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Cortado Recipe: How To Make This Espresso-Based Drink

Cortado Recipe

Cortado Recipe: We’ve all frantically gulped down coffee after a sleepless night, seeking pure caffeinated quantity over quality. But not every coffee moment needs to be a sleep-deprived adrenaline rush. Coffee can also be a sophisticated, artful experience to savor.

Beyond Italian espresso drinks, the cortado embodies coffee’s refined side. This Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American specialty balances rich espresso with a dollop of steamed milk. The proportions highlight coffee’s complex flavors, unlike hasty quantity-driven brews.

Though cortados are gaining popularity, many cafes still don’t offer them. But with basic skills, we can easily make this elegant drink ourselves. Read on to master the cortado’s simple artistry. When you crave a coffee that excels in nuance, not quantity, this understated classic hits the spot.

What Is A Cortado?

The cortado’s name says it all – “cortado” literally means “cut” in Spanish. True to its name, a cortado cuts espresso with an equal amount of steamed milk. The classic 2 ounce espresso to 2 ounce milk ratio originated in Spain and Portugal before catching on abroad, including cafes across the U.S.

Cortado Coffee

As one New Yorker put it, the cortado began as an occasional novelty drink but grew into a passion project to find the city’s best versions.

Unlike creamy cafe au laits or lattes, the cortado uses just enough milk to mellow espresso’s acidity, not overwhelm it. The milk adds warmth and texture while highlighting the coffee’s flavor notes, not masking them.

While latte art focuses on foam, the cortado keeps milk silky and integrated. The drink is all about savoring espresso’s nuanced taste, with the milk as a perfect counterbalancing complement. For espresso aficionados who want rich, pure coffee flavor with a touch of balancing creaminess, the cortado truly hits the spot.

How To Make Cortado?

Here is how I would rewrite that paragraph for increased clarity and interest:

Take your cortado to the next level with honey, vanilla, and foam. This “honey bee” spin amps up a creamy, subtly floral flavor.

The keys are quality beans and an espresso machine to extract the coffee’s fullest flavor. Brew a double shot, the star of this drink.

Steam milk until smooth, then mix your shots with artisanal honey and vanilla syrups. Their touch of sweetness perfectly complements the coffee.

Step 1.

Brew a double shot of espresso.

Step 2.

Steam the milk.

Step 3.

Add in the vanilla and honey syrups to the coffee and mix it up.

Step 4.

Add equal parts milk into the coffee/syrup mixture, leaving a thin layer of foam on top.

Add the silky steamed milk while leaving a frothy cap. The foam crown provides a delicate finishing texture.

With this easy honey bee modification, your cortado becomes an artful indulgence. The espresso pops against luscious honeyed milk froth for an elevated coffee experience. Give it a try – this unique twist might just become your new go-to cortado!

Final Thoughts

Here is how I would rewrite that closing paragraph in a more engaging, polite tone:

Congratulations – you now have a luscious honey bee cortado to savor! Be sure to enjoy it slowly. This drink is all about the nuanced flavor experience, not chugging it down.

Cortado Recipe

Sip and appreciate the velvety steamed milk, subtle sweetness of honey and vanilla, and rich espresso base melding together in harmony. Let the textures and tastes linger on your palate.

This is coffee craftsmanship meant to be relished, not rushed. Please let me know how your delicious cortado turns out! I’d love to hear your experience making this elevated yet easy specialty drink. And feel free to share this recipe with fellow coffee aficionados seeking to make coffeehouse-quality cortados at home. Happy sipping!


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