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FDA Certified

FDA Certified

FDA Certified Instant Coffee Supplier: FDA registration plays an important role in import and export relations from foreign countries to the US and vice versa. The supplier of instant coffee Helena Coffee is proud to meet the US FDA standard and has successfully exported and conquered difficult markets such as the US, Korea, China, Singapore, and Thailand,… To understand clearly For more information on this issue, please follow the following article.

What is the FDA?

FDA is an abbreviation of the phrase Food and Drug Administration – US. Is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the federal executive departments of the United States. Founded in 1906 in Maryland.

Today, the agency also has 223 field offices and 13 laboratories across all 50 states, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. In 2008, the FDA began sending employees abroad to China, India, Costa Rica, Chile, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

What is FDA’s primary responsibility?

The FDA is primarily responsible for protecting and promoting public health. At the FDA, regulations are issued and monitored on food and drug safety in their own countries.

The FDA-approved product categories include:

FDA’s principal activity

FDA is the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is the representative body and is primarily responsible for the promotion and protection of public health.promoting and protecting promoting and protecting

This agency promulgates regulations and supervises food and drug safety in its country. Products that are regulated by the FDA for quality include foods, dietary supplements, dietary supplements, prescription or nonprescription pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices, blood transfusions, tobacco, electromagnetic radiation devices, and veterinary-related products.

What does the FDA standard include?

FDA standards are strict regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor the safety of products under its management list circulating in the US market. And any exporter who wants to bring their products into the United States must comply with the regulations of the FDA and obtain an FDA certificate.

Criteria to receive specific FDA certification are as follows:

FDA standards for foods and beverages

FDA standards for dietary supplements and drugs

FDA standards for cosmetics and beauty products

FDA Standards for Electronic and Radioactive Devices

Some special goods are exempt from FDA certification that you should know:

The importance of FDA certification

When you want to ship an item to the US or Canada, to be able to clear the goods you will need a lot of paperwork and legal procedures to prove the origin, parts, quality control certificate, and FDA certificate of the USA and Canada.

Without such documents, your goods will be returned at US Customs and surely that shipment will not be able to be exported to the US market, causing a lot of costs related to warehousing, transportation. …

Therefore, before exporting goods to the US, you need to check in advance the information related to the policy of the item and the requirements of the US on that item.

US FDA Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

Helena Coffee is one of the brands creating new vitality for the Vietnamese coffee market. The story of the hot Helena Coffee instant coffee, because then it is the dream of bringing the original coffee flavor and the beauties of modern Vietnamese culture to the world. A representative of Helena Coffee said that grasping the strong growth trend in bilateral trade between Vietnam and the US, the company has stepped up market research and development of Helena Coffee instant coffee products to penetrate the market. this.

To conquer the notoriously difficult and potential US market, Helena Coffee and its partners have taken steps to certify according to strict international standards of coffee quality for the US market. In particular, Helena Coffee instant coffee meets the strict standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), one of the world’s leading organizations with difficult food standards, and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This organization issues FDA certification.

In addition, instant coffee Helena Coffee will promote exports and brand development in markets with high requirements for quality standards such as Korea, China China, Singapore, and Thailand. It is expected that this year, instant coffee Helena Coffee will continue to launch many high-quality products in domestic and foreign markets with unique coffee flavors.

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