Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange

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Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange

Coffee Of Vietnam People:5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange: Mocha coffee, French coffee, or Egg coffee… All are drinks with delicious and unique flavors. In particular, delicious way of making coffee, these drinks are easier to make than ever. Check it out now

Ways to make coffee of Vietnam people

The coffee ingredients

To make good coffee for Vietnam people, first of all, you need to properly understand the coffee ingredients

It will be remiss if you ignore the coffee ingredients because this is a decisive factor in the quality of the finished product as well as how to make delicious coffee.

Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange

Especially in the coffee shop business, ingredients are a big difference to attract customers compared to other competitors.

Popular coffee Vietnam People types of

Each type of coffee bean produces a different flavor. If you like a traditional taste, you can use roasted coffee to make a filter, if it is a modern style, you can make a machine with coffee beans. Or prefer to alternately buy both types to use.

Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange

Once you have defined the processing style, you should learn about the typical flavor of each popular coffee today:

The market today appears many lines of coffee with additives that are not guaranteed in terms of taste as well as quality, affecting the health of users. To distinguish the pure coffee line, you can rely on the following characteristics:

  • Coffee powder has a mild aroma;
  • Coffee water is light brown, not thick;
  • Taste when drinking feels sour, mildly bitter, feels clean mouth and tongue;
  • Long sink when the coffee powder is put into the water at normal temperature;

The right way to make good coffee for Vietnam people

Mocha coffee (no machine needed)

Mocha is a drink that is mixed between coffee, and fresh milk and flavored with chocolate and cocoa powder. Slightly bitter taste, the aroma of chocolate blends with bitterness and coffee flavor to create a perfect sweet drink.

Somewhere, there is the greasy taste of whipped fresh milk. All create an attractive cup of coffee.

Coffee of Vietnam: Mocha coffeeCafé Mocha is a drink that is suitable for everyone, especially women because the coffee taste is not too bitter and harmonizes with the fatty and aromatic taste of milk and chocolate.


  • 3 packs of freeze-dried instant coffee (cold-dried instant coffee has high regurgitation so it will retain the full flavor of Mocha coffee)
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (You can use Milo powder instead)
  • 300ml pasteurized fresh milk or whole milk
  • 20g dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more)
  • Sugar (Or Condensed Milk)
  • Hot water

Small coffee spoon, small pot, coffee cup, jar with lid (you can also use a milk jug)


Coffee portion (1)

  • Put 2 packets of freeze-dried instant coffee, 1 teaspoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of cocoa into a cup of coffee
  • Fill the cup with enough hot 90C water
  • Stir well, until the coffee mixture is thick and smooth

Hot chocolate portion (2)

    • Put 20 grams of dark chocolate and 1 teaspoon of sugar in a small bowl
    • Pour a little boiling water just enough into the cand up, and wait 1 minute for the chocolate to melt completely
    • Put 1 packet of freeze-dried instant coffee in a cup

Stir well until the mixture is smooth

Milk foam part (3)

  • Boil 300ml of fresh milk on low heat for 3 minutes
  • Pour the milk into the bottle, close the lid
  • Shake the bottle for about 30-40 seconds, until you see many tiny bubbles
  • Place (1) and (2) in the cup, and stir well. Slowly pour in the hot milk (and 3), and sprinkle more cocoa powder on top to make the cup of coffee more beautiful.

Tip: To avoid too much sweetness, you can substitute condensed milk when making hot chocolate.

Egg Coffee

Have you heard of egg coffee? This was a famous drink in Hanoi in the 1950s, stemming from the scarcity of fresh milk at that time, the first owner of Giang used egg yolk as an alternative and until now, coffee. Eggs are Hanoi’s specialty that everyone loves.

Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange
Coffee Of Vietnam People: Egg Coffee

The ingredients for making egg coffee are very simple but require a bit of fuss and meticulousness in the preparation. Specifically, a cup of egg coffee has ingredients from filtered coffee, beaten egg yolk, a little honey, and condensed milk.

Egg coffee is considered very delicious, unique, and has a moderate-fat taste – especially not the fishy smell of eggs as many people think. The coffee is not too bitter, the taste is light and extremely smooth with egg foam on the surface. Thanks to the beaten egg, the coffee flavor is more sublimated and more fragrant.

Materials / Tools

  • Cafe Classico ( Classico has a high proportion of Arabica, for a fragrant aroma and moderate bitterness)
  • 1 chicken egg gives about 60ml of coffee / 1 drinker
  • A teaspoon of sugar and honey
  • Condensed milk / condensed cream with coffee
  • 1 few drops of lemon
  • Beater (preferably a whisk)
  • 1 aluminum coffee filter; small coffee spoon, coffee cup, 1 bowl, 1 wide-mouth bowl


Step 1: Brew 60ml of filter coffee as usual

Step 2: Separate the eggs and get the yolks. Place the yolks in a large, deep bowl. You need to completely remove the white from or the drink will become fishy.

Step 3 – Beating Step: Whether your drink is successful or not depends a lot on this step.

Put a few drops of lemon, and a little sugar in the bowl containing the egg yolk. The explanation for this is a bit related to the egg-beating stage in baking. In the work of whisking, sugar helps the eggs not to be dry, more elastic, and flexible, the eggs will be more fluffy if you add a little sugar.

Lemon is a catalyst to make eggs cotton faster. In short, these two substances should only be given in a very small amount to serve as a “stepping stone” for whisking eggs. So that when enjoying it, you will not recognize the sweetness of the sugar and the sourness of the lemon.

You can use a whisk to beat the eggs faster or beat the eggs in a water bath (Refer to more information on the internet about whisking eggs). Eggs must be left at room temperature, in case of taking out eggs from the refrigerator, the eggs must not be cold.

Step 4: Beat the eggs until the mixture is smooth, thick, and small bubbles

Step 5: After the filter has extracted all the coffee, gently lift the filter out. Slowly pour the egg mixture into the glass, you should cushion the small spoon below the flow of the egg so that the egg “ground” gently on the coffee surface.

Step 6: Place the cup in a large bowl filled with hot water to keep the coffee warm for longer.

Step 7: Enjoy while still hot.

Homemade French Coffee with French Press vase

Making coffee with a French Press is one of the simplest ways to make a cup of coffee with a uniquely delicious taste. This is also one of the ways that Starbucks CEO – Mr. Howard Schultz loves it

Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange
French Coffee with French Press vase

“For me, the best way to make coffee has always been with a French press. That’s how I’ve been making coffee at home for the past 25 years.

Unlike the Pour Over method, where the water passes through the coffee grounds and by gravity drips downwards through a filter, the coffee powder in the French press is always submerged in water; Soaking the coffee in water creates a flavor that cannot be achieved with Pour over.

Since this is a compressed coffee machine (compressed filter), you should choose medium ground coffee so that the powder is not mixed into the coffee. After compressing the coffee, you should extract the coffee into a cup and drink it immediately. In addition, the french press can also be used to make tea, very delicious and beautiful

Materials / Tools

  • 1 pitcher of Bialetti French Press
  • Delicious roasted coffee
  • Coffee spoon, coffee cup


Step 1: Put boiling water in the jar to warm, time 1-2 minutes.

Step 2: Put the coffee powder into the pot, fill it with boiling water

Step 3: Stir 1 turn

Step 4: Use the lid of the jar loosely at the top, do not compress. Leave for 4 minutes to give the coffee enough time to extract. After 4 minutes, slowly press down on the coffee filter (it’s normal to feel like it’s 10-15kg).

Step 5: Drink while the coffee is still hot to fully experience the coffee flavor.

Make a cappuccino with the Bialetti Cappuccinatore frother


Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange
The Bialetti Cappuccinatore frother

Make cappuccino machine-free and at home with the Cappuccinatore milk frother from Bialetti Italy. This is one of the tools to help you make cappuccino and latte at home in the simplest and fastest way. Thanks to the special filter layer structure, milk foaming with Cappuccinatore takes place extremely quickly.

Materials / Tools

  • Bialetti Cappuccinatore milk frother
  • Delicious roasted coffee or cold-dried instant coffee
  • Pasteurized fresh milk
  • Tea filter
  • Small coffee spoon, coffee cup


Step 1: Make 60ml of filter coffee as usual or make 3 packs of freeze-dried instant coffee

Step 2: Heat 300ml of pasteurized fresh milk but do not boil – With stainless steel material, you can boil it directly on the stove. If you buy a glass bottle, you will need a separate pot to boil the milk.

Step 3: Press the piston continuously for about 30-40 seconds

Step 4: Pour the coffee into a cup and lightly pour a layer of rich milk foam on top.

Step 5: Enjoy while still warm

Milk coffee with dew with chia seeds

Sounds strange but familiar, right? I originally thought this somewhat inappropriate combination would be unbelievably suitable. The aromatic bitter taste of traditional milk coffee combined with flute and chia dew brings an extremely strange feeling. This is a drink that “incites” young people today. So why not show your talent to invite everyone.

Coffee Of Vietnam People: 5 Ways To Make Delicious – Unique – Strange
Coffee Of Vietnam: Milk coffee with dew with chia seeds

Materials / Tools

  • Cafe Classico
  • Condensed milk
  • 1 pack of flute mist powder (You can easily find it at supermarkets for cleaning)
  • Chia seeds
  • 1 coffee filter, coffee spoon, small pot, cup


Step 1: Soak chia seeds

Step 2: Cook the flute mist as directed on the package.

*Tip: You should give the correct amount of baking as directed by the manufacturer, not more like cooking dew. After cooking, you can take the sieve again to remove small residues.

Step 3: Pour the flute mist into a glass box, keep it in the refrigerator

Step 4: Make 60ml of milk coffee with a filter as usual

Step 5: After you have your coffee with milk, finely chopped, dew, and soaked chia seeds. Just add the mixture, add crushed ice and enjoy.

Tips for a good coffee for Vietnam people

If you want to learn how to make good coffee, you’ve heard the sentence: “First water, second coffee, three brews, four filters” this is a very good idiom to talk about a cup of coffee, in this sen, hence it is quite comprehensive. Notes to create a standard filter coffee cup. Here we will help you understand deeply about this idiom:

  • Water: The source of water is very important to create a strong cup of coffee, but there is another meaning when it comes to water here, which is the temperature of the water.

When you make coffee, the water must be boiling water right in your hand, before measuring the water to pour into the filter, you should press for the water to boil again and then measure. If you use water without heat, the amount of caffeine in the coffee will be extracted less and make the cup of coffee pale, losing its characteristic rich taste.

  • Second coffee: Everyone’s taste is different, so choosing the right type of coffee is indispensable, but you should choose pure coffee, not padded coffee!
  • Three phases: The above is one of the ways to make coffee that I like, but during the brewing process, you should still pay attention that you should not turn on the fan and air conditioner if the weather is not too hot. Turning on the air conditioner or fan will make your filter cool down quickly and not extract much caffeine, resulting in a bland cup of coffee.
  • Four filters: When making coffee, you should choose aluminum filters, not stainless steel filters because aluminum filters conduct heat better to help coffee extract more caffeine, and drinking will be more delicious.

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