Make Coffee With A Syphon

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Make Coffee With A Syphon

Make Coffee With A Syphon: The way to make coffee with a Syphon pot uses a unique reverse osmosis principle, changing many people’s minds about traditional coffee-making tools. Using the right tools will help you make attractive cups of coffee, the taste is completely different from the way of making filter coffee and machine coffee.

Syphon is the name of a coffee maker that is being studied by many Baristas and coffee lovers. When using a Syphon pot, coffee retains its warmth and has a natural flavor, not too bitter. It is thanks to the principle of reverse osmosis from the lower flask to the upper one that the process of making coffee with a Syphon pot is also considered an art, attracting the attention of customers.

Make Coffee With A Syphon

You can imagine how the Syphon coffee maker works as follows: Water is put into the tank and heated until it boils, the pressure will push the water into the lower container to go back up to the upper coffee tank.

After boiling for enough time, ensuring the taste uncoloured of coffee, you just need to turn off the heat, the coffee above will pass through the filter and flow down to the flask below. For detailed steps, you can refer to the article video tutorial for basic preparation at the end of this article.

Preparation Ingredients
Medium ground coffee or coffee beans
Clean water
Syphon set (mini cooker, lower tank, upper container and filter paper, stirring spoon)

Make Coffee With A Siphon:Steps To Take

Step 1: Ground coffee at Medium Fine.
Step 2: Put the filter paper into the upper container. You need to make sure the filter is covered so that when the coffee from the upper container flows back to the lower container, there is no residue.
Step 3: Secure the filter with a small hook hooked to the connecting pipe. Because the jar is made of glass, you need to be very gentle with this step.
Step 4: Pour 300ml of water into the lower container, then open the mini stove below to boil.

Make Coffee With A Syphon

Step 5: Seal the upper container into the bracket.
Step 6: After the water from the lower container penetrates the upper container, reduce the heat, add the coffee and stir for 10 seconds.

Make Coffee With A Syphon

Step 7: Soak the coffee in hot water for about 30-60 seconds, then turn off the stove. The coffee in the upper container will flow through the filter paper to the lower container.

Make Coffee With A Syphon

Step 8: After the coffee runs down, remove the upper container. Take out the coffee container, shake it gently, and then pour it into a cup to enjoy.

Unlike many coffee-making methods familiar to Vietnamese people such as filter coffee and racket coffee, when using a Syphon pot, brewers need to pay attention to many factors. Coffee needs to be ground at the right Medium Fine level to taste delicious coffee properly. In the process of using a mini stove, you need to pay attention to adjusting the fire appropriately and do not touch the wall of the glass jar to ensure safety.

Grinding coffee at the right level and performing the right steps will help you get a delicious cup of coffee according to international standards. The taste color of coffee brewed with a Syphon pot is not as dense as that of filter coffee, so it is suitable for chatting and sipping with friends.

Make Coffee With A Syphon
As the world’s trend of enjoying coffee grows, the tools Barista often uses are not only encapsulated with roasters, grinders, coffee makers or shakers but there are also many more updated uses. novelty tool.

Today’s customers no longer see coffee as a refreshing drink, helping the body stay awake, but enjoying coffee has become an art with unique concoctions. Therefore, understanding how to use Syphon bottles will help Barista easily attract customers as well as improve their skills.

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