Elevation Above Sea Level

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Elevation above sea level- Many coffee packages will tell you how many meters above sea level the coffee was grown – “meters above sea level” (masl) or “feet above sea level” (fasl). Coffee beans are of higher quality when grown in higher places.

According to the Coffee Research Institute, the best altitude for growing coffee is around 550 to 1,100 masl in subtropical climates. In places near the equator, this is between 1,000 and 2,000 masl – although the plant mustn’t suffer from frost, no matter where it is grown.

“Elevation above sea level” and “Altitude.

There is a distinction between the scientific word “elevation” and “an I altitude,” although it can translate the same meaning as “high.” Suppose “elevation” measures the vertical distance between an object and global sea level. Then “altitude” is the vertical distance between an object and the Earth’s surface. Because the Earth’s surface can vary significantly in its position relative to sea level, altitude in the sense of “altitude” is not an excellent way to compare places where coffee trees grow.

The elevation of one mountain range 500 meters can be much higher than 500 meters in another, depending on how high that mountain range is above sea level. Unfortunately, people often use the terms altitude in common parlance to talk about “attitude.”

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