Drink Small Coffee – Smooth, silky, still awake

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Drink Small Coffee – Smooth, silky, still awake

DRINK SMALL COFFEE – Smooth, silky, still awake: I used to be very afraid of the bitter taste and the indescribable restlessness of traditional coffee cups. And also when that fear, I was once criticized as weak, weak.

By going to a coffee shop, instead of ordering coffee “to grow up, be strong” (My friend said that). Then I only dare to drink smoothies or fruit juices. I also think I might not be good with coffee. But it wasn’t until now that I found out. It turns out that in this world there are always SMALL COFFEE types for people like me. 

So light that I don’t get drunk when I drink. So light that even day or night I still feel comfortable and sleep comfortably. And more importantly, that coffee is also mildly bitter and heavy with the sweet and sour flavors of fruit.

WHAT IS SMALL COFFEE? (drink, little)

For me, light coffee is the kind of coffee that can be drunk almost all the time. Mild, less bitter, less intoxicating. On the contrary, strong coffee to me is coffee with strong, strong bitter flavors. Even if you eat and drink, you can still get drunk.

However, each person will have a different body, so each person’s definition of strong and light coffee is not the same. But in fact, there is a line of coffee that is light enough for most people to feel comfortable. Those are the types of coffee of the Arabica variety.

Drink Small Coffee – Smooth, silky, still awake
DRINK SMALL COFFEE – Quiet, smooth, still awake

The first Arabica coffee beans came from faraway Ethiopia. Vietnam also grows these varieties, but compared to the quantity of Robusta, it is less.

The nature of this coffee is slightly opposite to that of Robusta. The first is that it has less caffeine, sometimes as little as ⅓ of a Robusta bean. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to get drunk or lose sleep when drinking this coffee.

In terms of taste, Arabica coffee lines are usually less bitter, but more in favor of sweet and sour fruits. Especially when done properly, you can also feel in Arabica coffee beans the sweet and sour taste of peaches, pears, or berries. Then sometimes there are faint scents of roses and jasmine flowers.

Beethoven coffee from Costa Rica stands out with its mild white flower aroma, along with the sour taste of peaches mixed with citrus.

There is good news for you: The high-quality Arabica coffee industry (Specialty Coffee) in Vietnam is growing rapidly. At this time, you can easily find Arabica coffees with all kinds of fruit flavors, not only from Vietnam but also from all over the world.

To do this, it is impossible not to thank the efforts of many factors in the coffee industry: farmers, preliminaries, coffee roasters… Those who have dared to transform themselves to bring a whole world of flavors and new coffee to Vietnamese people.


Filters and coffee makers aren’t the only coffee makers. In addition to those two familiar tools, you can also come across dozens of different types of concoctions from around the world. However, to make light coffee. You might just need to try one of these two simple recipes.

1. Brewing type Brewing coffee: Cold (Cold Brew) or hot

This is a type of phase that can be said to be the simplest of most brewing methods. You just need to put coffee in water (hot or cold) → Soak and then go out → Now filter the coffee grounds and drink.

The flavor of this brewed coffee is extremely balanced, sweet, and fatty. Everything seemed to slide smoothly down my throat.

DRINK SMALL COFFEE – Quiet, smooth, still awake
DRINK SMALL COFFEE – Quiet, smooth, still awake

To make this type of coffee, you can use a lot of tools available to make it. Any cup or glass jar with a tight-fitting lid can also be used to brew coffee. However, to make it more convenient to filter coffee grounds after soaking, one can use additional tools such as a French Press or a Cold Brew pot with a filter.

Brew coffee with the Cold Brew Tumbler. Just pour the coffee into the brewing filter. After a night of soaking, remove the filter and drink it.

2. Pour-Over brewing style: Filter the coffee through filter paper.

The cup of coffee you make will be as clear as a cup of tea. When you drink it, you will find it mellow with very mild flavors. This comes down to two factors: the amount of water used and the filtration of the coffee through the paper.

  • Brewing Pour-Over uses 4 – 8 times more water than Phin coffee. Therefore, the feeling of drinking is greatly softened.
  • Filter through paper: Coffee inherently has an oil layer that gives a fat, thick feeling when drinking. But when filtered through paper, this oil is retained, making the coffee soft and extremely clear.

→ There you go, now you know: How to find light coffee beans and how to brew. Then why not make yourself a light cup of coffee right away.

Then you will get:

  • A cup of coffee brings just enough alertness and does not make anyone drunk or float.
  • A cup of coffee that everyone can drink.

And sometimes it’s simply to balance out the strong coffee you drink.

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