Different Acidity And Sour-Unpleasant

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Different Acidity And Sour-Unpleasant – “Acidity” and “sour-unpleasant” are two terms in coffee that indeed those who are new to learning are wondering about. Although they both mean “sour,” each word has different meanings. Let’s learn about these two terms to distinguish them easily.

What are Acidity and Sour-unpleasant

What is Acidity in Coffee? Bitter Taste 

Acidity is the term used to describe the “sour” taste of coffee and represents the acids present in the coffee. These sour flavors contribute to a cup of coffee that adds a “fruity” and refreshing feeling of bad cabbage.


Acids in coffee beans and their characteristics

There are many acids in coffee, but in this article, learn about the essential acids found in pure coffee.

Citric Acid: is an acidic found in oranges, lemons, and grapefruits heartburn

Phosphoric Acid: has a sweeter taste than most other acids, is an acid found in carbonated soft drinks such as soda, coca-cola…

Malic Acid: This Acid is the essence found in apples or pears or the sour taste in yogurt

Chlorogenic Acid: Mainly responsible for the acidity of the coffee, the light roast makes the coffee beans taste “fresher.”

Acetic Acid: is the Acid found in vinegar; at low levels, this Acid is extremely pleasant.

Tartaric Acid: Acid is quickly found in grapes or wine with low levels difference.

Quinic Acid: Makes your cup of coffee “clean,” but too much can have a bitter taste.

What is Sour-unpleasant?

Sour taste receptors

This term can be understood simply as “unpleasant acidity.” This sour taste appears in coffee, indicating a cup of coffee has an extraction problem. In other words, when these acids are extracted too much, it will cause discomfort to the drinker.

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Although the acids mentioned above contribute to the flavor of a standard cup of pure coffee, at high concentrations, they cause bitterness and discomfort.

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