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Cold-Brew Coffee History

Cold-Brew Coffee History

Cold-Brew Coffee History

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Cold brewed coffee – The world coffee trend is in the 3rd wave, and now that trend has been introduced into Vietnam very strongly in big cities like a necessity.

Today let’s talk a bit of Cold-Brew Coffee us

Cold-Brew Coffee is being sought after by young people and is the increasing search trend.

So when it is known?

According to recorded history, coffee cold brew was recorded as early as 1922 in William Harrison Ukers’ book All About Coffee.
In the US, most brewing methods are known and spread to other countries, but cold brewing is quite popular in Japan as Kyoto-style Japanese Coffee – a well-known and recognized brewing method in Japan. The 1600s and possibly earlier because the exact time is unknown.

Another method is Toddy Cold Brew – American style cold coffee, also known since 1964 by Todd Simpson; along with his passion for research, he created and patented the kit. The Toddy® Cold Brew System cold coffee maker.

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The cold brewing coffee’s trend is constantly growing industry, and cold-brewing coffee magnate Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO) has introduced the drink into 13,000 retail stores since 2015.

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