Coffee Husk

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Coffee Husk? The outside of the kernel covers the shell, which is complex, thick, and opaque yellow. Has the role of restricting the passage of hazardous factors such as moisture, temperature, insects, and microorganisms into the nucleus or germ.

Even though it serves a significant function, farmers, agents, and factories, on the other hand, frequently separate the husk and store it to conserve storage space.


Only high-quality coffee-producing farms. Then, when the roaster has a delivery request, always try, rub – separate this silk shell. To improve the quality of high-grade green coffee beans, reduce the time the coffee beans are left unprotected by this husk.

Especially for natural-processed coffee beans, because the natural-processing method does not separate the meat layer and processing honey (honey), wash (wet processing). Always on the inside. So, when keeping natural processed coffee, preserve the meat shell until the day the roaster wants delivery, then separate it.

Many of you wonder if there will be problems roasting coffee if this layer of rice is not separated. As I’ve tried, the eggplants are charred and smokey after completing roasting.



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