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Espresso Coffee – Italian Cultural Heritage: More than a century since espresso first appeared in Italy. Until now, the taste of espresso has been enhanced through the ages and improved along with the development of the specialty coffee industry. Brewed coffee has become an indispensable part of life. Comes with different espresso-based variations. The exponential worldwide coverage of espresso coffee has earned it the title of Italian heritage.

What is Espresso Coffee? (best)

“Espresso is a coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely finely-ground rounds, thick and strong, with a high concentration of dissolved solids. Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than most other coffees. But it has a smaller size. Espresso is made using a steam-powered machine. Piston driven pump and air driven pump.”

Espresso isn’t just a drink, it’s the art of coffee

Espresso coffee is not only a coffee with a rich, rich flavor, full of personality. Plus, with a quick, unique brewing method. Espresso succeeds in conquering coffee lovers worldwide, especially in the age of industry and technology.

History of Espresso? (beans, foods) 

Espresso culture took root in Italy in the early 20th century. It started with the invention of the espresso machine by Angelo Moriondo in 1884. At that time, the demand for coffee skyrocketed. When coffee started to become a popular commercial product in Europe. Espresso seems to be Italy’s answer to the world for a new way of making coffee. A method of mixing that is both concentrated, time-saving, and as convenient as possible.

This drink started to become a habit of enjoying Italians. It’s a delicious cup of coffee with quick service. With that characteristic, espresso increasingly asserts its position in the market. Gradually the popularity of espresso began to extend beyond Italy. It boomed after the second coffee wave.

How popular did espresso become?

The Starbucks “chain store” model takes the Italian espresso culture as the central theme. That idea was developed after Howard Schultz – CEO at the time, discovered the potential of this drink during a business trip to Milan in 1983. He authentic espresso to new heights worldwide. World.

After the success of Starbucks, coffee culture in general and espresso coffee, in particular, exploded in popularity. Specifically, other coffee shop chains such as Gloria Jeans, Coffee beans & Teleavesfs, etc. Private coffee shops, in turn, appeared in a variety of styles and sizes… Those models have something in common make espresso coffee the main product. This was the beginning of the second wave of coffee.

Although the second wave has not focused on the essence of coffee, it is more about experiencing the coffee space. But thanks to the successful spread, the premise for the third wave was formed. From here, the original value of coffee becomes the focus, bringing another beauty to Espresso. Espresso coffee is now not just a concentrated, quick-brewed coffee as a base for milk and syrup anymore, but a separate art school. The criteria of quality and taste characterize it. It has become a “field” and has become a “symbol” of the coffee industry.

What’s so attractive about espresso?

It can be said that the process of making Espresso is both challenging but also very interesting. “Speak a sesecresecretin you do not want to be “addict,” it is best not to make it yourself at home. Let the talented barista take care of that for you.

First, the beans are ground into a medium-fine powder medium-fine press. Second, distribute and compress flat in a small metal filter attached to the handle. The filter has tiny holes that allow the flow to pass without leaving fine coffee dust in the cup. Third, attach the handle to the espresso machine; near-boiling water is pumped up and begins to pass through the coffee powder. Finally, the water slowly seeps into the coffee powder, and the liquid containing the coffee extract begins to drip into the cup below.

The water slowly seeps into the powder, and the extracted coffee slowly flows into the cup below, creating a delicious espresso

For a good espresso…

Basically, to have a good espresso. It will help if you have a standard recipe with a good batch of coffee. A classic formula must be precise in terms of mass and volume. Includes the following elements:

  • Amount of ground coffee used for brewing
  • The volume of finished coffee
  • Espresso extraction time
  • Brewing water temperature

Making espresso is quite challenging because it is easy to get a gram of powder or animal of solution wrong… Or because of uneven distribution. Or because the pressure is not correct, not enough or too much… Then the cup of coffee produced will change completely. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously control the measuring units to ensure the final espresso quality.

Espresso coffee and favorite variations

Until now, Espresso has wholly dominated the coffee market. According to statistics, there are more than 24,000 espresso machines globally, Along with the development of “Specialty Coffee.” Espresso becomes a way to enjoy the essence of high-quality coffee beans from the same regions and countries with the same roasting style from light to medium.

Suppose this original drink has won a lot of love from the grave. Its creative variations also create a craze all over the world. Espresso-based dishes have become a daily drink for many people. Specifically:

Espresso with hot water: Americano / Espresso with milk: Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White … / Creative espresso: Espresso Tonic …

Creative drinks using espresso have become one of the specials of many coffee shops and chains. One of the successful variations that have turned espresso into a “multinational” drink is Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato. This drink has become a “whirlwind” everywhere and still maintains its popularity until now.

Espresso machines and blenders – stylish highlights of stores

After the competition to improve performance. Then the design style becomes one of the top criteria for customers to choose Espresso machines and blenders.

The vibrant coffee market entails a wide selection of sizes, designs, and materials of espresso machines. Nowadays, coffee shops don’t just choose appliances to meet capacity needs. But also choose brands that show their personality and even become the store’s highlights.

With a modern and modern style, the Slayer machine can be mentioned with a design with bold curves. Or the study room style must be the intention, not the ed heesso machine has a severe anseverere ending. techniquexurious and modern features of the blenders and blenders are also part of the store’s primary product selection.

Espresso – inspiration for world barista competitions

The art of espresso has become the inspiration for many World Barista Championships (WBC and WLAC). These competitions contribute to the inspiration for many baristas to pursue a professional path.

With the WBC (World Barista Championship) competition, the contestants will compete with espresso as the main drink. Specifically, in 15 minutes, the barista will have to serve espresso, espresso with milk, and creative dishes based on espresso. Those items will be sent to the judges by the barista and presented about the coffee beans they use.

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In the background of espresso, many drinks are created and become a craze around the world

In the WLAC (World Latte Art Championship) competition, the contestants will show off their latte art techniques according to the theme. After that, they will present and perform the images they choose.

The Future of Espresso (best, beans)

Despite its long history, espresso has maintained its popularity. And still won the favor of coffee lovers until now. Espresso was initially just bittersweet concentrated coffees. But to date, the quality of espresso has undergone very significant improvements. It is not an exaggeration to say that espresso plays a vital role in the barista industry.

MayMaybeves of coffee will change and develop continuously in the future. It may also alter our perspective, more or less. But certainly, Espresso will continue to exist and grow with the coffee industry. Either way, the coffee industry in general and baristas in particular “ow” Italy a thank you for creating such a great legacy!

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