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Enjoy Authentic Coffee With Dessert! – Enjoy Authentic Coffee With Dessert! Coffee has long been a part of world culture, and in many places, it is even a formal ritual. Therefore, enjoying coffee is also an art that needs to be noted and studied. Initially, coffee had great taste. If you know how to choose the proper dessert, the enjoyment will become more delicious.

How to enjoy coffee? (coffee, coffee)

Coffee is a daily drink of many people. Some people even assert that they cannot live without coffee in their life. However, each person has a different drinking style depending on their preferences.

Some people like to use coffee with sugar, white or brown sugar. Others also like a little sweetness when enjoying coffee but in the form of desserts. Be it chocolate, cookies, fruitcake, or croissant… There’s no denying that many desserts or cakes are made to enjoy coffee.

But which dessert goes well with which coffee? That’s what Baristas need to learn to serve their customers.

Enjoying coffee with accompanying cake will make the full flavor of coffee

How to enjoy espresso? (original, coffee)

Espresso is a type of coffee with a strong and thick flavor. So it is easy to lose the taste of dessert. And conversely, if the dessert is not suitable, be it too sweet or too sour, it will also ruin the taste of the coffee.

So, to respect each other’s taste and create a perfect experience. Usually will choose a dessert that is equally strong with coffee. Many coffee flavors recommend a mellow milk chocolate dessert as a good choice. However, it is best to choose a light, bitter taste and light chocolate.

Fruit-flavored desserts are also a good choice. However, those types must have a transparent and round flavor to keep each other’s perfection.

Chocolate Tart with a deep chocolate flavor is a recommended dessert. The espresso taste is like adding wings to fly with the richness of chocolate tart with a bit of bitterness and gentle sweetness.

The sweetness and richness of Chocolate tart with a hint of bitterness will enhance the full flavor of espresso.

Cappuccino – What dessert should this coffee go with?

Smooth, gentle, and easy to drink is what most people feel when enjoying Cappuccino coffee. So choosing a dessert to go with it will also require a subtle taste.

Cappuccino goes excellent with ice cream. You might think that there is nothing special about sharing two dishes that are similar in taste. But the contrast in temperature between a hot cup of Cappuccino and an ice cream side dish creates a pleasant surprise.

Although, the smooth taste is the general feeling of Cappuccino and cream. But since the textures between the two are entirely different, it’s a great resonance for the flavor combination.

Experience this by enjoying Cappuccino coffee right away with vanilla ice cream or caramel ice cream. Or chocolate chip cookies are also a type born to pair with Cappuccino.

How about a latte? (coffee, coffee)

Latte is similar to Cappuccino in terms of ingredients, giving people a feeling of lightness and comfort. Latte almost pleases even those who don’t like coffee. So, which dessert is suitable for this drink?

“Softness” is the guideline for this combination. Firstly, a tart is delightful. Second, a particular dessert made from sweet, fatty milk chocolate. Finally, cookies (cookies) are also a perfect choice. You can dip it into your coffee before enjoying it.

Could you not believe it? Grab an Oreo with milk chocolate & malt ice cream, and enjoy a latte. I hope you don’t get too addicted to it then! In addition, fruit tart is also a pretty good pairing with Latte.

authentic, authentic 

Enjoy Latte with a little Oreo mixed with milk cream


Mocha is a combination of a latte with a bit of chocolate. So in a way, mocha can be considered a dessert in liquid form. Because of this combination, you don’t need to use any other desserts because you already have the perfect one.

If you still want to share it with a particular cake. A simple barley bread that is not sweet to eat is enough because it will not lose the mocha flavor and add flavor to the bread.

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Enjoy Authentic Coffee With Dessert!

Black Coffee

Suppose Espresso is an arrogant and challenging aristocrat. Then Black Coffee is a friendly and sociable guy because he can combine “everything.”

Any chocolate or nut-based desserts make a perfect pairing with Black Coffee. However, please note that two ingredients should not be used with Black Coffee: Salt and Cheese. The flavor of these two ingredients creates a direct conflict and pulse with Black Coffee.

“Sweet taste” is what Black Coffee is looking for. Chocolate cake with crust topping with nuts is a genuine love for Black Coffee.


Macchiato is a close relative of Cappuccino and Latte but is slightly more muscular because of the slightly higher amount of Espresso. That’s why it pairs so well with caramel and other nut-based desserts. An example is the Caramel Nut Tart.

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Macchiato with a little Caramel Nut Tart


Americano can be roughly understood as espresso mixed with a large amount of hot water. This means that the strong flavor of the espresso has been diluted quite a bit. So decadent desserts must be the choice for Americano. Examples are vanilla or chocolate-flavored cupcakes.

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