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Introducing Px Coffee – The New Coffee Shop In Town

Px coffee

What is Px Coffee : Drinking excessive caffeine can cause unwanted side effects like anxiety and rapid heart rate. To avoid health issues, many opt for decaf or naturally low-caffeine coffees like Laurina. Now, a new decaf alternative called Paraxanthine (Px) coffee is emerging.

What exactly is Px coffee, and could it disrupt the industry? I interviewed Jeffrey Dietrich, CEO of Rarebird Coffee, and Chahan Yeretzian, Professor and Head of the Coffee Excellence Center at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, to find out.

This article explores the potential impacts of this new decaf innovation, building on our previous exploration of how too much caffeine causes “jitters.” With consumer interest in lower-caffeine specialty coffee growing, Px presents a promising processing method. However, questions remain about its flavor effects and industry adoption. Continue reading for a full examination of Paraxanthine coffee.


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Simply put, Paraxanthine (Px) is the primary byproduct when the body metabolizes caffeine.

Coffee plants produce caffeine from xanthosine. When humans ingest caffeine, the enzyme cytochrome P450 breaks down about 80% into Px, with the remaining 20% becoming theobromine and theophylline.

Since coffee plants don’t naturally synthesize Px, scientists produce it in labs by enzymatically breaking down isolated caffeine, mimicking the human liver.

Caffeine and Px work similarly in the body – both inhibit adenosine receptors, stimulating the release of adrenaline, dopamine, and triggering the “fight or flight” response. Studies show Px generates comparable cardiovascular, hormonal, and metabolic effects to caffeine.

While Px is already used in some energy drinks and supplements, Px coffee is unique. Rarebird Coffee is currently the sole producer of Px coffee, winning Best New Product at the 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo.

As Jeffrey Dietrich explains, Px coffee mimics regular coffee – it brews, smells, and tastes identically. Rarebird starts by roasting high-quality decaf beans, then infusing the Px compound into the beans.

Does Px impact coffee flavour and mouthfeel? 

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Chahan explains that Px has minimal sensory impact on coffee’s flavor profile. “Given the quantities used, the effect on taste is negligible,” he says, noting that isolated caffeine itself only has a subtle taste, and Px even less so.

Jeffrey Dietrich concurs: “I can confidently say Px is very comparable to caffeine taste-wise. You won’t see any difference in mouthfeel or organoleptic properties.”


To source quality decaf beans, Rarebird has worked with Major Cohen, a former Starbucks Senior Project Manager, and Paul Songer, a Cup of Excellence head judge. Though currently only offering medium roast Colombian, Rarebird plans to sell more origins and roasts soon.

In summary, experts agree Paraxanthine has an extremely subtle taste and negligible impact on coffee’s sensory qualities. By collaborating with industry leaders on sourcing high-end decaf green beans and roasting them traditionally, Px coffee matches the flavor profile and mouthfeel of regular caffeinated coffee.


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While new, over a decade of studies demonstrate Paraxanthine’s health benefits versus caffeine:

Research also shows genetics influence caffeine metabolism – slower metabolizers feel more negative effects at higher intakes.

However, Jeffrey Dietrich cautions, “I wouldn’t go beyond saying Px’s difference from caffeine is a hypothesis based on anecdotal feedback. Further clinical studies are needed before claiming these benefits.”

He notes Px likely won’t impact caffeine-tolerant people as much. “But for most who feel jittery and over-caffeinated, you may notice a difference with Px coffee.”

In summary, while more research is required, existing studies indicate Paraxanthine may offer cognitive and physical benefits over caffeine for some. But effects likely depend on individual caffeine tolerance and metabolism.


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While studies indicate Paraxanthine has few side effects, it’s important to note Px coffee isn’t natural. As Jeffrey explains, “Px isn’t new or scary – your body already experiences it when metabolizing caffeine.”

He adds more Px coffee research is needed but sees potential benefits. However, Chahan points out fast caffeine metabolizers may need more Px for the same effect.

“For equal mental/physical boost, you’d likely need a higher Px dose versus caffeine,” he says.

Similarly, Px coffee doesn’t provide the adrenaline rush of caffeine for fast metabolizers – both good and bad. As Jeffrey states:

“The big difference is caffeine triggers the fight or flight response, Px doesn’t.”

In summary, Px coffee is an unnatural product requiring more research. While shown as safe, its effects likely depend on individual caffeine metabolism. For fast metabolizers, Px may require higher intake and lack caffeine’s adrenaline jolt, for better or worse. More studies on Px specifically are needed to fully understand its pros, cons, and appropriate use.


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With functional coffee’s rising popularity, Px coffee has potential for growth – though decaf will likely remain the top caffeine-free choice.

Rarebird’s Px coffee subscription launched in August 2023 has received positive consumer feedback on improved sleep and ability to drink coffee later. As Jeffrey notes, “Around 92% say they feel better drinking Px versus caffeinated coffee.”

Chahan also sees the functional coffee market expanding as quality and health become consumer focuses.

In summary, while decaf reigns for now, Paraxanthine coffee has promising market potential as part of the growing functional coffee segment. With consumers already reporting benefits over regular caffeinated coffee, Px presents a novel offering within the caffeine-free space. If research continues confirming advantages and safety, Px coffee could carve out a niche as an innovative functional choice.


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