Percolation Coffee – Drip coffee

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Percolation Coffee – Drip coffee

Percolation Coffee – Drip coffee, filter coffee, or simply “Drip Coffee” refers to any coffee brewing process that relies on gravity to dissolve the coffee via some form of filter.

Percolation Coffee


Water seeps through the ground coffee, absorbs its chemical ingredients, and then travels through a filter, drop by drop, thanks to gravity. In the filter, used coffee grounds are kept. This increasingly popular and relatively new extraction technology is distinguished by its unmistakable look and smooth, clean mouthfeel.

Percolation Coffee – Drip coffee

Drip coffee has evolved into several brands, including hand and machine brewing designs, since Mellita Bentz’s original patent was registered in 1908. Initially, most plans were in the shape of a conical funnel, but as demand for dispensing capacity grew, filter diameters grew more extensive, and flat bottoms became more common.

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