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How To Operate A Coffee Roasting Machine?

How To Operate A Coffee Roasting Machine? In addition to the quality of the coffee roaster, the method used by the direct roaster also greatly determines the quality of the coffee beans after roasting. How to use a roaster to roast coffee properly?

Not only is it simple to start the machine and add green coffee, but the roasting process requires meticulousness, experience, and sophistication of the roaster. The way to use the coffee roaster of each roaster will be different, which will undoubtedly produce batches of coffee of varying quality. If you do not know how to use a coffee roaster proficiently, refer to this article.

How to operate the coffee roaster?

The first batch of roasting on the day of the machine is often difficult to ensure quality. The later sets of the day are always better quality, uniform, and delicious than the first batch.

Usually, we have to start roasting to standard temperature, then cool down to standard temperature or lower about 15-30 minutes before roasting the first batch to ensure the first batch. Guaranteed and more stable in terms of quality. So what is the right way to start burning?

– Set the heat flow to medium so that it can be used throughout the roasting process.

– Set gas to medium heat up the large machine until the coffee bean temperature meter is 28oC higher than the standard temperature for green coffee in the oven.

– Discharge heat within 20 minutes when the temperature reaches the standard level

– Reduce gas to reduce temperature gradually.

When the heat meter reaches roasting temperature, release the heat for 10 minutes.

– Put green coffee into the machine

– Roast the first batch, adjust the gas and heat the same way as the subsequent batches.

– Compare the roasting quality to the first batch of the day; if roasting the first batch faster, adjust the heat when roasting the next batch and vice versa.

– Repeat these eight steps every day until the quality of the first roast is comparable to the quality of the other roasts of the day.

The middle stage of roasting

The middle of the roasting process is just as crucial as the machine’s start-up. Usually, the coffee roasting process will be delivered by the seller of the roaster, with instructions for use when we buy the roaster, and this process will be different for different types of roasters. However, if you are new to coffee roasting, the following procedure can be applied:

– Reduce the wind speed of the roaster to the lowest

– Turn off the gas for 1 minute after roasting is complete, then adjust the gas to the level to start roasting.

– When the temperature reaches the roast level, drain the machine for 1 minute

– Then, put green coffee into the machine.

* Tips to stabilize coffee quality after roasting:

– Roast the same amount of green coffee in batches or if there is a different volume, save it for the last time.

– Roast the small batch first, roast the large batch later.

– The roaster gets hotter when roasting coffee on the dark scale, so adjust roasting later for roasts that need to be roasted on the dark scale.

Clean the chimney

The coffee roasting process releases soot, coffee oil, and solid wastes after burning and roasting on walls and pipes. They form a layer that creates a layer of friction and reduces air circulation. Regularly clean the chimney to ensure air circulation prevents the risk of fire and explosion during the coffee roasting process.

Cleaning must be periodically scheduled according to the size of production and roasting. If frequent dark roasts require more chimney cleaning, the chimney should be cleaned at least after a few hundred hours of roasting. If a separate afterburner is used, this cleaning does not need to be done as often.

Regular chimney cleaning not only improves the quality of your oven but also helps your oven last longer.

To master the use of a coffee roaster, no instruction is enough. To create the perfect batch of coffee, no instructor is enough to present. It is only through experiencing your unsuccessful roasts more and more that you can gain experience in machine roasting.

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