How to start a coffee roasting business

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How to start a business

Suppose you are a coffee drinker, knowledgeable and knowledgeable about coffee. In that case, you want to be able to start a business with your passion for bringing value to people so that people can adequately understand more about coffee. Enjoy your coffee the right way. Or, you are just a business person and want to sell your head with a coffee roasting model.

Then this article is for you. The report summarizes knowledge to have basic knowledge if you’re start a coffee roasting business. The article is based on the author’s understanding of the Vietnamese market.To have a good investment plan, you should first prepare yourself with a burning desire and a spirit of constant learning in a volatile and constantly changing market like today. And a strong will is necessary before you do anything other than business.

start a coffee roasting business
start a coffee roasting business

Plan your Coffee Roasting BusinessHow to start a coffee roasting business

It would help if you had a clear and specific plan to have a multi-dimensional and general view of what you want and what must be done to achieve it. The clearer and more detailed your project, the higher your chances of success. This is important, but your advice is not to ask for it to be too perfect. Here are some articles you can refer to plan your business strategy.

“Done is better than perfect”

  1. Clearly define your goals, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Then choose a suitable business model.

Some popular coffee roasting business models today:

1. Small coffee carts

coffee cartThe coffee roaster truck model is one of the models that offer high flexibility and is chosen quite a lot when trading ordinary coffee. For the coffee roaster model, you can roast and grind your coffee at home, then keep the coffee fresh so you can sell it throughout the day with this model.

Although very convenient, this model has received little trust from customers. Because they think that sidewalk cafe trucks do not have pure coffee and hygiene quality is not guaranteed. So when choosing a coffee roaster cart model, you should consider it carefully before applying your business model.

2. Simple coffee roasting shop

coffee shop

Because the coffee roaster only focuses on the quality of the coffee rather than the form, you do not need to pay too much attention to the shop’s appearance. You need to be simple but show sophistication to be able to highlight your cafe. Not only that, but it also saves the maximum cost when opening a coffee roaster.

This is also one of the roasting coffee models that have received much attention from the current coffee shop owner. So you can refer to choose before starting your own coffee shop business.

3. Coffee Factory 

coffee roasting commercial machine

Compared with the two models above, the coffee Factory model is chosen a lot when doing business in roasting coffee. This model is a coffee roaster equipped with a modern machinery system like a genuine factory. It can be said that the Coffee Factory model has many advantages in attracting different customers, such as: helping customers both learn about the standard roasting process and enjoy delicious hot cups of coffee.

Moreover, the fact that your cafe uses tools and materials and conducts the preparation process in the presence of customers will partly create the credibility of the product’s quality. The Coffee Factory model is suitable for the development trend of today’s society when customers’ needs stop at enjoying coffee and have a desire to understand better the products they use.

After choosing the suitable model, here are some issues you need to take care of.

  • The costs when you need according to the selected coffee business model?

Cost rent, Shop design, Equipment repair, Materials, Employee hiring costs, Maintenance fees, Costs incurred

  • How much profit? Payback time?
  • What type of coffee is suitable for roasting?
  • What is the biggest risk when trading coffee roasters?
  • The legal and procedural issues involved implementing your model in the region where you want to do business.

Understand the product here, namely roasted and ground coffee. Here we have articles about coffee you can learn here. From the production process, varieties, flavors, processing methods …

Just do it.

In the process of doing it wrong, we correct it where it is not suitable, we change it
There is a very good saying that goes like this:

“It is foolish to do the same thing over and over and expect two results.”

Good luck!






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