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Moc Coffee – The Trend Of Smart Consumers: Clean Coffee is a high-end food trend of smart consumers

According to the development of the times and the affluence of each family, the demand for daily living has gone from “eating well and wearing warm clothes” to “eating well and wearing nice clothes”, and now to “eating clean and wearing luxurious clothes”. “. Because in recent years, the alarming situation of food safety has made consumers “more cautious” when choosing to buy food for their families and coffee is no exception.

Current status of coffee (moc, best)  

With coffee, it is considered an indispensable daily drink for many people. From starting a new day, starting a friend story, relieving stress or regaining sanity, a cup of coffee always appears anywhere, at any time and is almost associated with Vietnamese culture.

A lot of people usually start their day with a cup of coffee

A lot of people usually start their day with a cup of coffee (reviews, istanbul)

But now, many of us are facing great health risks when using this drink, when the functional forces are constantly discovering establishments that process “coffee“. dirty”. These establishments process coffee with 70% of the ingredients being soybeans, corn, and coffee pods, which are roasted until burnt, black, and flavored with toxic chemicals. Even now, at Kim Bien market, they also sell coffee processing products without using coffee as raw materials. Those are “miracle” chemicals capable of turning cold water into coffee with winged introductions, such as “1 liter makes a few dozen liters of water coffee”, “smells just like real coffee”…

According to experts, the toxic chemicals that dirty coffee production facilities use contain a lot of impurities and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic… Moreover, the burning of soybeans and corn To resemble real coffee will produce very toxic substances and if used for a long time, the body is at risk of serious diseases such as liver failure, marrow failure, kidney failure, and many other incurable diseases, in there is cancer.

With such a rampant dirty coffee situation, try to ask if we are drinking coffee or some toxic chemical that we are completely unaware of?

Trends of consumers looking for clean coffee

Faced with dirty and poor quality coffee, many consumers are forced to give up their daily coffee drinking habits to protect their health, while others choose to look for “clean coffee” products from reputable brands.

Consumers today are much smarter and more knowledgeable, they are always looking for new information to be able to distinguish between clean coffee and dirty coffee, quality coffee or secondary coffee.This is a challenge but also a good opportunity for businesses aiming for a really quality coffee product. Because for them, the coffee business is not simply a profit, but has more meaning than that. It is the prestige, the heart and the love for the taste of coffee, the desire to regain the trust of customers about this drink.

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