How To Make Delicious Filter Coffee?

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How To Make Delicious Filter Coffee

How To Make Delicious Filter Coffee?: Filtered coffee is the most popular way to enjoy coffee in Vietnam. To have a delicious cup is not simple, especially in the Vietnamese way of making filter coffee. Not only Espresso, but filter coffee also has special standards and know-how.

Making a coffee filter is generally very simple – there are only four steps. But just a few small changes can give us many cups of coffee with different flavors from the same coffee bag. Can be good-bad, dark – light, too burnt – hot, too much or too little bitter.

How To Make Delicious Filter Coffee

Filter coffee can create a very unique taste, it is completely different from the taste of coffee preparation methods in the world today. It also shows that the Vietnamese way of enjoying coffee is also almost unique.

Way Make Delicious Filter Coffee

Step 1: Put 3 teaspoons (~ 20-25g) of coffee powder into the filter. Gently shake the coffee powder to level, and use the lid to gently press the coffee.

Step 2: Directly pour 20ml of hot water (93-95 degrees Celsius) into the filter to brew Coffee.

Step 3: After 4-6 minutes, add 50ml of hot water to the filter.

Step 4: Wait for the coffee to run out. You can use it directly or add sugar or milk as you like.


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