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Fair Trade Certified Instant Coffee Supplier: Currently, many businesses need to consult Fair Trade standards, especially those working in the export sector. Coffee not only brings an unforgettable drink but also has a high economic value. Especially in international trade, producing coffee according to Fair Trade USA standards also contributes to building a fair and respectful partnership. So what is the definition of Fair Trade and how important is it? Fair Trade Certified Instant Coffee Supplier. Please refer to the article below by Helena.

Fair Trade Definition


Fair Trade is Fair Trade by definition. Fairtrade trade deals with better prices, good working conditions, and sustainability. It also has fair trade provisions for farmers and workers in developing countries

By requiring companies to pay employees (never below market price), Fairtrade deals with unfair trade practices. Traditionally discriminating against the poorest, weakest producers. It allows this producer to improve their position and have control over their life.

With Fairtrade, you have the power to change the world. With simple shopping options, you can get a better farmer. And that means they can make their own decisions, take control of their future, and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.

Fair Trade benefits

Most Fairtrade Fees help improve farming practices and productivity, helping farmers in a spiral of poverty

  • Independent verification of Fairtrade standards in relation to about sustainability: social, Environmental, and economic
  • Fairtrade environmental standards and guidelines for banning the use of genetically modified seeds by farmers
  • Fairtrade standards require training and improvement in farming methods, resulting in improved product quality
  • In procurement every day, I will switch to shopping for products with the Fairtrade mark.
  • Farmers receive fair prices for their produce
  • Farmers can also receive Fairtrade fees (Fairtrade premium) which can be used for social, economic, and development projects within their community
  • Fairtrade encourages female members to lead the production organization and own the land.
  • Fairtrade certified farmers to participate in an international network, allowing them to dictate prices, costs, standards, and business strategies.

Therefore, fairtrade is not a bad choice for gardeners and agricultural enterprises producing goods for export to the EU.

What does the Fair Trade label mean?

A product with the Fair Trade Mark means that the product has been manufactured to meet Fair Trade standards. The Fairtrade standards are designed to address power imbalances in business relationships, volatile markets, and the injustices of ordinary trade.

Currently, on the market, there are many products labeled Fairtrade . Accordingly, the Fairtrade standard can be applied to a wide variety of food products such as fruits, nuts, coffee…

Requirements for products to be Fair Trade certified

For all types of products Food products that want to be Fairtrade certified must meet the following requirements. Specifically:

  • Producing and commercializing on the production site in a clear and transparent way
  • Manufacturing enterprises receive additional development support, not related to international inter-market prices to build development programs in the community for example in the field of machinery procurement, education, healthcare…
  • Manufacturing enterprises are guaranteed a minimum price which includes environmental responsibility, market, society and production costs.
  • The natural environmental conditions at the place where export products are grown should be ensured.
  • Deals with buyers or importers are best for the long term.
  • Appropriate working conditions such as not using child labor or forced labor.
  • The enterprise’s failure to comply with the above requirements means that the product is not granted or has its certificate revoked.

Choosing products with the Fair Trade Certified™ label also means that consumers are supporting businesses to be more responsible in their production processes as well as helping to reduce poverty and empower fishermen. and more farmers. At the same time, Fair Trade certifiedTrade-certified products also help protect the environment more effectively.

Fair Trade Certified Instant Coffee Supplier

Helena Coffee is known as a professional coffee producer and distributor of pure, diversified, and high-quality coffee products. We are distributing Robusta and Arabica coffee products

To bring consumers pure, safe, delicious coffee products with absolutely no chemicals, and no additives. toxic. You can rest assured when using the product. We believe that you will be satisfied and remember the taste of Helena coffee forever.

Helena Coffee instant coffee products guaranteed:

  • Fresh, freshly roasted coffee
  • Hot air roasting technology
  • 100% pure coffee

All products are thoroughly tested according to international standards USDA Organic, FDA (USA), …

With modern machinery and equipment, along with a professional production management team and a highly skilled technical team. The company brings products with high and stable quality, a fast delivery schedule, and reasonable prices to meet the requirements and needs of customers.

The strengths that make the Helena Coffee brand different and classy are: Specialization in each department, High responsibility, and technical supervision who work seriously and carefully to create perfect products. down to the smallest detail. In addition, the departments regularly exchange work and share difficulties and initiatives to build a Helena Coffee brand to bring out the sophistication of each product.

In addition, Helena Coffee instant coffee products will promote exports and develop brands in markets with high requirements for quality standards such as Korea, China, Singapore, and Thailand. It is expected that this year, Helena Coffee will continue to launch to domestic and foreign markets many high quality products with unique coffee flavors.

The trust and support of customers during the past is a great encouragement on the development path of Helena Coffee. We promise to constantly improve, and serve our customers the best to always deserve that trust.

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