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Daily Coffee Prices December 15, 2022: Robusta Price Increased by 23 USD/ton

Daily Coffee Prices December 15, 2022

Daily Coffee Prices December 15, 2022: the price of robusta coffee in London for January term, January 2023, increased by 23 USD/ton to 1,915 USD/ton.

Daily Coffee Prices December 15, 2022

At the end of the last trading session, the price of robusta coffee in London for January term, January 2023, increased by 23 USD/ton to 1,915 USD/ton, term in March 2023 increased by 5 USD/ton to 1,877 USD/ton.

Price of Robusta coffee traded in London – Daily Coffee Prices December 15, 2022

Period Price Change % change Mass Tallest The shortest Open door Open contract
01/23 1915 +23 +1.22% 4469 1918 1890 1891 25369
03/23 1877 +5 +0.27% 7732 1885 1864 1870 44082
05/23 1849 +4 +0.22 % 2176 1857 1837 1842 18320
07/23 1832 +5 +0.27% 212 1842 1820 1825 6162
Unit: USD($)/ Ton Trading unit: lot = 10 tons


On the New Exchange York, the price of arabica coffee delivered in March 2023 increased by 0.25 cents/pound to 168.15 cents/pound, and coffee delivered in May 2023 increased by 0.35 cents/pound to 168.5 cents/pound.

Price of Arabica coffee traded in New York – Daily Coffee Prices December 15, 2022

Period Price Change % change Mass Tallest The shortest Open door Open contract
03/23 168.15 +0.25 +0.15% 12508 169.55 166.05 168.2 102586
05/23 168.5 +0.35 +0.21 % 4561 169.7 166.4 168.8 47075
07/23 168.8 +0.3 +0.18% 2446 169.85 166.8 169.1 19799
09/23 168.6 +0.25 +0.15% 934 169.55 166.65 168.7 9336
Unit: USD Cent/lb 1USD = 100cent 1Lb ~= 0.45Kg Trading unit: lot = 37,500 lb


The market correctly predicted the outcome of the December meeting of the Federal Reserve Board (Fed). Accordingly, the Fed raised interest rates by 0.5% and this is the 7th rate hike in 2022 to aim for inflation control to be at a 40-year high. With an increase of 0.5%, the Fed widened the interest rate range to 4.25% – 4.5%, the highest in the past 15 years, before that the Fed had to raise interest rates 4 times in a row, 0.75%.

The Brazilian Agriculture Ministry’s Agricultural Products Supply and Forecasting and Supply (Conab) agency is rumored to cut its estimate of the country’s coffee production in its Crop Survey Report 1.

However, the funds will be made public. the announcement in the coming days and speculators also cast doubt on this rumor. However, the above information also helped Arabica coffee maintain its upward momentum for 3 consecutive sessions from the beginning of the week to now.

In addition, growth will also come from the data that the Chinese market is reopening, which may support the purchasing power and currencies of emerging markets that are recovering. Two bags of coffee derivatives increased due to rotting. December futures contract this week.

Coffee News: ICO lowers global coffee consumption growth forecast to 1-2% YoY

The organization, whose member governments account for 93% of world coffee production, predicts the balance of supply and demand in the global coffee market within three years. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has lowered its forecast for global coffee consumption growth by 1-2% per year until 2030.

Speaking at an event of the Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association in Hanoi, ICO CEO Vanusia Nogueira said inflationary pressures in Europe and Russia’s war in Ukraine are to blame for the forecast. new ‘conservative’, down from the ‘over-optimistic’ annual forecast of 3.3% a year ago.

Speaking to Bloomberg reporters at the event, Nogueira said global coffee supply and demand, currently in short supply, will reach equilibrium by 2025. Global demand for robusta beans will also increase as arabica farmers look to grow more resilient varieties, she added.

Although this is unlikely to affect Vietnam’s position as the world’s largest exporter of robusta coffee, the ICO CEO emphasized that producers need to increase domestic consumption.  The Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association predicts that domestic coffee consumption will increase by 5-10% in the next few years.

Following the conference in Hanoi, the ICO and the ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) signed a joint statement to strengthen support, dialogue, and resource sharing among the Southeast Asian coffee industry. The agreement will also help establish a Regional Knowledge Center to support initiatives and investments at both the regional and international levels.

In June 2022, the ICO introduced a new International Coffee Agreement 2022,  bringing together some of the largest global coffee farmers, retailers, roasters, and producers. The updated agreement invites dialogue with 75 coffee-producing and importing countries, all of which are ICO member governments, representing 93% of world coffee production and 63% of world consumption.


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