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Coffee Price Today November 7, 2022: Impaired Growth.

Coffee Price Today November 7, 2022

Coffee Price Today November 7, 2022: The decline in USD is helping funds and speculators in the coffee derivatives market buy back in. However, ample supply is holding back the rise of coffee.

Coffee Price Today November 7, 2022

At the end of the last session, the price of Robusta coffee in London for delivery in January 2023 increased by 34 USD / ton to 1876 USD / ton, the price for delivery in March 2023 increased by 30 USD / ton to 1857 USD / ton.

Price of Robusta coffee traded in London – Coffee Price Today November 7, 2022

Period Price Change % change Mass Highest The shortest Open door Open contract
01/23 1869 +27 +1.47 % 8881 1900 1839 1852 53976
03/23 1850 +23 +1.26% 6094 1874 1826 1832 21481
05/23 1835 +19 +1.05% 1782 1856 1816 1824 10987
07/23 1827 +16 +0.88% 706 1845 1812 1831 3340
Unit: USD($)/ Ton Trading unit: lot = 10 tons


On the New York Stock Exchange, the price of Arabica coffee delivered in December 2022 increased by 3.55 cents/lb to 175.75 cents/lb, and the price for delivery in March 2023 increased by 3.3 cents/lb 171.65 cents/lb. In general, the London market increased by 3 sessions and decreased by 2 sessions.

Price of Arabica coffee traded in New York – Coffee Price Today November 7, 2022

Period Price Change % change Mass Highest The shortest Open door Open contract
12/22 175.75 +3.55 +2.06 % 16056 177.9 173.45 174.4 66278
03/23 171.65 +3.3 +1.96 % 13160 173.55 169.6 171.15 90011
05/23 170.2 +3.25 +1.95% 4307 172.05 168.3 168.8 28692
07/23 168.95 +3.15 +1.9% 1116 170.7 167.1 167.4 12482
Unit: USD Cent/lb 1USD = 100cent 1Lb ~= 0.45Kg Trading unit: lot = 37,500 lb


The price of Robusta coffee for January delivery increased by 20 USD to 1,869 USD / ton, a slight increase. Trading volume is above average. Similarly, the New York market also has 3 trading sessions. The price of arabica coffee delivered in December increased. for all 5.95 cents to 175.75 cents/lb, a substantial increase.

Trading volume remains above average. The highlight of last week was the Fed’s decision to raise the USD operating interest rate by 0.75% to 3.75-4%/year. Yes, there is a chance that the Fed will raise rates by 0.5% by year-end, and it is no wonder that they exceed the expected 4.75% per year.

Concerns about high risk have caused speculation to withdraw capital. The exit from the market generally causes the value of the USD to fluctuate. quite strong last week. But these times also create opportunities for funds and speculators to buy back the coffee derivatives market.

This causes the coffee to rise slightly. On the contrary, the abundant supply is holding back the rise of coffee. From the end of October 2022, stocks of Robusta coffee will be certified and monitored by the London Exchange. Distribution increased by 1,430 tons or 1.61% from last week to 90,230 tons (equivalent to 1,503,833 bags, 60 kg bags).

World Coffee News: Scooter’s Coffee opens new US headquarters to drive innovation and growth

The drive-through operator Scooter’s Coffee, which has its headquarters in Nebraska, is aiming to open 800 locations in the US by the end of 2023 and is looking to assist its growing franchisee network there.

In order to better achieve its aims for cooperation and innovation, Scooter’s Coffee has relocated its corporate headquarters from Nebraska. The drive-thru coffee firm claims that its new headquarters in Omaha will give Scooter’s Coffee staff, franchisees, and customers access to a contemporary, creative work environment.

Operations, marketing, human resources, finance, information technology, and legal will all be housed in the 100,000-square-foot office complex, which will further assist Scooter’s Coffee franchisees across the USA. According to Scooters, the area is based on the business’ “entrepreneurial spirit, family emotion, and fundamental principles.”

To support Scooter’s Coffee’s internal roasting and packaging activities, the business’s previous headquarters will continue to be accessible. According to statistics from the World Coffee Portal, Scooter’s Coffee has had remarkable growth over the previous 12 months. The company’s shop count climbed by 25% in the 12 months leading up to August 2022 to reach 490 outlets.

Scooter’s Coffee is now hoping to achieve 800 sites by the end of next year and 1,000 locations by the end of 2024, with the firm intending to reach 600 stores by the end of 2022. A common type of coffee shop in the US is the drive-thru, which has grown in popularity as demand for convenience soars due to the epidemic.

In August 2022,  Oregon-based Dutch Bros announced two major milestones in the second quarter – surpassing the 600-store mark and surpassing $1 billion in system-wide sales in the 12 months ended. on June 30, 2022 – further highlighting the potential for drivers to drive in 2023.

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