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Group- Head

Group- Head

Group head work 

Is an essential part of any espresso machine group. The GroupHead is located on the front of the device, responsible for circulating water from the boiler to the Portafilter and distributing the water into the coffee. Group Head is often referred to as “group,” “brew group,” or “brew head.”

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Group Head
E61 group head

How does Group Headwork?

Whether a manual, semi-automatic or automatic pid espresso machine review, the seal group head work functions the same when pulling an espresso.

  1. Connected to the Portafilter (handle) is a device that has a handle and holds the filter -basket – which is filled with finely ground coffee.
  2. The bartender will lock together group Head and Portafilter. When it’s time to brew an espresso, the group head seals sends hot, pressurized water from the machine’s boiler, through a diffuser plate, and into the basket.
  3. The pressure pushes the water through the coffee and out through the bottom nozzles of the Portafilter into the cup of coffee. The result is the concentrated coffee we are used to calling espresso.
Group Head
Approximately 4kg of chrome-plated brass is used to produce Group Head E61

Some notes about Group water

A standard Group Head connects to only one Portafilter, but sometimes more components depend on the design or degree of automation different. Some Portafilters are actively heated, a boiler passively heats some. The entire Group Head must be heated enough to make proper espresso.

The first and best-known Group Head was the Faema E61, designed in 1961 for semi-automatic home espresso machine. The E61 revolutionized the espresso machine industry; then, the Group Head E61 was present valves in virtually all commercial espresso machines for many years. Many semi-automatic boiler espresso machine today still use the E61.

The Group Head is easily identifiable on an Espresso machine – It is the protrusion on the front of the device and connects directly to the brewing arm cafe last. Group Heads are typically built heavy to retain heat and are only two a few inches taller than the brewing tray so that the espresso has minimal contact time with air as it moves from the coffee groups home espresso machines heads into the coffee cup view.

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