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How to distinguish Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee?


How to distinguish Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee? The first noticeable distinction is in the names of the two bean varieties; As the name Robusta indicates, it is solid, i.e., vital, contains a lot of caffeine, and helps with alertness. On the other hand, Arabica has a lower caffeine content but a higher aroma (fragrance).

Aside from the name, you can tell the difference between Arabica and Robusta by looking at growing conditions, grain form, caffeine concentration, scent, and taste.

1. Growing conditions

Arabica coffee plants are usually 2.5 – 4.5 meters tall and require a temperature of 15 ° -24 ° C and an annual rainfall of about 1200 – 2200 mm / year.
While Robusta coffee grows 4.5 – 6.5 m tall, it requires higher temperatures from 18° – 36°C and slightly more rainfall (2200 – 3000 mm/year) than Arabica. Arabica usually gives a lower yield than Robusta – which means higher production costs.

2. Particle Shape

Arabica coffee beans have an elongated (elliptical) shape, with a groove in the middle of the bean or a wavy shape. Robusta beans are smaller and slightly rounded; the middle track is usually straight.

3. Caffeine content

The caffeine content in Arabica coffee beans is only 1.5%, while this content in Robusta beans is very high: 2.5%
In terms of fat and sugar content: Arabica contains more than 60% fat and almost twice the amount of sugar as Robusta. This factor is the main factor affecting the difference in taste between the two types of coffee.

4. Fragrance and taste

Arabica coffee beans have a sour taste, but the taste of Arabica coffee is not entirely sour, but when swallowed, it will have a bitter taste, which is called the aftertaste of coffee. Especially Arabica after preparation has a lovely scent.
This is a trendy coffee in Europe with typical dishes such as Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte, …
Voi coffee, also known as Voi coffee, has a characteristic bitter taste, and a lighter aroma than Arabica.

5. Color Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee

When roasted together at the same temperature, Robusta is always darker in color than Arabica and slightly larger than when burned initially.

6. Why is Arabica preferred over Robusta?

This depends on each person’s taste; Arabica is considered to have a better taste, less acrid than Robusta. Many people like to drink Robusta instant coffee, but when switching to Arabica, most don’t want to use Robusta anymore.
Usually, this type of coffee takes 2-3 years to harvest, while Arabica coffee needs 4-5 years. Arabica coffee is also a fastidious plant and quite sensitive to climate, requiring average annual temperature and rainfall to meet new standards for a high harvest. Meanwhile, coffee trees can adapt to many different environmental conditions.

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