Memories Of Taste Or Memory Of Life

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Memories Of Taste Or Memory Of Life

Memories Of Taste Or Memory Of Life – I still remember reading somewhere Elizabeth Taylor said:

“The beauty of a perfume lies in the beating of one’s heart and the voice of the hopes of others.”

Indeed, throughout the history of the development of beauty, the scent is a miracle, it does not have a specific form but is the most symbolic thing more than poetic words or colored blocks. color, the reason is that the scent is closely associated with each person’s memory.

The taste of Coffee according to the memory of time

Our sense of smell is like a key that opens the door to memory as quickly as possible, the elements acting through the other senses all pass through an area of ​​the brain called the hypothalamus, which functions section as a “switchboard”, switching off, dividing information about the things we see, hear, and feel to other areas of the brain.

The scent bypasses this “switchboard” and goes straight to the olfactory bulb and then to the amygdala and hippocampus in just one or two nerve beats (Synapse).

Therefore, emotions, memories, and scents are extremely closely related. This is why scents can awaken memories and induce emotions and associations more than any other sensory experience.

Amid life that is constantly changing and making us gradually leave behind nostalgic things, nothing helps us to recall most intuitively but vividly the past than a scent – the smell of a sunny day. the sea, the smell of a lover’s shirt, the smell of the weeds of a childhood garden corner, or the smell of a familiar coffee shop that has not returned for many years…

A few years ago, I set foot in Hangzhou on a small trip for a few days, that city left me with a lot of good memories, but after 5 years of thousands of chaos in life, Ininhe face of the epidemic, those beautiful memories seemed to be buried deep in my brain and could not comfort my tired soul when I needed it.

Until one day, my wife bought somewhere a few branches of eucalyptus plugged into a small vase and placed it on the water table, that faint scent suddenly pulled me straight to the small garden located in the lovely Homestay in Hangzhou. , where every morning of the trip that year I woke up early to order a cup of Pour-Over coffee at the small bar next to it and enjoy the same favorite book.

That memory came back so vividly that it made me smile unconsciously. The fragrance was originally thought to be just a faint background for such a beautiful scene, but when recalling it, people are surprised because it has been engraved in their minds ever since.

The Miracle of Every Fragrance

Many years later, I had the opportunity to be given a package of Colombian coffee from El Paraiso farm by a friend, the magic of the scent touched me again, the taste of that strange coffee once again. again evoked a sense of remoteness about Hangzhou.

The gentle scent of eucalyptus, the faint scent of mint, and the strong smell of orange peel once again pulled me back to that strange garden like a dream.

From the day I stepped into this coffee world, I felt like I was comfortable playing in the garden of memories, in the middle of the cold winter if I want to remember the warm feeling I can make a cup of dry, semi-processed Ethiopian coffee. Warm ginger, tea flavor, and peach or rose taste like to pull us to a warm little corner in a cafe familiar with soft Jazz music.

In the hot summer, an iced Kenya Pour brings me straight to cool memories with Blackberry, the bright sourness of citrus soothing the sun over Howey we are drinking coffee, but thanks to the miracle of scent, the small similarity in taste memormakeakes us feel thousands of different flavors from fruits everywhere. In the world.

Each type of coffee with its difference in soil and the caring and preliminary processing hands of farmers around the world gradually brings in a code of flavor, when it comes to each of us with a unique taste. own memory treasure “deciphers” that cipher in different, unexpected, and interesting ways.

The same coffee, to me, is the memory of a small garden, to my friend the memory of delicious food, so it paints countless wonderful pictures.

In these weary days of the whole world, nothing can soothe us better than a wonderful memory, and to reach it nothing faster than a familiar scent, makes you feel better. Laughing, meditating, or even shedding tears, revives both the longing and the determination that were once present in you at a vivid and real moment.

That miracle comes to us in many ways, be it from a familiar perfume, the smell of a familiar dish, or as me, the scent of a cup of self-brewed coffee. Amid these days of social distance, we find a way to get closer to ourselves simply by sitting down and choosing a coffee, and then just like that, letting our memories work, simply. and wondrous.


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