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Because, my buddy, we all know that being able to create a cold brew in under two minutes is a game-changer. Or, at the very least, my game. I can now say goodbye to the days when I forget to create a cold brew for the next day before going to bed. Is it even possible to make a 2-minute Cold Brew? But first, let’s double-check that it’s the Cold Brew we’re talking about.


When brewing cold brew coffee, unlike typical methods, you will use cold water to brew the coffee. The cold brew extraction process is extremely sluggish due to the low temperature of the water and the coarse grind size of the coffee.

The typical time it takes to make cold brew coffee is between 8 and 24 hours. In exchange, you’ll get a smoother cold brew with a deeper sweetness and gentler acidity than coffee made any other way. The original cold brew takes a long time to make. So, how about a 2-minute cold brew? Is that a cold brew or something else entirely? Ok. It sounds incredible, and to be honest, I didn’t expect a flavorful cold brew to be produced in under two minutes. But I suppose I’ll have to reconsider. To begin, we’ll look at how the coffee is removed throughout the brewing process. When making a cold brew that lasts 12 hours in 2 minutes, a few things must alter.

  • The first is the coffee powder grind size.

A 2-minute cold brew will need you to ground the dough to a reasonably fine size rather than the customary extra-fine grind (closer to espresso). The purpose of this modification is to increase the coffee’s surface area in contact with the water. The lower the powder size, the finer the grind size. Of course, the water will be able to penetrate deeper into the coffee molecules, allowing for the dissolution of additional chemicals.

  • The second step is to add more agitation to the water flow.

When making cold brew the traditional approach, you simply pour water into the coffee powder and let it soak for an extended period of time to allow the water to gently dissolve the components. With a 2-minute cold brew, you’ll need to give the water and coffee more assistance by constantly stirring to speed up the extraction process. It’s all about the theoretical side of things. What about the how-to?



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Prepare the following tools and materials:
Yes, you can use AeroPress or AeroPress GO. Who cares if you can’t mix a lot of cups at once because it just takes 2 minutes to prepare one.
The coffee, of course. If you want to savor the delightfully sweet and sour flavors, only choose coffees that are light to medium roasted. Anaerobic fermentation processes can produce alcohol-like flavors in coffee beans. This is entirely a matter of personal preference.
The size of the grind is also determined by the grain type. However, it’s preferable to start with a small amount, somewhere between espresso and pour-over.
You only need a small amount of water to make a 1:4 or 1:5 ratio. At room temperature, cool the water.
Step 1: Invert your AeroPress to prevent water from dripping during the brewing process — this only takes 2 seconds.
Step 2: Grind 15g of coffee powder to a fine powder between espresso and pour-over, and then pour the powder into the AeroPress — this would take another 28 seconds with a fine mill like the 1Zpresso JX-Pro, including the time to pour the powder.
Step 3: Pour in 60 mL of water and whisk constantly for one minute.
Step 4: Place the filter paper in the filter cap, rinse it, and screw it on the AeroPress – this takes 10 seconds.
Step 5: Invert the plunger and slowly lower it for 20 seconds.
That’s it! In exactly 2 minutes, you’ll be finished.

Now for the most crucial part:



* Of course, we’ll use Flusso Arabica Honey seeds for cold brewing within 12 hours using the traditional method, and AeroPress within 2 minutes using the AeroPress method. The most significant factor in this decision is that this is our product! The other reason is that it has a lovely peach and apricot flavor, as well as a sweet and smooth sour taste that is ideal for cold brew.

  • With the classic 12-hour cold brew brewing process, the coffee has a good sweetness, apricot-like sourness, a faint bitter aftertaste, and quickly turns sweet.
  • The watercolor is noticeably lighter with the 2-minute cold brew AeroPress than with the 12-hour cold brew. The body is more diluted, and 2 minutes does not appear to be long enough to extract all of the beneficial compounds from coffee beans, as hot brewing does. The sweetness is still outstanding, the sourness is lessened, but the coffee’s overall flavor remains balanced.

How To Make Cold Brew With An AeroPress

This is by far the most straightforward method for making cold brew coffee. The main drawback is that you can’t produce a huge quantity of cold brew with an AeroPress. Each time, you can only prepare 1-2 cups. But for 2 minutes of work, I think it’s a good deal.

1. Take 30 grams of whole coffee beans and weigh them
After you’ve decided on your beans, weigh out 30 grams to start grinding. This may seem tedious, but it’s a crucial step in achieving the desired potency.

Coffee should always be measured by weight rather than volume. Beans that appear to be the same size will most likely differ in weight (due to density).

2. Use a coarse setting to grind your beans
It’s critical to grind as coarsely as possible when steeping cold brew for 24 hours (even coarser than you would for a French press).
If you grind your coffee too fine, it will over extract, removing undesired acidity and bitterness. You can experiment with a finer grind size if you desire a shorter steep period, such as 4, 8, or even 12 hours, but this is not suggested. Your cold brew will taste better if you wait.
3. Fill your AeroPress with coffee and invert it
If you’ve had your AeroPress for a while, you’ve probably tried brewing inverted – that is, inserting the plunger into the brewer’s top and then flipping it over.
4. Pour in water that is at room temperature. Gently stir the ingredients together
Add 132 grams of room temperature water if you want to be precise. Even though this is a cold brew, it does not need to be cold at this time. The results will be solid if you use room temperature water and let it steep at room temperature. You don’t need to chill it to steep it; doing so will only slow down the process.
After adding the water, gently swirl it with a paddle or spoon to ensure that all of the grounds are in contact with the liquid. To protect anything from dropping into the coffee, cover the top of the AeroPress with a filter or a cup.
5. Allow to sit at room temperature for 24 hours
The waiting game has started. Forget about the coffee for a while. Work is a must. Take a rest. Make an appointment to see your grandmother. Anything to keep you occupied till your refreshing cold brew is ready.
6. Rinse the basket and insert a paper filter.
You made it through the day, so kudos to you. Your coffee has been properly extracted after 24 hours. It’s now time to clean your paper filter.
This may seem like a little point, but cleaning the filter before use removes any paper taste that could interfere with the coffee. Because the AeroPress filters are so tiny, it’s unlikely that any taste will get through, but it’s still a good practice in coffee making.
7. Place the filter in the basket and screw it onto the AeroPress
After rinsing your filter, screw it into the inverted AeroPress’s aperture. Place your cup upside down on top of the brewer to avoid coffee leaking everywhere when you flip. As you flip the AeroPress over, keep the cup above the opening.
You have two options: plunge it to finish it fast or withdraw the plunger and let it drip for a minute or two on its own.
8.Wash and dry your AeroPress
Empty the grounds into the trash or compost after your coffee has been extracted, then rinse your AeroPress. You have to admire how simple it is to keep these things clean.
9. Add water or milk to finish your cold brew
Our present result is a coffee concentrate once again. It has a lot of power. To make a nice, drinkable cup, we add water (or milk) here. I recommend starting with an equal mixture of water and coffee and tweaking as needed.
So, if you have 100 grams of coffee concentrate, I would combine it with 100 grams of water (the same type of water you used earlier). You may wish to add more or less water, depending on your preferences. Enjoy it with a couple of ice cubes on top.


2 MINUTE COLD BREW WITH AEROPRESS – I had a good time, and now we know it’s possible. Perhaps next time I’ll try blooming coffee with hot water before extracting it. This is a fantastic answer to the problem of bad coffee, especially if you’re on the go and don’t always have access to hot water.

When it comes to AeroPress, there’s no denying that it’s a fascinating instrument with a lot of creative possibilities. I’m not sure if it can do anything weird, like squeeze juice, except from preparing coffee in approximately 9 different ways.

Flusso believes that this 2-minute cold brew instruction with the AeroPress will provide you another way to enjoy wonderful coffee whenever and wherever you want it. Please share a nice recipe for this cold brew with us if you have one.

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