Colombian Coffee Beans Review: 7 Exquisite Choices From Our Coffee Connoisseur, Guaranteed To Delight

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Colombian Coffee Beans Review

Colombian Coffee Beans Review: Discover top-rated Colombian coffee brands, including the distinguished Driftaway, Peet’s, and Out of the Grey Coffee. Experience the authentic taste of Colombia with our curated selection.

“Colombia, renowned as a leading coffee producer globally, stands out for its superior quality coffee. My first foray into the realm of specialty beans introduced me to Colombian coffee, reflecting its widespread recognition. But, what sets Colombian coffee apart? This article will explore that allure.

Continue reading to uncover our top selections of Colombian coffee brands, coupled with expert guidance on purchasing, preparing, and savoring them.”

Top Colombian Coffee Beans of 2024


Best Overall: Driftaway Colombia Nariño Tablón De Gómez

– Light-medium roast with honey, lemon, and golden raisin notes
– Available in ground and whole bean options

Best Dark Roast: Out Of The Grey Colombia Viennese

– Dark roast with dark chocolate and citrus notes
– Available in ground and whole bean options

Best Supremo Coffee: Volcanica Coffee Colombia Supremo

– Medium roast with bittersweet chocolate, caramel, and orange notes
– Available in ground and whole bean options

 Best Light Roast: Populace Coffee Colombia Nariño

– Light roast with caramel and grapefruit notes
– Available in ground and whole bean options

 Best for Espresso: Necessary Coffee Colombia

– Medium roast with chocolate, toasted nuts, and cooked fruit notes
– Available in ground and whole bean options

Best for Cold Brew: Blue Bottle Colombia Bilbao Los Vascos

– Light-medium roast with caramel, grapefruit, and green apple notes
– Available in whole bean format
[See on Blue Bottle](#)

Budget Pick: Peet’s Colombia

– Dark roast with caramel, toasted nuts, and citrus notes
– Available in ground and whole bean options

Avoid purchasing Colombian coffee from supermarkets for the best quality and freshness. Instead, explore our expert-picked list of the top Colombian coffee brands.

Why Choose Colombian Coffee?

Colombia, a dominant player in the global specialty coffee market, enjoys the distinctive advantage of offering exceptional beans at accessible prices. Colombian coffee is celebrated for its harmonious blend of sweetness and acidity, creating brews that appeal to a broad audience and are delightful to savor.

What Makes Colombian Coffee Worth Purchasing?

When buying single-origin Colombian coffee, prioritize quality and flavor. Choose reliable brands and avoid unverified sources. Flavor preference is personal, so try various beans to find what you enjoy – be it nutty, fruity, or chocolatey. Consider your brewing method; coffees that excel in one method may taste different in another. If buying ground coffee, match the grind size to your brewer.

Which Coffee Roast Is Right for You?

Colombian coffees are highly versatile due to their naturally balanced flavor profiles, making them suitable for any roast level. Choosing the right roast depends on your personal preference. Lighter roasts highlight bright, acidic notes with dominant fruit and citrus flavors, while darker roasts bring out sweeter tones with chocolate, caramel, or nutty flavors.

Should You Consider Ethics?

Always strive to make ethical coffee purchases. Coffee is mainly produced in developing countries and consumed in developed nations, creating potential for exploitation. Additionally, Colombian coffee production is significantly affected by climate change, making sustainability an important factor when choosing coffee brands.

Ethical companies are transparent about their practices. Do your research and support these companies with your purchases. We proudly recommend the brands listed here for their commitment to ethics and sustainability.

 Why is Colombian Coffee Unique?

Colombia is the world’s third-largest coffee producer, responsible for 12% of global production, mainly growing high-quality Arabica beans. The country’s favorable conditions—fertile soil, mild climate, high elevations, and shaded growth—make it ideal for producing complex, flavorful coffee.

Key growing regions include the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and the Andes slopes, with most production centered around Medellin, known as the Colombian coffee triangle. However, global warming may require shifting coffee cultivation to higher altitudes in the Andes to maintain quality.

Colombian vs. Brazilian Coffee: Which is Better?

While both Colombian and Brazilian coffees have their merits, Colombian coffee is often preferred by experts. Brazil, as the world’s largest coffee producer, prioritizes quantity over quality, with a significant portion of its output being lower-grade Robusta beans. In contrast, Colombia boasts renowned coffee farms that primarily produce high-quality Arabica beans, contributing to its reputation for exceptional coffee quality.

What’s the Flavor Profile of Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee shares a flavor profile akin to other South American varieties like those from Bolivia, Brazil, and Venezuela. It’s often described as mild and balanced, with a medium, silky body and a clean taste. The acidity levels are typically medium to high, resulting in a bright and lively brew.

Its classic profile combines mellow acidity with robust caramel sweetness, sometimes with nutty undertones. Flavor notes commonly include chocolate, sugarcane or caramel sweetness, toasted nuts, floral hints, and traces of tropical fruits, red berries, apples, or citrus. Aromas tend to be citrusy, fruity, with subtle spice hints.

How Good is Juan Valdez Coffee?

The Colombian Growers Federation, or Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC), introduced the character of Juan Valdez in 1959, marking an exceptionally successful and enduring marketing campaign unmatched by any other coffee-producing nation.

While Juan Valdez coffee is synonymous with Colombian coffee for many, it’s important to note that Colombian coffee offers a broader range of flavors beyond this brand. While Juan Valdez brews generally outperform budget brands like Folgers or Maxwell House, they may not represent the pinnacle of Colombian coffee quality.

Consider trying Juan Valdez Coffee’s Organic Medium Roast for a taste of the brand’s offerings, which we believe is among their best.

Creating Colombian Coffee: A Guide

Brewing Colombian coffee is a breeze due to its versatility. Darker roasts are excellent for espresso, French press, and Moka pot brews, while medium and lighter roasts shine in drip coffee makers, pour-over methods, or Aeropress. Colombian coffees’ high acidity also makes them perfect for cold brews, offering a refreshing cup without dulling the flavor.

What’s the Colombian Coffee Brewing Process Like?

“Tinto,” meaning “inky water,” is Colombia’s street coffee, available for as little as ten cents a cup. While not known for its quality, it’s an integral part of Colombian coffee culture. Don’t miss trying a cup if you’re in Colombia.

The Conclusion

Colombia’s deep-rooted connection with coffee is evident, and I trust this article has shed some light on why. With its optimal coffee-growing conditions and a dedication to exporting only the finest Arabica beans, Colombia has rightfully earned its esteemed reputation in the coffee world.

Exploring any of the coffees recommended in this list provides an excellent opportunity to experience Colombian coffee firsthand. Among them, our top choice is the Driftaway Colombia Nariño Tablón de Gómez coffee, boasting a light-medium roast with subtle notes of honey, lemon, and golden raisins. Moreover, opting for Driftaway ensures supporting one of the most environmentally conscious coffee brands.