Coffee’s Mission Increase The Standards Of Vietnam’S Coffee Industry

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Development is always the general direction of every industry, every niche or individual in existence. That is also the guideline of the world coffee industry in general or Vietnamese coffee in particular. And to walk steadily on that journey, coffee shops that raise the bar for the Vietnamese coffee industry must know coffee’s mission!

Development Less Of Development

From the initial steps of developing the world’s foremost coffee brands on the S-shaped strip of land. To the changes in the taste of coffee, the interest in the method of preparation, or the new perspective. About the barista profession. All have confirmed the acceleration and development orientation of the coffee industry in Vietnam.

We can recognize that formation when more and more high-quality Specialty cafes appear. They stand out among the crowded cities with their neat, luxurious and professional appearance. There, they focus not only on appearance but also on the quality of the drink. They focus on developing a diverse and creative menu from pure coffee cups and bringing constant uniformity and freshness to the coffee lover community.



But whether or not a common culture can be built is still a big question mark. When everything seems to be growing only in width, the width has not yet reached the threshold of expert depth, near-focus. Will the Specialty coffee culture leave an impression when the people who enjoy it simply go to the shop, order a drink, and that’s it? Coffee or anything on the list is fine; flavour doesn’t matter, so all experiences are unfortunately broken?

Therefore, in addition to expanding, each profession also needs to raise professional standards, coffee’s mission. Only then can the community’s acceptance level be raised, thereby creating an excellent impetus for the road ahead.

Coffee’s Mission That Helena Coffee Goes To – Business

Understanding that orientation, Helena Coffee is always thinking of building a coffee shop that raises the standards of the Vietnamese coffee industry. The Workshop’s a journey back to the “original”. We have outlined a clear and persistent path from the very first day. Every turn of the trip, every step of gaining momentum and moving forward, the Workshop focuses on promoting the most outstanding feature of Specialty coffee: “Origin” – “Original”.

In this adventure, the ingredients are the Specialty coffee beans that are prioritized to cherish and discover the unique flavour from the growing region (Find the Origin). Because the Workshop constantly nurtures the cherishing and the sense of preserving the original values, the intrinsic colours (Protect the Origin). And only then can we perfect ourselves with a scientific approach, bringing the pure beauty of each coffee bean to the audience (Describe the Origin).

Those fragrant cups of coffee result from the standard Extremely Light roasting method of the proficient Shot, Filter or Milkbase extraction techniques. But the most important thing is still the passion and desire that we have put into each stage of development so that every guest who walks in can fully enjoy the sweet original flavour of Specialty (Taste the Origin) coffee—conveying to them all the beauty of the tomato seed through every touch, providing peace of mind by the transparent and open-source of access.

Raising coffee industry standards is not an overnight thing. It is not the work of any individual or organization. The development must come from the sense of consensus of everyone towards the benefits and honouring the values ​​of the community. In the future, this industry will need more new transformations. And from there, paving the way for cafes to raise the standards of the Vietnamese coffee industry more and more strongly!

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