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Fun fact about coffee? It takes up to 18 coffee trees to serve you 2 cups a day!


Fun fact about coffee? It takes 18 coffee trees to serve you 2 cups of coffee a day for a year and lots of other fun facts. Check out the cute illustrations below from 

1. Two kernels are in one coffee bean:

Fun fact about coffee? It takes up to 18 coffee trees to serve you 2 cups a day!

90% of a coffee fruit will contain two kernels, surrounded by a thin outer skin (Outer skin) and a fleshy shell. Due to natural mutations, the remaining 10% of the coffee fruit has only one seed or three separate kernels.

Coffee is a perennial industrial crop, harvested only once a year. Since being nursed and matured, the coffee tree will bear its first fruit when it is 3-4 years old. Continue like that, once a year until the next 25 years.

Coffee berries take 9-11 months to ripen. The green fruit will grow and turn bright red when ripe and gradually turn dark red and black as it dries on the tree.

Do you know? It takes up to 18 coffee trees to serve you 2 cups a day!

2. Did you know that one coffee tree will give you 1kg of roasted coffee in a year?

The journey of coffee from ripe fruit to having roasted coffee beans in hand is a long and exciting journey with many stages and meticulous, dedicated people. That journey is still named “From farm to cup” by us.

A mature Arabica coffee tree will yield 3kg – 4.5kg of fresh coffee. From fresh coffee, undergoing preliminary processing and drying, we get 500gr to 700gr of green coffee. After roasting, the coffee will lose 20% of its weight and get 400g of roasted coffee. With each cup of espresso with an average of 10g, you can enjoy 40 cups of coffee a day, enough for more than one month.

A cup of espresso will require about 10-11g of finely ground coffee, which is the weight of about 40 coffee beans. Similarly, 1 cup of filter coffee will need 20 – 25 grams of coffee, so you are drinking 80 – 90 coffee beans in your cup.

Do you know? It takes up to 18 coffee trees to serve you 2 cups a day!

In other words, to have two espressos per day, one would use the same amount of coffee as the berries harvested from 18 mature coffee trees! Interestingly, right?

3. There are two varieties of coffee with two different flavors, serving the needs of the whole world:

Vietnam is a famous country with a considerable export volume of Robusta varieties, ranking only 2nd after Brazil. With geographically certified names such as Robusta Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak, or Robusta Dong Nai, Kom Tum. However, in the past five years, when the world’s trend of favoring the sour, sweet and rich aroma of Arabica has returned to Vietnam, many coffee lovers have loved and realized the charm of this coffee variety. Arabica from Cau Dat, Da Lat, is one of Vietnam’s best and most special coffee-growing regions.

We are applying optimal roasting technology at Helena Coffee Vietnam‘s roasting factory.

The world of coffee is fascinating, and you will always be intrigued and captivated by the never-ending stories behind the small but powerful coffee beans.

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