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How Can Import Coffee From Vietnam Coffee Supplier?

Vietnam Coffee Supplier

How Can Import Coffee From Vietnam Coffee Supplier?Coffee is a beverage brewed from roasted coffee beans taken from the fruit of the coffee plant. The two most commonly grown varieties of coffee are tea and coffee.

After ripening, the Vietnam coffee cherries will be picked, processed and dried. Dry coffee beans will be roasted in many different temperature conditions, depending on the needs and tastes.

After the roasting process, coffee beans will be ground and brewed with boiling water to create coffee as a drink. Besides, Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world.

However, importing coffee from the coffee producers in Vietnam is very complicated for those who are importing coffee from Vietnam for the first time.

Customs Procedures for Importing Coffee

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam is one of the world’s largest coffee producers and the world’s leading exporter of Robusta green coffee.

In the past, Vietnamese coffee was exported to 80 countries and territories, with export turnover in 2019 reaching 2.85 billion USD, accounting for 7.8% of the world’s coffee export turnover.

In terms of production, Vietnam has established many large commodity coffee production areas, creating jobs and primary income for over 600,000 farming households, contributing to socio-economic development, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in Vietnam.

Central Highlands, Northwest and some other coffee-growing regions. Regarding processing, Vietnam’s coffee processing industry has also formed and is developing in the direction of increasing deep processing.

So How can find and import Vietnam Coffee Supplier with high quality is a big issue for the importers.

Below the articles, we will share with you the detailed procedure for Importing Coffee from Vietnam Coffee Supplier in general (There will be exceptions for some countries).

Conditions for Imported Coffee

Self-publishing products

Step 1: Enterprises prepare full product announcement documents according to the law provisions and submit them to the Department of receiving and returning results – Food Safety Management Board.

Step 2: The department receives and returns the results – the Food Safety Management Board receives the documents

Step 3: Within 07 (seven) working days from the date of receipt of the complete application for registration of the product announcement, The Food Safety Management Board is responsible for verifying the records and posting them on the website.

Step 4: Enterprises log in to the website and check their publication records.

Apply for an import license

Documents needed to fill out and scan to be submitted to the one-stop shop include:

Plant quarantine of imported coffee from Vietnam Coffee Supplier

Customs procedures for importing coffee from Vietnam

Once you have done the above, you have a complete set of customs documents. Including:

Clearance of take-out Vietnam Coffee

After opening the declaration, an appointment will be made with the animal quarantine party to collect samples.

The certificate will be issued within five days. Bringing the document to the customs office is to clear the goods.

Questions about customs procedures for importing coffee

What are the conditions for imported coffee in Vietnam?

Plant quarantine of imported coffee includes what?

What are customs procedures in Vietnam?

Once you’ve done the above, you’ve got a complete set of commercial procedures, including:

Helena Coffee Vietnam – The Best Coffee Specialty Supplier

By the border of directors with many years of coffee business expertise in the coffee industry, Helena Coffee Vietnam – A wholesale coffee supplier, was created in Buon Ma Thuot City, Vietnam – The City of Coffee.

Green coffee beans, instant coffee, coffee roaster equipment, and other coffee goods with good quality are all part of our professional Vietnamese coffee line.

Vietnamese coffee exporters are expected to meet the needs of their customers in a way that exceeds expectations while maintaining a level of professionalism and efficiency that is second to none.

We place high importance on our employees’ well-being and prospects. Cooperative and pleasant working conditions, comprehensive educational training, and a robust welfare system are all in place.

The management concept of precision, speed, stability and cost-efficiency helped us achieve a breakthrough, as did our young but experienced leadership team.

Since the beginning, the firm’s profits have steadily expanded, and we are now a well-known domestic coffee company. Several well-known domestic enterprises have placed their faith in us, and we have built a name in the coffee market.

What Types Of Coffee May Be Made In Vietnam by Helena Coffee?

+ SCR18 Robusta /Arabica coffee beans, Grade 1, Washed or not washed, Honey Process, Natural, Wet Polished
+ SCR16 Robusta/Arabica green coffee beans grade 1 Washed/not washed, Honey Process, Natural, Wet Polished
+ SCR13 Arabica/Robusta coffee beans grade 2 Washed/not washed, Honey Process, Natural, Wet Polished
+ Vietnam’s best green and roasted coffee beans.
+ Vietnam coffees roasted under private labels/ roasted coffee with Helena Coffee Brand.

+ Vietnam spray-dried instant coffee powder
+ Vietnamese freeze-dried instant coffee powder
+ Vietnam’s 3-in-1 instant coffee mix (with milk, sugar, coconut instant coffee, durian…)
+ Vietnam’s Weasel 3 in 1 instant coffee mix
+ Instant coffee brand mix for weight loss from Vietnam

+ Instant coffee from Vietnam with a private label Vietnam’s ground coffee
+ Vietnam drip coffee bag
+ Vietnam’s whole ground bean
+ Speciality ground coffee from Vietnam Coffees with private labels

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