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Clean Coffee – Everything You Need To Know About:  In the past few years, the phrase “clean coffee” has appeared everywhere, from a cup of coffee worth tens of thousands to street vendors to a luxurious cup of coffee with hundreds of thousands of dong. So what is clean coffee?

Simply put, clean coffee is pure coffee. It’s a coffee made from 100% coffee; Do not mix any other fragrances, chemicals, or impurities. However, not necessarily pure will produce quality cups of coffee. Because there are many other factors at play; for example, how to store, hygienic conditions for machines or food safety when preparing… Therefore, to fully understand this concept, we need to expand this definition to all items. Relate to. Including cultivation, production, processing, preservation, preparation, maintenance, and cleaning of machines…

From the clean garden (coffee)

First, it has to be organically grown coffee. It is cultivated by manual methods on clean land, not contaminated with chemicals. Microbial fertilizers will supplement nutrients for the plants. Do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or other stimulants …

Clean coffee requires production to follow a closed process. Firstly, right from the farming stage with the proper techniques suitable for the soil and climate. Second, the care required to ensure safety; so that the tree is free from pests and diseases, with as little risk as possible. Finally, the ripe fruit must be picked correctly and adequately when harvesting.

Care, and manual processing to have a clean coffee

Preliminary coffee (coffee)

The three most common processing methods are dry, wet, and honey. Depending on the growing conditions and the taste of pepper, a suitable processing method will be selected. But sorting the beans is a crucial step in whichever way is used. Although the grain size is filtered according to the floor, that alone cannot guarantee clean coffee; it also has to classify the seeds of pests and diseases.

The coffee bean classification aims to remove the black, defective, and moldy beans that do not meet the standards. An excellent and uniform selection of ingredients will make processing easier. At the same time, it also increases product quality.

Come to the standard roast (best)

The roasting stage is the most important with the clean coffee production process. Because it largely determines the quality of the finished coffee. Roasting is the process of temperature chemical reactions, characteristic coffee flavor, and color.

Remember, the great flavor of coffee is formed from the green kernel itself under the effect of temperature controlled by the roaster’s skill. The roasting process is clean without flavoring, spice, additives, or other flavoring agents. After roasting, the ground coffee beans must be smooth, uniform in color, and ensure the purest and most original flavor.

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Roasting is an important step contributing to the decision of clean and delicious coffee.

After the roasting process, Coffee must be stored tightly closed in a clean, relaxed environment with the criteria specified in the instructions. Coffee is now properly packaged; Do not expose it to direct sunlight to retain its flavor.

And to the clean cup of coffee at the bar

Mixing is the last step to paying attention to creating an actual clean coffee cup, delicious with the right taste. This is considered a crucial step in determining the success of the entire supply chain. Therefore, Barista plays a vital role in perfecting the final stage of creating clean coffee. Whether coffee is brewed by machine or hand, a professional barista must prepare it. In addition, the preparation equipment must first all be clean and hygienic. The preparation process needs to be carried out methodically through each technical step.

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