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Chemex Vs Aeropress: Which One Is The Best

Chemex Vs Aeropress

Chemex Vs Aeropress

Chemex Vs Aeropress: Both Chemex and Aeropress are currently in the spotlight as popular coffee makers, but which one takes the crown? Choosing between the two isn’t straightforward, so today we’re going to explore which product offers the best coffee brewing experience tailored to your taste, needs, and style.

The Chemex

Chemex Vs Aeropress: We offer a detailed Chemex instruction guide, but here’s a quick rundown for your convenience: Start by positioning a paper filter, folded into three parts, inside the Chemex. Rinse the paper filter with hot water to eliminate any paper taste and to secure the filter in place, then drain the water back into the pitcher. Add your coffee, then pour a small amount of hot water into the Chemex. Allow one minute and thirty seconds for the water to filter into the Chemex. Pour in the rest of the water and wait for your coffee to brew before discarding the filter.

The Chemex’s clean, simple design – comprising one glass container, a handle, and a cord – is one of its biggest attractions. Not only does it have a minimalistic aesthetic, but it also saves a lot of counter space (1). Visually, the Chemex is a standout. It’s also relatively affordable: you can get the 8-cup classic coffee maker for under $40, and a box of 100 filters for around $8. The Chemex’s most loved feature, however, is the control it gives you over your coffee. The temperature, flavor, grind, and pouring technique are all adjustable to your liking.

The Aeropress Coffee And Espresso Maker

When brewing with the Aeropress: Position the Aeropress atop your chosen mug. Wet the round coffee filter slightly to prevent any paper taste in your coffee and to preheat your vessel. Add the coffee then pour the remaining water into the Aeropress. Gently push the coffee into your cup consistently until most of the water is gone.

The Aeropress coffee maker’s claim to fame is the intense and unique flavor it produces. The complete immersion of the coffee grounds in water results in a very rich, flavorful coffee. The pressure applied during brewing delivers a great-tasting coffee in mere seconds. Another major advantage of the Aeropress is the incredibly short clean-up time. All you need to do is dispose of the tiny round filter, rinse the Aeropress, and you’re done.

The Showdown: Chemex Vs Aeropress

We’ve examined the processes and features each popular coffee maker offers, but the best one is still undecided. It’s time for a head-to-head comparison based on brew time, skill level required, and the quality of the final brew.

Criteria Chemex Aeropress
Brewing Method Filtration or Dripping Pressure
Complexity Complicated Simple
Brewing Time 4 Minutes 3 Minutes
Control Over the Brew Yes Yes
Resulting Brew Rich & Clean Strong & Clean
Materials Available Glass Plastic
Sizes Available 3 Cup, 6 Cup, 8 Cup 1 Size
Price Range $30-$70 $20-$40


We’ve looked at the process and features involved with each popular coffee maker, but we still haven’t decided which is best.

It’s time to put them head-to-head and judge based on brew time, skill level, and the quality of the end brew.

Time: From Bean To Brew

The Chemex is a fantastic pour-over coffee maker, but it takes six to seven minutes to brew your coffee, depending on how finely your coffee is ground. The Aeropress, on the other hand, significantly reduces the brew time thanks to the air pressure applied during brewing. Instead of waiting seven minutes for your coffee, it can be ready in just one (2). WINNER: The Aeropress, for the incredible coffee it brews in such a short amount of time.

Chemex Vs Aeropress: Design And Aesthetics

The Chemex boasts a unique, stylish design loved by many coffee enthusiasts: simple, clean, and classic. Made of a glass vessel, a wooden handle, and a cord, it’s so visually appealing that it’s displayed in art galleries worldwide. It’s also very space-efficient and attractive enough to be left out on the counter all day.

The Aeropress might not be as stylish as the Chemex, but it’s still eco-friendly, free of all BPA and phthalates. WINNER: The Chemex easily beats the Aeropress for a more stylish appearance, making it perfect for home brewing with an audience.

Skill Level Required

Are you new to coffee? The Aeropress is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any special coffee-making skills. It’s an uncomplicated process with easy clean-up. The Aeropress coffee recipe results in a great cup of coffee with minimal fuss. The Chemex is designed for more experienced coffee lovers, and this is reflected in the brewing process.

Like the Aeropress, you will need to add your filters and preheat your coffee. You’ll need to allow your coffee to ‘bloom’ for 30-45 seconds after you’ve poured most of your water into the Chemex. This is followed by a very precise pouring method – taking approximately five minutes to brew coffee. WINNER: The Aeropress is the easiest coffee maker to master.

Chemex Vs Aeropress: The Final Brew

Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference. Personally, I love the Aeropress because the immersion of coffee grounds in water results in a delicious, strong coffee that smells and tastes incredible. However, if you’re brewing an Aeropress for more people, you’ll need to use the inverted method, which results in a weaker coffee – much like an Americano. The coffee’s texture is exceptionally smooth due to the pressure involved during the brewing process. Like most of us, you’re probably not a fan of gritty coffee, and with the Aeropress, the coffee is micro-filtered to ensure the purest form of coffee possible.


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