export in Vietnam. Helena JSC is a top Robusta and Arabica coffee supplier, processor, and exporter in Vietnam. Furthermore, we are considered as one of the pioneers of success in the export of pepper and coffee to countries all across the country, including South-East Asia, China, and the rest of the globe.

Helena Coffee has a harmonious, cooperative working environment, complete educational training, and a reasonable welfare system. We also have a young but experienced management team that has led us to the breakthrough based on the management philosophy of precision, speed, stability, and economy.

Helena Coffee uses an environmentally friendly production process, protects the landscape, uses it rationally, saves input materials, does not adversely affect the environment and human health, respects and practices it. . . . . The laws of nature for the development of coffee agriculture are diverse and favorable.

Goppion Caffè

Flores is one of the smaller islands in Indonesia’s Sunda archipelago. After Vietnam and Brazil, this country is the world’s third-largest producer of Robusta coffee. This is Indonesia’s most extensively farmed coffee, accounting for 80 percent of the country’s total production.

Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide

Southern Sumatra, Central and South Java, South-East Sulawesi, and West Flores, mountain areas between 900 and 1,200 mt., located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, are the Robusta coffee growing areas in Indonesia.

Indonesian coffees have distinct characteristics and creamy overtones that give the cup a pleasant vitality. Other Robusta coffees can’t match their consistent, powerful body. It works well as a balance component among the other coffees when used in tiny amounts in the espresso blend.


We are an award-winning seller, distributor, and exporter of Robusta and Arabica green coffee beans from India. India is well-known for its Robusta coffee bean production, and the high caffeine level, as well as the distinctive mouth-feel and aftertaste, has led to global demand for Indian Robusta coffee beans.

Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide

India produces 250,000 tons of this strong coffee bean each year, which is subsequently processed in high-end curing facilities before being sold throughout the world. For the past 15 years, we have been honored to offer the following grades of high-quality Robusta coffee beans to 20 countries


SLN Coffee Pvt. Ltd” was founded in 1977 and is a manufacturer and exporter of green coffee beans, flavored coffee, Arabica Roasted Coffee Beans, Roasted Coffee, Instant Coffee, Roasted Coffee Beans, Tea Premix, Flavoured Instant Coffee, Coffee Capsules, Instant Tea, Filter Coffee, Premix Coffee, and other products.

We focus all of our efforts on meeting customers’ expectations by delivering high-quality items that meet their needs. Furthermore, to maintain good customer relationships, we adhere to moral business practices and complete openness in all of our dealings.

Robusta Coffee Supply Company In The Worldwide

To improve curing facilities, we focused on investing in cutting-edge technology and machinery. We now have a capacity of 50,000 MTs per year and supply clients in more than 20 countries. We also earned IPC Awards from the International Pepper Community in Indonesia for the finest pepper producers in 2015.

SLN Group has grown from a small seed planted half a century ago to a deep-rooted tree with branches in several areas such as SLN Coffee, SLN properties and developers, SLN plantations, SLN wood, and so on.


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