Make Coffee At Home With A Moka Pot – Part 1: Black, Brown, Bac Xiu, Egg Coffee

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Make Coffee At Home With A Moka Pot – Part 1: Black, Brown, Bac Xiu, Egg Coffee:  Making black, brown, and silver coffee at home is not difficult. You only need one filter is enough. However, after a period of WFH at home, I found a cool, refreshing, and still full of Phin’sCheap-Durable-Convenient features. They are  Moka Pot. CCoffeeKettle  
  • The Moka Pot looks simple, but it is still fine-tuned and has a comfortable flavor variation.
  • Fast with convenience. Add coffee, add water and then put it on the stove.
  • Durable, and worry-free, but the price is affordable during the epidemic season. It’s only 4.5 cups of milk tea that you can make for a lifetime.
  • The coffee is rich and easy to mix with many different dishes.

And below will be the experience of making 4 traditional coffee dishes with this Moka Pot mine with the criteria: Cheap – Fast – Easy – Delicious. And when you’re done, you’ll have more loved ones, who remember ^.^

If you have never brewed or do not know anything about the Moka Pot coffee maker  You can stop here for a moment and read this article right away:

Black does not mean (brew,  make)

WORKING TIME : 3 Minutes – 4 Minutes

EASY: Pretty Easy. You just need to learn how to make a basic Moka Pot

  • If you like the taste of less sour and the full sweetness of Caramel, dried fruit d a slight bitterness of chocolate, then choose the following types: Fine Robusta Coff.
  • And if you like a little lighter coffee with the sweet taste of berries, and the bright sour taste of fruit, you can try Arabica coffee.

Specific mixing (like, cart, espresso, make)

STEP 1: Make coffee with aaMokaa pot Mixing for 1 person, I usually take 16g of powdered coffee and take out about 50-60ml of black coffee. The total heating time on the stove is only about 1m50s – 2m30s.

STEP 2: Get the beautiful cup. Drink black ice, so to look beautiful, you can use some kind of glass or Whiskey cup. Drink a bag of coffee.

STEP 3:  Add ice to the cup and drink immediately.

Some Notes To Make Black Coffee Less Bitter

When pouring water into the water tank, you should use warm, hot water. The cooking time will be shorter, the coffee will be less bitter. However, because you use hot water from the beginning, you need to have a towel next to you to avoid burning your hands.

If the brewed coffee has a bitter taste: You can grind the coffee larger (If you have a coffee grinder) or remove the coffee from the stove sooner. The trick is to count the time from when the coffee begins to pour out to when the kettle is lifted. Normally, I would count from 1 to 15 to remove the kettle from the stove.

NOTE: The black coffee recipe above will be used to make the coffee base for the 3 coffee dishes below.


Sweet brown (brewing, brew)

WORKING TIME: 4 Minutes – 5 Minutes

EASY: As easy as eating pho. Mixing black ice is almost done, add more effort to going to the supermarket to buy condensed milk. (This one, the difficulty depends on your region)

My biggest note when making it is: Use just the right amount of condensed milk, so that the coffee cup does not fade into the air, but becomes fat and sweet with the coffee flavor.

In addition, everyone should give preference to coffees that are roasted medium to dark and above. Usually, Robusta coffees will be chosen to make brown coffee, because the coffee has a more familiar and flavorful caramel and chocolate aroma. If you want your brown coffee to have a bit more sour and fruity flavors, you can combine it with Arabica coffee beans.

Specific mixing (Moka pot, like)

Preparation:  In addition to coffee, you will need this dish

  • Condensed milk: There are many types of condensed milk, but I usually use the yellow box (Because this jar has an open lid and is just enough sweetness, not too sweet, red). If not, it’s fine to choose Southern Star.

STEP 1: First, choose a drinking cup and measure about 15g of condensed milk.

STEP 2: Make coffee with Moka Pot and pour about 60ml of coffee while still hot.

If you ask how to measure accurately, use a scale to measure. If not, please use spiritual energy like me or rely on the color of the brewed coffee to align.

STEP 3: Use a spoon to stir the coffee. If your coffee is mixed with a lot of milk, the color of the coffee will be quite pale, slightly white. And if it has a dark brown color as shown in the picture, it is relatively suitable for you. However, you should try drinking it, what if more milk is more suitable for you

STEP 4: Add Ice and drink it.

Note: Make sure the condensed milk is completely melted before adding ice. Do not add ice and stir more, the ice will melt to form the upper part of the water, which will lose its beauty and taste.


Food silver


WORKING TIME: 5 Minutes – 7 minutes

EASY: Easy to fit, a little more difficult than ice brown, because you have to get an extra box of fresh milk. But it’s easy in general.

This dish has a lot of variations, each place has a different style, so I would like to suggest a simple version of Bac Xiu for you to make at home.

Specific mixing

For this dish, in addition to coffee, you will need:

  • Condensed milk: For me, yellow milk is still the optimal choice. If not, it’s fine to choose Southern Star.
  • Fresh milk without sugar: Usually I use TH True Milk, Moc Chau, or Da Lat. However, if I want a richer coffee, I usually look for some full cream milk (Full Cream) like Australia’s Own Milk, Promises, or MeadowPresss. These 3 types of milk are quite popular in Vinmart and other supermarkets.

STEP 1: First, choose a drinking cup and measure about 15g of condensed milk into the cup. You should choose a slightly larger cup because 1 cup of silver Xiu is quite large.

STEP 2:  Take milk and pour 80-100ml of fresh milk into your cup. If you don’t have a scale, it’s okay if you lack a little.

STEP 3: Use a spoon to stir the condensed milk and fresh milk to mix the ingredients. Then add ice to the cup and stir for another 5-10 rounds so that the top is a little cold, and then pour the coffee into it more beautifully.

STEP 4: Pour the coffee into the cup and enjoy your results.

Note: Before drinking, you should stir the milk below to mix the coffee and milk

Special coffee


Egg coffee

WORKING TIME: 15 Minutes – 20 minutes

EASY: A little easy. Because it takes more time and the hand may be a little sore.

You don’t even need an egg beater.

However, you will need about 15-20 minutes to complete this dish. It is very suitable for a weekend you have a lot of time and you want to make something to treat yourself. And here’s how I conquered this cool drink with the most basic tools.

Specific mixing

To make this dish, in addition to coffee you will need:

  • 2 egg yolks: Choose fresh eggs, darker brown color will be more delicious. The shaker makes no sound.

See more ways to separate yolks and whites without tools

  • 1/4 lemon.
  • 20g white sugar.
  • 1 egg beater bought at the supermarket 10k for 15k.
  • 1 deep bowl. The deeper the heart, the easier it is to beat the eggs.

(In addition, adding a little rum or honey will make the eggs more fragrant and no longer fishy. These can be easily purchased at open bakeries such as Abby, Beemart)

STEP 1: Prepare the items.
  • Cut the lemon into 4. We only use ¼ of the lemon.
  • Separate the whites and yolks.
  • Take the sugar out into a bowl.
  • Heat a small pot of boiling water to keep warm for a while for the beaten eggs.

STEP 2:  Go and boil coffee with a Moka Pot 

  • Now we’ll have time to beat the eggs.

STEP 3: Create the egg.

  • Put the yolks in a deep bowl. Squeeze 1/4 of a lemon into a spoon but only pour in half a spoonful. (If you like the sour taste of lemon, just pour it out).
  • Use a whisk to beat the eggs for 20 seconds, when the foam rises, start adding the sugar.
  • Use a spatula to move up and down, up and down as if you want to beat the egg out. Beat like this for about 3 minutes, when you see the aroma of the egg rising and the color of the egg turns yellow, the cotton is smooth.

2 tips for whipping eggs:

  • The whisk should not get wet. The bowl must also be dry.
  • Beat the eggs in one direction, from top to bottom as shown.

I learned how to beat eggs from this video on how to beat eggs on Youtube. Do it once and you’ll be fine. You can refer to: How to beat eggs by hand here

STEP 4: Pour the beaten egg into a cup placed in a bowl of boiling water.

  • 2 eggs are quite a lot of eggs, so we can use them to make 2 cups.

STEP 5: Pour part of the egg into the cup and pour the coffee over it.

You should stir the coffee so that the coffee mixes well with the eggs.

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And those are the first 4 coffee dishes that you can make at home simply – economically – quickly home with a Moka Pot. In part 2, I will show you some more tips on how to make 3 more delicious coffees with a Moka Pot.

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